Officers and Executive Committee Members Sample Clauses

Officers and Executive Committee Members for the ensuring year shall be elected by April 1, to take office on July 1.
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  • Union Officers and Committee Members Union Officers and Committee Members shall be entitled to leave their work during working hours in order to carry out their functions under this Agreement, including, but not limited to, the investigation and processing of grievances, attendance at meetings with the Employer, participation in negotiations and arbitration. Permission to leave work during working hours for such purposes shall first be obtained from the immediate supervisor. Such permission shall not be unreasonably withheld. All time spent in performing such Union duties, including work performed on various committees, as referred to in this Agreement, shall be considered as time worked.

  • DIRECTORS AND EXECUTIVE OFFICERS OF THE REGISTRANT ‌ The information required by this item is incorporated by reference from the information contained under the captions entitled "Election of Directors," "Executive Officers and Significant Employees" and "Section 16(a) Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance" in the Company's definitive proxy statement to be filed with the Commission in connection with the Company's 1998 Annual Meeting of Stockholders.

  • Staffing Committee A. Responsibilities. The Nurse Staffing Committee (“NSC”) shall be responsible for determining the Institute’s staffing plan and resolving complaints raised by nurses regarding the implementation of the plan as well as those activities required of it under RCW 70.41, et seq and its successors.

  • Senior Management and Board of Directors 1. A Member State shall not require that a juridical person of that Member State appoint to senior management positions, natural persons of any particular nationality.

  • Committee Members See Section 3.5(a). -----------------

  • TRANSITION COMMITTEE 8.1.0 A transition committee comprised of the employee representatives and the employer representatives, including the Crown, will be established by January 31, 2016 to address all matters that may arise in the creation of the Trust.

  • Executive Committee (A) The Executive Committee shall be composed of not more than nine members who shall be selected by the Board of Directors from its own members and who shall hold office during the pleasure of the Board.

  • Liability for directors, officers, or employees You acknowledge and agree not to make any claim personally against any employee, director or officer arising out of the work and services provided under these Terms of Business. This clause does not in any way limit or affect our liability to you as set out below.

  • Independent Non-Executive Directors Xx. Xxxxxx Xxx Xxxx, Mr. Xxx Xxxxxxx and

  • Education Committee (a) The Employer will establish an Education Committee for all employees in the facility, which shall include at least one representative from ONA members.

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