OF OPTIONS Sample Clauses

OF OPTIONS. The vesting of all unvested Options granted to the Optionee under the Plan accelerates to a date at least ten (10) business days immediately prior to the closing of an extraordinary transaction described below, in the event that the Company or its shareholders sell all or substantially all of the Company's assets, merges with another company, is acquired by another company, sells a controlling interest in the voting stock of the Company, or enters into a similar business combination or extraordinary transaction with another entity or person. The exercise of Options the vesting of which has accelerated pursuant to this Amendment shall not be effective until the closing date of an above-referenced extraordinary transaction or business combination. Vested Options under this Amendment shall terminate on the date of the closing of the event causing the vesting of the Options to accelerate. The vesting of the Options is conditioned upon the closing of the transaction that causes the vesting of the Options to accelerate. If said transaction does not close within 30 days from the acceleration date, then the vesting of the accelerated Options will not be effective, and the Options shall revert to their original vesting schedule, subject to acceleration again in accordance with this Amendment if another extraordinary transaction or business combination is proposed and closes. The Stock Option Agreement Under the Consumer Net Marketplace, Inc. Stock Option Plan (the "Agreement") shall remain in effect as modified by this Amendment except to the extent that the Agreement contradicts the Amendment, in which case this Amendment shall govern.
OF OPTIONS. The Union edges that it is function of OPTIONS to man- age the affairs of the corporation, subject to the provisions of the Collective Agreement:
OF OPTIONS. Subject to such further limitations as are provided for herein, the Options shall vest, if at all (and be exercisable once vested) in the following amounts:

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  • Options (1) Upon receipt of Instructions relating to the purchase of an option or sale of a covered call option, the Custodian shall: (a) receive and retain confirmations or other documents, if any, evidencing the purchase or writing of the option by a Fund; (b) if the transaction involves the sale of a covered call option, deposit and maintain in a segregated account the Securities (either physically or by book-entry in a Securities System) subject to the covered call option written on behalf of such Fund; and (c) pay, release and/or transfer such Securities, cash or other Assets in accordance with any notices or other communications evidencing the expiration, termination or exercise of such options which are furnished to the Custodian by the Options Clearing Corporation (the "OCC"), the securities or options exchanges on which such options were traded, or such other organization as may be responsible for handling such option transactions.