NPDES Sample Clauses

NPDES c. Section 4(f) Evaluations. (Not required as a part of this project.)
NPDES. 2 Fumigation Fine 2 Ag Industry Fires Back
NPDES. Permitting Program 18 Appendix 2: Sample Permit Selection Spreadsheet 24 Attachment APQR Quick Guide Attachment B – PQR Planner Attachment CState Informational Letter Attachment D – NPDES Permit Review Checklist Attachment E – Permit Review Checklist Companion Attachment FNational Topic Area Assessment Packet: Nutrients Attachment G – National Topic Area Assessment Packet: Pesticides Attachment H – National Topic Area Assessment Packet: Pretreatment Attachment I – National Topic Area Assessment Packet: Stormwater Attachment J – PQR Interview Questions (Part 1 and Part 2) Attachment KReport Template Attachment L – Report Template Companion Attachment M – State Visit Packet
NPDES. Company shall meet all applicable local, state and Federal clean water laws, rules and regulations including but not limited to all conditions set forth in the Los Angeles County National Pollution Discharge Elimination System Permit as it relates to street sweeping practices, and all Best Management Practices set forth by the City in compliance with NPDES requirements. Company shall not discharge any water containing trash, debris, pollutants, fuels, oils, soaps or other non-allowable constituents from its sweeping vehicles upon any city street, to any storm drain or any non-permitted outlet. As part of its submission, Company shall describe its methods for preventing NPDES violations during sweeping operations within the City. In addition, Company shall comply with all NPDES requirements at its maintenance facilities, storage yards and Company facilities. Failure to comply with this section may result in termination for cause by the City of any Street Sweeping agreements.