Museum Sample Clauses

Museum. Russian Museum of Ethnography, a Federal State Budgetary Institution.
Museum. On or before March 1 of each year of the Term, LAPA shall submit to County a proposed schedule for operating the Museum to provide the general public with an appreciation of the history of the Hollywood Bowl and musical and theatrical events, along with a schedule of proposed costs for the operation during the following County Fiscal Year. County reserves the right to close or limit the hours of operation of the Museum, and/or to restrict operational expenses for the Museum, if it is open, to no more than the amount approved by the Board of Supervisors from the facility user’s fee for County Fiscal Year 2004-2005, which amount may be adjusted annually by the lesser of (i) the CPI Adjustment or (ii) the percent increase in the Approved Budget for Direct Operating Costs for the subject year compared to the prior year. The Director is authorized to act for County with respect to these annual decisions regarding the Museum schedule.
Museum. The following provision shall apply in lieu of the above paragraphs for employees working at the Village Museum: The normal work week for full-time employees shall be based on a seven (7) hour (35) hour week and employees shall work, as scheduled by the Museum Director, any seven (7) consecutive hours, exclusive of lunch, between the hours of h and h any five (5) consecutive days with two (2) days of rest. For Regular Time Employees the normal daily hours of work shall be up to seven (7) consecutive hours per day, exclusive of lunch. Compressed Work Week, Hours The parties hereto agree to confer with respect to an adjusted work week based on the standard or hour work week, as follows:
Museum. A harmonised description of a museum. It is an institution which has exhibitions on scientific, historical, cultural topics. Typically open to the public as a tourist attraction. May be more heavily involved in acquiring, conserving or researching such topics. Although this FIWARE model is being used in VLCi, it is not planned to be used in this specific project. These data models allow to perform civic issue tracking. They have been designed with a view to enabling trivial interoperability between FIWARE NGSI-10 and Open311 [6]. The main entities identified are: • Open311:ServiceType. A type of service a citizen can request. It encompasses data from the Open 311 GET Service List and GET Service Definition. • Open311:ServiceRequest. A specific service request (of a service type) made by a citizen. This FIWARE model is not planned to be used in this specific project. Streetlights, commonly known as 'lamp-posts', are designed to make the streets safer for pedestrians and drivers. These data models are intended to model streetlights and all their controlling equipment towards energy-efficient and effective urban illuminance. It encompasses the following entity types:
Museum. An institution that “acquires, conserves, researches, communicates and exhibits the tangible and intangible heritage of humanity” (Desvalées and Mairesse 2010). This definition is presented in the widely used publication Key Concepts of Museology created by the International Council of Museums—ICOM (Desvalées and Mairesse 2010). The current definition is considered as more suitable for the purpose of this study rather than the alternative definition proposed by ICOM’S Executive Committee in 2019 for international members to vote on. The alternative definition proposed is still facing long and heated discussions without hopes for agreement in the near future. The 2010 definition is still relevant to collecting such as the ones long established in the Dominican Republic. Museology. The study of the museum at the theoretical and managerial levels (Desvalées and Xxxxxxxx 2010).
Museum. Artist/Production Fee $ .00 Curator Fee, if applicable $ .00 Transportation of Artworks, if applicable $ .00 Publications/invitations/ press, if applicable $ .00 Catalog, if applicable $ .00 (contingent on availability of funding) Fabrication of site-specific works, if applicable $ .00
Museum. Upon entering into a sponsorship and/or host agreement, sponsor commits to the maintenance of the statue for the duration of the sponsor agreement period. Vulcan® Park and Museum reserves the right to remove the statue should it become damaged and unsightly.
Museum. Classification Step Jan 1,2002 Jan 1,2003 Jan 1,2004 Museum Attendant I Start 6.74 6.98 7.22 After 2000 hours 7.23 7.48 7.74 After 4000 hours 7.74 8.01 8.29 Museum Instructor Start 11.59 12.00 12.41 After 2000 hours 11.84 12.25 12.68 After 4000 hours 12.09 12.51 12.95
Museum i. Potential future parking structures
Museum. Men’s Toilet Room with Stalls