Museum Sample Clauses

Museum. On or before March 1 of each year of the Term, LAPA shall submit to County a proposed schedule for operating the Museum to provide the general public with an appreciation of the history of the Hollywood Bowl and musical and theatrical events, along with a schedule of proposed costs for the operation during the following County Fiscal Year. County reserves the right to close or limit the hours of operation of the Museum, and/or to restrict operational expenses for the Museum, if it is open, to no more than the amount approved by the Board of Supervisors from the facility user’s fee for County Fiscal Year 2004-2005, which amount may be adjusted annually by the lesser of (i) the CPI Adjustment or (ii) the percent increase in the Approved Budget for Direct Operating Costs for the subject year compared to the prior year. The Director is authorized to act for County with respect to these annual decisions regarding the Museum schedule.
Museum. Artist/Production Fee $ .00 Curator Fee, if applicable $ .00 Transportation of Artworks, if applicable $ .00 Publications/invitations/ press, if applicable $ .00 Catalog, if applicable $ .00 (contingent on availability of funding) Fabrication of site-specific works, if applicable $ .00
Museum. A non-profit, non-commercial establishment operated as a repository for a collection of nature, scientific or literary curiosities or objects of interest or works of art, not including the regular sale or distribution of the objects collected.
Museum. 6813 Mimms Loop, Chesterfield, VA 23832
Museum. It was requested that a blue information sign be installed at the southern entrance to Campbell Town, as is at the northern entrance.
Museum. Should you seek to register a .museum domain name you, the registrant, must agree to have read and agree to be bound by the Museum Domain Management policy, available on, including the Eligibility Requirements, Naming Conventions and Acceptable use policy for the .museum Top Level Domain. You acknowledge and agree that may be submitting your .museum domain name application(s) to the .museum Registry through CORE, or in a direct manner being an ICANN-Accredited Registrar.