MITIGATION MEASURES AND MITIGATION PAYMENTS. The mitigation measures, mitigation payments and other obligations set forth in this Section 3 shall apply to the Salish Expansion Project. Where deemed appropriate by the City in its reasonable discretion, they shall be applied as conditions of the development approvals and authorizations set forth in Section 5 and Exhibit C.


  • Mitigation Measures Company shall take commercially reasonable measures (except measures causing it to incur out-of-pocket expenses which BNYM does not agree in advance to reimburse) to mitigate losses or potential losses to BNYM, including taking verification, validation and reconciliation measures that are commercially reasonable or standard practice in the Company’s business.

  • Mitigation; Offset In the event of termination of Employee’s employment prior to the end of the Term, Employee shall use reasonable best efforts to seek other employment and to take other reasonable actions to mitigate the amounts payable under Section 1 hereof. If Employee obtains other employment during the Term, the amount of any payment or benefit provided for under Section 1 hereof which has been paid to Employee shall be refunded to the Company by Employee in an amount equal to any compensation earned by Employee as a result of employment with or services provided to another employer after the date of Employee’s termination of employment and prior to the otherwise applicable expiration of the Term, and all future amounts payable by the Company to Employee during the remainder of the Term shall be offset by the amount earned by Employee from another employer. For purposes of this Section 1(e), Employee shall have an obligation to inform the Company regarding Employee’s employment status following termination and during the period encompassing the Term.

  • Mitigation; Exclusivity of Benefits (a) The Executive shall not be required to mitigate the amount of any benefits hereunder by seeking other employment or otherwise, nor shall the amount of any such benefits be reduced by any compensation earned by the Executive as a result of employment by another employer after the Date of Termination or otherwise.

  • Set Off; Mitigation The Company’s obligation to pay Employee the amounts provided and to make the arrangements provided hereunder shall be subject to set-off, counterclaim, or recoupment of amounts owed by Employee to the Company or its Affiliates, provided that such amounts owed have been acknowledged by Employee in writing. To the extent any amount so subject to set-off, counterclaim, or recoupment is payable in installments hereunder, such set-off, counterclaim, or recoupment shall not modify the applicable payment date of any installment, and to the extent an obligation cannot be satisfied by reduction of a single installment payment, any portion not satisfied shall remain an outstanding obligation of Employee and shall be applied to the next installment only at such time the installment is otherwise payable pursuant to the specified payment schedule.

  • Loss Mitigation and Consideration of Alternatives (i) For each Single Family Shared-Loss Loan in default or for which a default is reasonably foreseeable, the Assuming Institution shall undertake reasonable and customary loss mitigation efforts, in accordance with any of the following programs selected by Assuming Institution in its sole discretion, Exhibit 5 (FDIC Mortgage Loan Modification Program), the United States Treasury's Home Affordable Modification Program Guidelines or any other modification program approved by the United States Treasury Department, the Corporation, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System or any other governmental agency (it being understood that the Assuming Institution can select different programs for the various Single Family Shared-Loss Loans) (such program chosen, the “Modification Guidelines”). After selecting the applicable Modification Guideline for each such Single Family Shared-Loss Loan, the Assuming Institution shall document its consideration of foreclosure, loan restructuring under the applicable Modification Guideline chosen, and short-sale (if short-sale is a viable option) alternatives and shall select the alternative the Assuming Institution believes, based on its estimated calculations, will result in the least Loss. If unemployment or underemployment is the primary cause for default or for which a default is reasonably foreseeable, the Assuming Institution may consider the borrower for a temporary forbearance plan which reduces the loan payment to an affordable level for at least six (6) months.

  • Treatment of Indemnity Payments Any payments made to an Indemnified Party pursuant to this Article VII or pursuant to the Escrow Agreement shall be treated as an adjustment to the Purchase Price for tax purposes.

  • Rights Protection Mechanisms and Abuse Mitigation ­‐ Registry Operator commits to implementing and performing the following protections for the TLD:

  • Mitigation (a) Each Finance Party shall, in consultation with the Borrower, take all reasonable steps to mitigate any circumstances which arise and which would result in any amount becoming payable under or pursuant to, or cancelled pursuant to, any of Clause 7.1 (Illegality), Clause 12 (Tax gross-up and indemnities) or Clause 13 (Increased costs) including (but not limited to) transferring its rights and obligations under the Finance Documents to another Affiliate or Facility Office.

  • Expense Accrual and Payment Services (1) For each valuation date, calculate the expense accrual amounts as directed by the Trust as to methodology, rate or dollar amount.