MIS Sample Clauses

MIS. 16 Configuration user access is reviewed at least quarterly to ensure only authorized employees have appropriate access. EXHIBIT E TO MASTER SERVICES AGREEMENT BETWEEN RETAILCO SERVICES, LLC AND SPARK HOLDCO, LLC FEES Client shall pay (i) a flat fee of $*** per month; plus (ii) a per utility fee as set forth below, plus (iii) additional variable fees per premise as set forth below: 2016 Pricing per Utility $*** per utility per month. 2016 Pricing per Premise Market Type Price/premise per month Supplier Consolidated Billing $*** Dual-Billed $*** Utility Consolidated Billing, Non-POR $*** Utility Consolidated Billing, POR $*** “Premise” is based on each utility account number and the particular commodity (electricity or gas) purchased by the applicable customer under the applicable utility account number. EXHIBIT F TO MASTER SERVICES AGREEMENT BETWEEN RETAILCO SERVICES, LLC AND SPARK HOLDCO, LLC INITIAL TRANSFER OF ASSETS AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY FROM CLIENT TO SERVCO Assets: Department Name Employee Name Monitors Model Serial No Count of Linking Spark B&T Xxxxxxxx, Xxxx 3 Latitude E5410 H65HZM1 1 Latitude E5410 Total 1 Xxxx, Xxxxxx 2 OptiPlex 745 3TTXHC1 1 OptiPlex 745 Total 1 Xxx, Xxxx 2 Latitude E5440 2140ZZ1 1 Latitude E5440 Total 1 Xxxxxxxx, Xxxx 2 Latitude E5410 FJ4HZM1 1 Latitude E5410 Total 1 Nnabuife, Elo 2 Latitude E6410 JJHN1M1 1 Latitude E6410 Total 1 Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxx 2 Latitude E5410 GV3HZM1 1 Latitude E5410 Total 1 Xxxxx, Xx 2 Latitude E5450 9GJKS32 1 Latitude E5450 Total 1 Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxx 2 Latitude E5450 JHX4L32 1 Latitude E5450 Total 1 Xxxxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxx 2 Latitude E5440 3NB0ZZ1 1 Latitude E5440 Total 1 Spark B&T Total 9 Spark Call Center Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxx 2 OptiPlex 790 2LMGJQ1 1 OptiPlex 790 Total 1 Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxx 2 OptiPlex 780 DG1BHN1 1 OptiPlex 780 Total 1 Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx 2 OptiPlex 780 6KJHMM1 1 OptiPlex 780 Total 1 Xxxxx, Xxxx 2 OptiPlex 780 6KLHMM1 1 OptiPlex 780 Total 1 Xxxxx, Xxx 2 Latitude E5440 8XK2K12 1 Latitude E5440 Total 1 Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxx 2 OptiPlex 780 78298P1 1 OptiPlex 780 Total 1 Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxx 2 Latitude E5440 FL80ZZ1 1 Latitude E5440 Total 1 Xxxxxxxxxx, Ondriea 2 Latitude E5440 CXCQN12 1 Latitude E5440 Total 1 Xxxxxxx, Xxxxx 2 Latitude E5450 C4TMS32 1 Latitude E5450 Total 1 Xxxxxxx, Xxxxx 2 OptiPlex 780 78448P1 1 OptiPlex 780 Total 1 Xxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxx 2 OptiPlex 780 25475P1 1 OptiPlex 780 Total 1 Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx 2 Latitude E6410 8RP8SM1 1 Latitude E6410 Total 1 Xxxxx, Xxxxxx 2 Latitude E5420 9FMWLQ1 1 Latitud...
MIS. Copies of this Collective Agreement will be provided to each nurse covered by the Collective Agreement by the Association. The cost of printing the Collective Agreement will be shared equally by the Hospital and the local Association. Whenever the feminine pronoun used this Agreement, it includes the masculine pronoun and where the context so requires. Where the singular is used, it may also be deemed to mean plural and It shall be the duty of each nurse to notify the Hospital promptly of any change address or any change in temporary residency. If a nurse fails to do this, the Hospital will not be responsible for failure of a notice sent by registered mail to reach such a nurse. A nurse shall notify the Hospital of any change to her telephone number. Medical examinations, and any tests required under the Public Hospitals Act will be provided by the Hospital in compliance with the Regulations. The nurse may choose her personal physician for all such examinations, except the medical, unless the Hospital has a specific objection to the physician selected. Current provisions Collective Agreements relating to the provision of x-rays, laboratory work, injections, gamma globulin and other programs shall be continued. Prior to effecting any changes in rules or policies which affect nurses covered by this Agreement, the Hospital will discuss the changes with the Association and provide copies to the Association. ARTICLE
MIS. Best agrees to allow Buyer to continue to use Best's AS/400 computer and those selected applications named in Schedule 11.5 until Buyer has been able to establish its own MIS operations.
MIS. Deliberately encoded false entry of member details, payments, and claims Forced balancing on records/remittances Microfinance partner creates a fictitious loan to a member, insures with the Association the credit exposure, pays for the insurance premiums and collects insurance benefits. Microfinance field staff files fictitious claims. Microfinance partner inflates its membership roster and subsequently claims insurance benefits in behalf of non-existent members. • Microfinance partner’s account officer/loan officer creates a fictitious Center or Member Cluster/Group and subsequently claims insurance benefits. • Kiting or lapping of collections by microfinance partner. • Connivance by MBA Coordinator with other parties (e.g., the member, account officer/loan officer) in filing fraudulent claims. InternalManipulation of client’s account/records which may include equity value, retirement savings fund and premiums (e.g. encoding of payments which is not made) • Creation of fictitious clients’ records • Unauthorized deletion and addition of information • Connivance of management and claimants • Internal staff creates fictitious membership records, pays for the regular contributions, and after some time claims the insurance benefits. • Internal staff processes fictitious claims and finds a way to claim the benefits. • Internal staff manipulates membership/premium records to pay a claim for the benefit of a family, relative or friend. • Board of Trustees/Directors/ Management misappropriate assets by ratifying and implementing policies for their own undue benefit.
MIS. The Borrower shall establish an appropriate MIS at headquarters. In addition the Borrower shall, by March 31, 1993, establish a monitoring system at headquarters to track elapsed time and bottlenecks in financial, budgetary and procurement procedures.
MIS. Manage the Company's accounting and management information reporting systems (MIS), develop improvement plans, and provide MIS solutions.
MIS. Sellers and Buyer hereby agree that Exhibit N attached hereto sets forth the understanding and agreement of Buyer and Sellers with respect to the treatment of the management information system ("MIS") of the Business and the separation thereof from the Sellers' management information system (the "MIS Agreement"), including (i) the determination of Excluded Assets and Acquired Assets with respect to MIS (including software and hardware), (ii) the method of separation of 108 such system from the Sellers and (iii) the cost of both (A) transitional services to be provided by the Sellers (and their Affiliates) to Buyer (and its Affiliates) after the Closing Date and (B) certain start-up or replacement costs which Buyer will incur in connection with the separation of the Business from the Sellers, which costs shall be paid by the Sellers in accordance with Exhibit N.