MALICIOUS Sample Clauses

MALICIOUS. ACTIVITY Attempts to exploit other devices or managed infrastructure and Service on and off of Emergys’ system are not permitted. Emergys reserves the right to take any corrective action, including shutting down devices and limiting or stopping traffic to and from devices, immediately without notice. Violations of system or network security may result in criminal and civil liability. Emergys will cooperate with law enforcement if a criminal violation is suspected. Emergys will limit any traffic from the offending device or network immediately.

Related to MALICIOUS

  • Vandalism Or Malicious Mischief This peril does not include loss to property on the "residence premises", and any ensuing loss caused by any intentional and wrongful act com- mitted in the course of the vandalism or malicious mischief, if the dwelling has been vacant for more than 60 consecutive days immediately before the loss. A dwelling being constructed is not consid- ered vacant.

  • Malicious Code You understand and agree that you will be responsible for the introduction (by you, your employees, agents, or representatives) into the Services, whether intentional or unintentional, of (i) any virus or other code, program, or sub-program that damages or interferes with the operation of the computer system containing the code, program or sub-program, or halts, disables, or interferes with the operation of the Services themselves; or (ii) any device, method, or token whose knowing or intended purpose is to permit any person to circumvent the normal security of the Services or the system containing the software code for the Services (Malicious Code). You agree to take all necessary actions and precautions to prevent the introduction and proliferation of any Malicious Code into those systems that interact with the Services.

  • Vandalism Vandalism will result in cancellation of privileges. Vandalism is defined as any malicious attempt to harm or destroy data of another user, Internet, or any of the above listed agencies or other networks that are connected to any of the Internet backbones. This includes, but not limited to, the uploading or creation of computer viruses.

  • Malicious Software 43.1 The Supplier shall, as an enduring obligation throughout the Term and for a period of twelve (12) Months after expiry of the Term, use the latest versions of anti-virus definitions and software available from an industry accepted anti-virus software vendor to check for, contain the spread of, and minimise the impact of Malicious Software in the ICT Environment (or as otherwise agreed between the Parties).

  • Explosion 4. Riot or civil commotion.

  • Behaviour No obscene or insulting language or disorderly behaviour shall be permitted. This includes any form of entertainment that may be considered lewd or inappropriate for a public place or that may offend or cause embarrassment to others.

  • Accidents If a death, serious personal injury or substantial property damage occurs in connection with CONTRACTOR’s performance of this Agreement, CONTRACTOR shall immediately notify Mendocino County Risk Manager's Office by telephone. CONTRACTOR shall promptly submit to COUNTY a written report, in such form as may be required by COUNTY of all accidents which occur in connection with this Agreement. This report must include the following information: (1) name and address of the injured or deceased person(s); (2) name and address of CONTRACTOR's sub-contractor, if any; (3) name and address of CONTRACTOR's liability insurance carrier; and (4) a detailed description of the accident and whether any of COUNTY's equipment, tools, material, or staff were involved.

  • War We do not Cover an illness, treatment or medical condition due to war, declared or undeclared.

  • Behavior 1. Students must respect each other.

  • Abuse You agree to immediately notify us if you suspect fraudulent or abusive activity. If you so notify us, or we otherwise suspect fraudulent or abusive activity, you agree to cooperate with us in any fraud investigation and to use any fraud prevention measures we prescribe. Your failure to cooperate or to use such measures will result in your liability for all fraudulent usage or abusive activity associated with your Equipment (as defined below).