Low Sample Clauses

Low. OR MODERATE-INCOME HOUSEHOLD.— The term ‘‘low- or moderate-income house- hold’’ means an individual or family the total annual income of which is less than 150 percent of the median income of the area in which the individual or family resides, as re- ported by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, including an individual or family that has demonstrated eligibility for another Federal program with income re- strictions equal to or below 150 percent of area median income.
Low. An error occurs in the software or hosting environment that can be avoided or detoured with reasonable effort or general questions regarding the Services.
Low. Press and release switch until two (2) LEDs are on for low speed rear wiper operation.
Low. 11 2 3 4LOW HIGHSupplier categorisation schemeBusiness importance Corruption perceptions index 2019. Source: www.transparency.org 13 CSR audits All results from CSR audits are handled and evaluated the same way as quality audits and Segregation of Duties (SoD), ensuring that no purchaser is able to implement a new supplier single-handedly.To obtain a professional and objective evaluation according to local law and practice, we have formed a partnership with an external company to perform audits of suppliers. The purchase department at our headquarters coordinates all audits performed by the external auditing company.In addition, a Kamstrup employee will act as an observing party and coordinator between participating parties before, during and after the audit. If an audit results in a workplace assessment, the supplier has to formulate an action plan and perform on-going evaluation of the action plan for findings. This will ensure that all Kamstrup’s partners provide a safe working environment for all employees. What did we do in 2019?• Implemented our updated CSR procedure• Established KPI for returning updated and signed supplier information• Included CSR as a topic in our audits for both new and existing suppliers• Established further resources in Asia to strengthen the level of follow up on CSR findings from suppliers• Updated reporting documents on conflict minerals including all the tin smeltersWhat do we expect in 2020?• Improve KPI result from 2019• Follow up on CSR audit findings• Continue to ensure that materials comply with ROHS• Apply a more systematic control of drinking water approvals• Update reporting on conflict minerals, and include gold on the smelter list To obtain a professional and objective evaluation according to local law and practice, we have formed a partnership with an local consultant to perform audits of suppliers. We use these in our supplier follow-ups. 14Climate and environment Striving for a sound climate and environment In accordance with our policy regarding energy and environment, we aim to find ways of minimising our negative impact on the climate and environment. One of our primary contributions to reducing climate impact is through continuous optimisation of energy usage and product materials (SDG 12). Hence, we take a proactive approach to reduce our impact.Likewise, through our business and products we collaborate with and help water and energy distributors to secure a green integrated energy supply and with energy ...
Low the non-classifiable, army, agricultural sector, service sector and non-qualified labourers; (b) medium: qualified labourers, foremen, rest of administrative, commercial and technical staff and medium-level technicians; (c) high: high-level technicians, directors/ managers, self-employed professionals, business own- ers or self-employed individuals without staff, business owners or self-employed individuals with staff.
Low. S.P. (1999), “Success factors for managing property transactions”, Property Management, Vol. 17 No. 1, pp. 37-48.
Low. ∶= 0;1 (S, Init, G) ∶= ReduceToReachabilityProblem(W, wr);4 path ∶= null ;
Low. An Incident should be categorized with the priority "Low" if the problem has little or no effect on normal business processes. The problem is caused by incorrect or inoperable functions in the Computing Environment that are not required daily or are rarely used. 6.4. Infrastructureo Infrastructure Management: Monitoring, patching & securityo Cloud hostingo Installation /reinstallation of the server operating systems and operating system utilitieso OS administration including troubleshooting, hardening, patch/upgrades deployment, BIOS & firmware upgrade as and when required/ necessary for windows, LINUX or any other OS proposed as part of this solution, whether mentioned in the RFP or any new deployment in future.o Ensure proper configuration of server parameters, operating system administration, hardening and tuning.o Managing uptime of servers as per SLAs.o Cyber Security Serviceso Network serviceso Public DNSo Backup, restore & archiveo Server IO should as per SAP recommendation for SAP ECC on HANA. 6.5. Regular Serviceso SAP Basis administrationo Monitoring of all connections like SAP Solution manager, EP, and other third part connectionso SAP SPS upgrades, OSS messages (these activities may only be carried out after consultation with project manager of OMC)o Backup & recovery (daily backups, backup maintenance, 2 times a year test of DR & backup restore)o Infrastructure & SAP Application must have 99.98% availability.o SAP system and client creation, Sap system and client copyingo SAP DB refresh half yearly.o Capacity Planning 6.6. DATA Centreo The datacentre standard shall be tier 4 & above with MeitY approved. The minimum turnover of the Cloud Service Provider should be above 100 Crore in FY20-21. The primary and Disaster Recovery (DR) data centre should be located in different seismic zone within the geographical boundary of India. The bidder should submit the proposed DC & DR details as per Annexure-10 6.7. Cloud Security Framework/Data Centre securityo The data centre shall be well equipped with intrusion detection & protection systems, firewalls, system management solutions & tools, backup & restore solutions, monitoring tools, network load balancer for applicable servers and network layer security to isolate the SAP prod & quality environment from other customers. Ensure latest security patch always.6.8. SAP Application & DATA Securityo Ensure all the data are secured through SAP Application, Server & firewall level security. Regular security pa...
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