Low Sample Clauses

Low refers to incidents that interrupt some system components affecting the operationof some non-critical functions of the individual user. These incidents require to be at regular intervals, with no immediate impact on the system.
Low. An Incident should be categorized with the priority "Low" if the problem has little or no effect on normal business processes. The problem is caused by incorrect or inoperable functions in the Computing Environment that are not required daily or are rarely used./Rendah: Suatu Insiden harus dikategorikan dengan prioritas "Rendah" jika masalah berdampak hanya sedikit atau sama sekali tidak berdampak terhadap proses bisnis normal. Masalah disebabkan oleh fungsi yang tidak benar atau tidak dapat dioperasikan pada Lingkungan Komputasi yang tidak diperlukan setiap hari atau sudah jarang digunakan.
Low. Information request or the user can easily work around REQUEST an existing problem and use of the Service or Reports is only slightly limited or affected or not at all PROBLEM/BUG/ERROR RESOLUTION CLASSIFICATION ACKNOWLEDGEMENT RESOLVED -------------- --------------- -------- Critical 1 Hour Up to 1 Work Day Serious 2 Hours Up to 3 Work Days for Resolution Low 2 Work Days Up to 5 Work Days (1) 2.4 VERSIONS. During the term of the Agreement, WSS will make available to WDIG the most current version of the Services that are generally made available to WSS' other customers. 2.5 ESCROW. The parties previously established an escrow with DSI Technology Escrow Services for the code and other materials necessary (but subject to the second to last sentence of this paragraph) for WDIG to operate the CONFIDENTIAL Services and generate Reports. The purpose of such escrow is to protect WDIG in the event that WSS ceases to do business, becomes insolvent, or files or has filed against it any bankruptcy proceeding, which purpose shall be reflected in the conditions for the release of the escrow materials. WSS represents and warrants that the materials deposited in the escrow account includes all source and object code, binaries, tools and other elements that WSS periodically backs-up to operate the Services and generate reports, as well as documentation that it possesses related thereto ("Necessary Materials"). The escrow agreement shall also provide for the verification of the deposit materials and the deposit of updates. WSS represents and warrants that a company utilizing persons skilled in the art of information technologies relating to real time monitoring and counting of web site activities; utilizing the hardware, software, and other materials set forth in the deposited documentation; and entering into contracts for the requisite materials, infrastructure and telecommunications services with the appropriate vendors could operate the Services and generate Reports using the materials deposited by WSS under this Section 2.5. WSS represents and warrants that is has and will continue to deposit updates of the Necessary Materials for each new version of the Necessary Materials created by WSS. 2.6 SERVICE LEVEL GUARANTY. WSS shall satisfy the requirements set forth in the Service Level Guaranty, attached hereto as EXHIBIT D. 2.7 SERVICE ORDER NUMBERING. Service Orders shall be numbered sequentially. 2.8 OTHER SERVICES. WSS will provide Other Services, such as consulting, i...
Low when the Software is operational and the problem does not result in a significant impact on the Software’s performance.
Low. An incident with a low priority has little or no impact on business or operations. It may be a cosmetic issue that does not impact in any way the functionality of a MoversSuite product. The response time goal for a low incident is twelve (12) business hours. Note Feature requests and custom report requests are not subject to this response time goal.