Low Sample Clauses

Low. An error occurs in the software or hosting environment that can be avoided or detoured with reasonable effort or general questions regarding the Services.
Low. A is defined as one that produces an inconvenient situation in which the Services are usable but do not provide a function in the most convenient or expeditious manner and the Authorized User suffers little or no significant impact. If the reported event is Low severity, Julota will attempt to resolve the event in a commercially reasonable manner in future maintenance releases. Only the Authorized User may contact the support desk to report the issue. Basic Services Premium Services Elite Services Coverage Business Hours Business Hours 24/7 Response Time Critical 4 hours via hotline 2 hours via hotline 1 hour via hotline High 2 business days via email or web portal 1 business day via email or web portal ½ business day via email or web portal Low 3 business days via email or web portal 1 business day via email or web portal 1 business day via email or web portal
Low. (i) Audit of transactions, call quality and accuracy. Monthly metrics and audit results.
Low.  Affects non business-critical process  Acceptable work-around is available  Scheduled Work / Maintenance / user need for orientation  Minor inconvenience Timeframe Definitions:
Low. General installation functions including receive/check-in equipment activities, run/remove cable, wire and test individual components, prepare/review MOPs with MetroPCS, perform day-to-day installation activities. At MetroPCS’ request, for high-level Personnel, Supplier will present to MetroPCS the qualifications of the Personnel Supplier plans to provide and will provide MetroPCS an opportunity to interview each Person whom Supplier proposes to perform the on-site Services or additional Services.
Low. Within six weeks of notification and receipt of file, Buyer will: (i) communicate the commitment to a Workaround or Fix and New Version availability; and (ii) deliver to such commitment.

Related to Low

  • Sale Price (a) As consideration for the sale of the CEF Assets pursuant to Section 2.1 hereof, the Purchaser shall pay to the applicable Seller on the Closing Date, the CEF Purchase Price for the CEF Assets sold and transferred by such Seller to the Purchaser on the Closing Date. The CEF Purchase Price for the sale of CEF Assets shall be an amount equal to the fair market value thereof as agreed upon by the Purchaser and the applicable Seller prior to such sale.

  • Volume A. SHIPPER agrees to tender a minimum of three (3) shipments per year to BROKER, and BROKER agrees to arrange for the transportation of said shipments, as well as any other shipments offered by SHIPPER. Shipper is not restricted from tendering freight to other brokers, or directly to motor carriers. BROKER is not restricted from arranging transportation for other parties.

  • Bilingual Differential When formally assigned in the employee’s position description, an employee assigned to interpret to or from another language to English will receive a differential of five percent (5%) of base pay.

  • Price If pricing is not stated on this Order or in an executed procurement agreement, then Supplier’s pricing shall not exceed the lowest prices charged by Supplier to other similarly situated customers. Except as otherwise provided in this Order, such prices are inclusive of applicable value added tax and other similar taxes (collectively “VAT”), freight charges and duties.

  • Outputs Analogue and digital outputs of protected content are allowed if they meet the requirements in this section and if they are not forbidden elsewhere in this Agreement..

  • Market Timing Dealer represents that it has and will maintain policies and procedures to detect and prevent any market timing transaction that contravenes the restrictions or prohibitions on market timing, if any, as found in the then current Funds’ prospectus and/or statement of additional information. Dealer acknowledges that it is responsible for the sales activities of its licensed representatives including, among other things, improper trading activity in violation of the terms and conditions of the Fund’s then current prospectus.

  • Differential Differential is a salary allowance in addition to the basic rate or schedule based upon additional skills, responsibilities, hours of employment, or distasteful or hazardous work.

  • Prices Prices for the sale of food, non-alcoholic beverages, and novelty items shall be submitted to and approved by Department in writing before any proposed price can become effective. Proposed prices to be charged must be submitted in writing to Department and approved, in writing, by Department prior to commencement of any Period of Operation. All prices shall remain in effect unless otherwise modified and re-approved in writing by Department. All changes in pricing will require the submission of a new price list for all items (not just those being changed) and a written justification for each item Concessionaire is requesting Department’s approval to change or modify. No price changes are to take effect without the written pre-approval of Department. All prices shall be properly displayed in prominent places at all times. Price signage must be professional in appearance, neat, and made of weather-proof materials.

  • Market Price as of any date, (i) means the average of the last reported sale prices for the shares of Common Stock on the OTCBB for the five (5) Trading Days immediately preceding such date as reported by Bloomberg, or (ii) if the OTCBB is not the principal trading market for the shares of Common Stock, the average of the last reported sale prices on the principal trading market for the Common Stock during the same period as reported by Bloomberg, or (iii) if market value cannot be calculated as of such date on any of the foregoing bases, the Market Price shall be the fair market value as reasonably determined in good faith by (a) the Board of Directors of the Company or, at the option of a majority-in-interest of the holders of the outstanding Warrants by (b) an independent investment bank of nationally recognized standing in the valuation of businesses similar to the business of the corporation. The manner of determining the Market Price of the Common Stock set forth in the foregoing definition shall apply with respect to any other security in respect of which a determination as to market value must be made hereunder.