Lesser Sample Clauses

Lesser. Interest Clause A lease clause that permits a lessee to reduce payments under a lease proportionately if the lessor has less than 100% of the mineral interest. Sometimes called a Proportionate-Reduction Clause.
Lesser. Xxx xxxxxes hereto agree and acknowledge that during the xxxx xx xhe 1998 Agreement Mr. Lesser will continue to be employed by the Company but does not, xxx xxxx xot, have the responsibilities of, or the authority to act as, an executive or officer of the Company or of any of the Company's subsidiaries. Nothing in this 1998 Agreement, however, shall be construed as limiting Mr. Lesser's service as a director of the Company.
Lesser. Subscribed and sworn to before me on ___________________. ______________________________ Notary Public in and for said state and county My commission expires:________ EXHIBIT B STATEMENT OF REQUEST FOR INDEMNIFICATION STATE OF __________________ Section Section COUNTY OF _________________ Section I, Marvin E. Lesser, being first duly sworn, depose and say as follows:

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  • Amount The required additional Security shall be in an amount equal to the amount necessary to gross up fully for currently applicable federal and state income taxes the estimated Costs of Local Upgrades and Network Upgrades for which Interconnection Customer previously provided Security. Accordingly, the additional Security shall equal the amount necessary to increase the total Security provided to the amount that would be sufficient to permit the Interconnected Transmission Owner to receive and retain, after the payment of all applicable income taxes (“Current Taxes”) and taking into account the present value of future tax deductions for depreciation that would be available as a result of the anticipated payments or property transfers (the “Present Value Depreciation Amount”), an amount equal to the estimated Costs of Local Upgrades and Network Upgrades for which Interconnection Customer is responsible under the Interconnection Service Agreement. For this purpose, Current Taxes shall be computed based on the composite federal and state income tax rates applicable to the Interconnected Transmission Owner at the time the additional Security is received, determined using the highest marginal rates in effect at that time (the “Current Tax Rate”), and (ii) the Present Value Depreciation Amount shall be computed by discounting the Interconnected Transmission Owner’s anticipated tax depreciation deductions associated with such payments or property transfers by its current weighted average cost of capital.

  • Total 1 Nationality: country to which the person belongs administratively and that issues the ID card and/or passport.

  • Size The nominal maximum size of aggregate shall be as large as possible within the limits specified but in no case greater than one-fourth of the minimum thickness of the member, provided at the concrete can be placed without difficulty so as to surround all reinforcement thoroughly and fill the corners of the form work. For most works, 20mm aggregate shall be used and where there is no restriction to the flow of concrete into sections, 40mm size (MSA) shall be used. For any heavily reinforced concrete members, the nominal maximum size of aggregate shall usually be restricted to 5mm less than the minimum cover to the reinforcement or 5mm less than the minimum clear distance between the main bars. Coarse aggregate shall of all aggregate particles of size greater than 4.75mm. The aggregate shall conform to IS: 383- 1970 clause 3.1,3.2 and 3.2.1 (Table-I) The nominal maximum size of coarse aggregate to be used shall be as per drawing/as determined by Engineer-in-charge.

  • Percentage All fiscal quarter ends prior to the end of 3FQ03 320% 3FQ03 400% plus New Debt Step Up 4FQ03 400% plus New Debt Step Up 1FQ04 400% plus New Debt Step Up 2FQ04 375% plus New Debt Step Up All fiscal quarter ends after the end of 2FQ04 320%

  • Increase (a) The Company may by giving prior notice to the Agent by no later than the date falling 20 Business Days after the effective date of a cancellation of:

  • Per Authorized Signatory

  • percent Rates and rate change limitations are expressed as annualized percentages.

  • Increments Leave of absence shall not affect annual increments, when granted for educational purposes and parental leave. (Reference Article 12 - Anniversary Date and Increments.)

  • Less the face value of (i.e., for purposes of current Moody’s guidelines, a. cash, b. short-term Municipal Obligations rated XXX-0, XXXX-0 xx X-0, and c. short-term securities that are the direct obligation of the U.S. government, provided in each case that such securities mature on or prior to the date upon which any of 1a through 1g become payable, otherwise the Moody’s Discounted Value) of any of the Fund’s assets irrevocably deposited by the Fund for the payment of any of 1a through 1g Less: The value of any of the Fund’s assets irrevocably deposited by the Fund for the payment of any of 1a through 1g.

  • Duration This Agreement will take effect on the date first set forth above. Unless earlier terminated pursuant to paragraph 9 hereof, this Agreement shall remain in effect until two years from the date of execution hereof, and thereafter will continue in effect from year to year, so long as such continuance shall be approved at least annually by the Fund's Board of Trustees, including the vote of the majority of the trustees of the Fund who are not parties to this Agreement or "interested persons" (as defined in the Investment Company Act) of any such party, cast in person at a meeting called for the purpose of voting on such approval, or by the holders of a "majority" (as defined in the Investment Company Act) of the outstanding voting securities of the Fund and by such a vote of the Fund's Board of Trustees.