Layout Sample Clauses

Layout. The notes that appeared in the left or right margins are now in boldface text directly above the provisions to which they relate. They form no part of the enactment, but are inserted for convenience of reference only. Les notes apparaissant auparavant dans les marges de droite ou de gauche se retrouvent maintenant en carac- tères gras juste au-dessus de la disposition à laquelle elles se rattachent. Elles ne font pas partie du texte, n’y figurant qu’à titre de repère ou d’information.
Layout. The Festival Committee reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion at any time prior to or during the Festival, to change or alter the Festival layout or relocate Vendor as the Festival Committee deems desirable.
Layout. Contractor shall be responsible for its layout, and shall protect and preserve all installed engineering data, benchmarks, and other layout points. Contractor shall take all necessary precautions to ensure that such data are not damaged, destroyed, altered, or changed. Re-engineering or reinstallation, if required, shall be performed at Contractor’s sole cost and expense.
Layout. CFZ will attend meetings with ESTABLISHMENT technical representatives for layout proposal, review layout design alternatives when solicited and collaborate in final freeze of layout design. ESTABLISHMENT shall approve final layout within the time frame provided in the Master Schedule, any delay on such approval shall be deemed an ESTABLISHMENT delay. Final Completion date delivery shall be delayed on the equivalent number of days an ESTABLISHMENT approval was delayed.