Layout Sample Clauses

Layout a. Estimate and quantity sheet
Layout. A layout of cables must be submitted to the Property Manager for approval prior to installation.
Layout. The location & layout of various buildings and other connected buildings are generally as indicated in the layout plan. The tenderer is requested to acquaint himself with location and layout of the various building structures, areas etc. before submission of offer.
Layout. Mobilization;
Layout. A. Contractor shall be responsible for alignment and elevation of the Work and will set grade stakes, batter boards, and other working points, lines and elevations required to complete the Project as described in the Contract Documents.
Layout. Contractor shall be responsible for its layout, and shall protect and preserve all installed engineering data, benchmarks, and other layout points. Contractor shall take all necessary precautions to ensure that such data are not damaged, destroyed, altered, or changed. Re-engineering or reinstallation, if required, shall be performed at Contractor’s sole cost and expense.
Layout. Except as specifically provided herein, the Contractor shall be responsible for laying out all work and shall accomplish this work in a manner acceptable to the Owner's Representative. The Owner's Representative will check the Contractor's layout of all major structures and any other layout work done by the Contractor at Contractor's request, but this check does not relieve the Contractor of the responsibility of correctly locating all work in accordance with the Plans and Specifications.
Layout. Standard State Letterhead has standard layout format. See Attachment 4A and 4B for detailed Standard State of Oregon Letterhead Specifications including position of type, maximum number of characters per line, placement of state seal, etc.
Layout. CFZ will attend meetings with ESTABLISHMENT technical representatives for layout proposal, review layout design alternatives when solicited and collaborate in final freeze of layout design. ESTABLISHMENT shall approve final layout within the time frame provided in the Master Schedule, any delay on such approval shall be deemed an ESTABLISHMENT delay. Final Completion date delivery shall be delayed on the equivalent number of days an ESTABLISHMENT approval was delayed.