Itemized Sample Clauses

Itemized written disputes must be submitted on the dispute form to the National Access Service Center (NASC), or appropriate equivalent center no later than 120 days after the due date of the related invoice. A copy of the dispute must be sent with the remittance of the remainder of the invoice. Billed amounts which are being investigated, queried, or for which claims have been or may be filed, are not due for payment until such investigations, claims, or queries have been resolved in accordance with the provisions governing dispute resolution of this Agreement.
Itemized written disputes must be filed with CLEC no later than the due date of the related invoice, but no sooner than thirty (30) Days from the xxxx date. A copy of the dispute must be sent with the remittance of the remainder of the invoice to CLEC’s designated billing representative identified during the implementation process.
Itemized funds associated with the particular activity, program, or event directly funded by City of Xxxxx Hotel Tax Revenue. Please feel free to include any additional information pages. EXHIBIT “F” 2019 TEXAS REDS FESTIVAL BUDGET EXHIBIT “F” continued 2019 TEXAS REDS FESTIVAL BUDGET EXHIBIT "G'' 2019 TEXAS REDS FESTIVAL
Itemized. The Employer shall continue to itemize the deductions and pay on the members pay warrant. A complete itemized breakdown of the pay shall be provided upon request of that member.
Itemized written disputes must be filed with CLEC no later than the due date of the related invoice. A copy of the dispute must be sent with remittance of the remainder of the invoice and to the following: Progress Telecom, LLC ATTN: Accounts Receivable 000 0xx Xxx. Xxxxx Xxxxx 000 Xxxxx Xx. Xxxxxxxxxx, XX 00000
Itemized actual expenses directly associated with the additional cost of the Teach-Out program including teacher salaries, rental of additional facilities, rental of equipment, rental of furniture, required supplies including student-owned books, equipment, tools, or supplies purchased by the school. Qualifying expenses are those over and above the normal operating costs due to the addition of students from the Teach-Out. Expenses for facilities, equipment, utilities, or other items which were owned, rented, used, or otherwise obligated by the school prior to the Commission’s approval of this Teach-Out program, even if those items have been used for the Teach-Out program cannot be claimed. This information should be entered on the attached application. To support the additional cost of the Teach-Out program, the following verifiable documentation should be provided:

Related to Itemized

  • Invoice The Interconnected Transmission Owner shall provide Transmission Provider a quarterly statement of the Interconnected Transmission Owner’s scheduled expenditures during the next three months for, as applicable (a) the design, engineering and construction of, and/or for other charges related to, construction of the Interconnection Facilities for which the Interconnected Transmission Owner is responsible under the Interconnection Service Agreement and the Interconnection Construction Service Agreement, or (b) in the event that the Interconnection Customer exercises the Option to Build pursuant to Tariff, Attachment P, Appendix 2, section, for the Interconnected Transmission Owner’s oversight costs (i.e. costs incurred by the Transmission Owner when engaging in oversight activities to satisfy itself that the Interconnection Customer is complying with the Transmission Owner’s standards and specifications for the construction of facilities) associated with Interconnection Customer’s building Transmission Owner Attachment Facilities and Direct Connection Network Upgrades, including but not limited to Costs for tie-in work and Cancellation Costs. Interconnected Transmission Owner oversight costs shall be consistent with Tariff, Attachment P, Appendix 2, section Transmission Provider shall bill Interconnection Customer on behalf of the Interconnected Transmission Owner, for the Interconnected Transmission Owner’s expected Costs during the subsequent three months. Interconnection Customer shall pay each bill within twenty (20) days after receipt thereof. Upon receipt of each of Interconnection Customer’s payments of such bills, Transmission Provider shall reimburse the Interconnected Transmission Owner. Interconnection Customer may request that the Transmission Provider provide a quarterly cost reconciliation. Such a quarterly cost reconciliation will have a one-quarter lag, e.g., reconciliation of Costs for the first calendar quarter of work will be provided at the start of the third calendar quarter of work, provided, however, that Section 11.2.3 of this Appendix 2 shall govern the timing of the final cost reconciliation upon completion of the work.

  • Invoices Each invoice or pay request shall include the TIPS Member’s purchase order number or other identifying designation as provided in the order by the TIPS Member. If applicable, the shipment tracking number or pertinent information for verification of TIPS Member receipt shall be made available upon request.

  • Interview Expenses An in-service applicant for a posted position who is not on leave of absence without pay and who has been called for a panel interview shall be granted leave of absence with base pay and shall have their authorized expenses paid. An employee granted leave under this section shall notify their supervisor as soon as they are notified of their requirement to appear for an interview.

  • Invoice Format Invoices furnished by Contractor under this Agreement must be in a form acceptable to the Controller and City, and must include a unique invoice number. Payment shall be made by City as specified in 3.3.6 or in such alternate manner as the Parties have mutually agreed upon in writing.

  • Training Costs All costs and expenses incurred by the Contractor in the training of its employees engaged in Petroleum Operations, and such other training as is required by this Agreement.

  • Expenditures The Assuming Institution will pay such bills and invoices on behalf of the Receiver and the Corporation as the Receiver or the Corporation may direct for the period beginning on the date of the Bank Closing Date and ending on Settlement Date. The Assuming Institution shall submit its requests for reimbursement of such expenditures pursuant to Article VIII of this Agreement.

  • Reasonable Expenses The Company agrees to pay the reasonable fees and expenses of Executive’s counsel arising in connection with the negotiation and execution of this Agreement and the consummation of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement.

  • TRAVEL COSTS (a) All travel incurred by SELLER in the performance of this Contract is included within the Contract price and shall not be separately reimbursed by LOCKHEED XXXXXX unless such travel is expressly authorized in writing in advance by LOCKHEED XXXXXX’x Procurement Representative.

  • Expenses The Issuer shall pay all fees and expenses (a) in connection with the preparation, setting in type and filing of any registration statement, Prospectus and Statement of Additional Information under the 1933 Act and amendments for the issue of its shares, (b) in connection with the registration and qualification of shares for sale in the various states in which the Board of Trustees of the Issuer shall determine it advisable to qualify such shares for sale (including registering the Issuer as a broker or dealer or any officer of the Issuer as agent or salesman in any state), (c) of preparing, setting in type, printing and mailing any report or other communication to shareholders of the Issuer in their capacity as such, and (d) of preparing, setting in type, printing and mailing Prospectuses, Statements of Additional Information and any supplements thereto sent to existing shareholders. As provided in the Distribution and Service Plan adopted by the Issuer, it is recognized by the Issuer that the Adviser or its affiliates may make payment to Distributors with respect to any expenses incurred in the distribution of shares of the Issuer, such payments payable from the past profits or other resources of the Adviser or its affiliates including management fees paid to it by the Issuer.

  • Automobile Expenses The Company shall provide the Executive with an automobile allowance not to exceed $1,000 per month. The Company shall pay all insurance premiums and maintenance for the automobile that is the subject of the automobile allowance.