Income of Trust Sample Clauses

Income of Trust. (a) The income of each Trust for each Financial Year will include:
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Income of Trust. 94 31. INDEMNITY........................................................................................................ 94

Related to Income of Trust

  • Name of Trust It is understood that the name "Calamos", and any logo associated with that name, is the valuable property of Calamos Asset Management, Inc., and that the Trust has the right to include "Calamos" as a part of its name or the name of any Fund only so long as this Agreement shall continue. Upon termination of this Agreement the Trust shall forthwith cease to use the "Calamos" name and logo and shall take such action as is necessary to change the name of any Fund and to amend its Declaration of Trust to change the Trust's name.

  • Purpose of Trust The purpose of the Trust is to conduct, operate and carry on the business of a management investment company registered under the 1940 Act through one or more Series investing primarily in securities.

  • Investment of Trust Assets Following ratification of the Plan by stockholders of the Parent and receipt of any other necessary regulatory approvals, the Trust shall purchase Common Stock of the Parent in an amount equal to up to 100% of the Trust's assets, after providing for any required withholding as needed for tax purposes, provided, however, that the Trust shall not purchase more than 4% of the aggregate shares of Common Stock issued by the Parent in the mutual-to-stock conversion of the Savings Bank ("Conversion"). The Trustee shall purchase shares of Common Stock in the open market or, in the alternative, shall purchase authorized but unissued shares of the Common Stock from the Parent sufficient to fund the Plan Share Reserve.

  • Situs of Trust The Trust will be located and administered in the State of Delaware. All bank accounts maintained by the Owner Trustee on behalf of the Trust shall be located in the State of Delaware or the State of New York. Payments will be received by the Trust only in Delaware or New York and payments will be made by the Trust only from Delaware or New York. The Trust shall not have any employees in any state other than Delaware; provided, however, that nothing herein shall restrict or prohibit the Owner Trustee, the Servicer or any agent of the Trust from having employees within or outside the State of Delaware. The only office of the Trust will be at the Corporate Trust Office located in Delaware.

  • Creation of Trust The Purchaser hereby irrevocably transfers and assigns to the Trustee, and the Trustee hereby accepts the transfer and assignment of, the right to vote and consent for the Purchaser in connection with all of its voting and consent rights and responsibilities as Beneficial Owner of the Subject Shares with respect to the following matters (collectively, the “Voting Matters”):

  • Sale of Trust Assets (a) [Intentionally Omitted].

  • Nature of Trust The Trust shall be a trust with transferable shares under the laws of The State of Delaware, of the type defined in Title 12, Chapter 38, Section 3801 of the Delaware Code as a business trust. The Trust is not intended to be, shall not be deemed to be, and shall not be treated as, a general partnership, limited partnership, joint venture, corporation or joint stock company. The Shareholders shall be beneficiaries and their relationship to the Trustees shall be solely in that capacity in accordance with the rights conferred upon them hereunder.

  • VALUATION OF TRUST In addition to each Accounting Date, the Trustee must value the Trust Fund on the following valuation date(s): (Choose (a) or (b))

  • Assets of Trust The assets of the Trust shall consist of the Trust Property.

  • Creation of Trust; Name There is hereby created a Trust which shall be located in the State of Delaware, and which shall be known as “SLM Student Loan Trust 20[__]-[__]”, in which name the Eligible Lender Trustee may conduct the functions of the Trust, make and execute contracts and other instruments on behalf of the Trust and xxx and be sued. The Trust shall constitute a statutory trust within the meaning of Section 3801(a) of the Delaware Statutory Trust Act for which the Eligible Lender Trustee has filed or has caused to be filed a certificate of trust with the Secretary of State of the State of Delaware pursuant to Section 3810(a) of the Delaware Statutory Trust Act.

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