IMPOSTS Sample Clauses

IMPOSTS. In addition to the monthly Basic Rent due in each Lease Schedule, Lessee agrees to pay and indemnify Lessor for, and hold Lessor harmless from and against all taxes, assessments, fees and charges (hereinafter called "Imposts") together with any penalties, fines or interest thereon levied and imposed by any governmental agency or unit (state, local, federal, domestic or foreign), regardless of party assessed against: (i) with respect to the Lease, the Charter or any Lease Schedule; (ii) upon the Equipment, its value or any interest of Lessor and/or Lessee therein; (iii) upon or on account of any sale, rental, purchase, ownership, possession, use, operation, maintenance, delivery or return of the Equipment, or value added thereto, other than taxes imposed on or measured by the net income or capital of Lessor. The amount of the Impost shall become Supplemental Rent to be paid by Lessee within ten (10) days after Lessor's demand. If any Impost relates to a period during the Term of a Lease Schedule such Impost shall continue, notwithstanding the expiration or termination of the Lease or the Lease Schedule, until all such Imposts are paid in full by Lessee.
IMPOSTS. (1) Subject to this clause, the Company shall not, by virtue only of this Agreement, be exempt from rent, royalty, duties, fees, levies, taxes or any other impost.
IMPOSTS. In addition to the monthly Basic Rent due as set forth above, Lessee agrees to pay and indemnify Lessor for, and hold Lessor harmless from and against all taxes, assessments, fees and charges (hereinafter called "Imposts") together with any penalties, fines or interest thereon levied and imposed by any governmental agency or unit (state, local, federal, domestic or foreign) in accordance with the terms of the Charter.
IMPOSTS. Makers shall pay principal, interest and other amounts under, and in accordance with the terms of, this Note, free and clear of, and without deduction for, any and all present and future taxes, levies, imposts, deductions, charges, withholdings, and all liabilities with respect thereto, excluding income and franchise taxes payable by Lender to the United States of America or any political subdivision thereof. In addition, Makers shall pay any federal, state or local taxes on the acquisition of this Note by Lender and any stamp or other taxes levied by any jurisdiction on the execution, delivery, registration, performance and enforcement of this Note.
IMPOSTS. (a) All Imposts levied or imposed upstream of the Delivery Point in respect of the Gas Made Available under this Agreement shall be borne by the Seller and all Imposts levied or imposed at or downstream of the Delivery Point in respect of Gas taken by the Buyer under this Agreement shall be paid by the Buyers.

Related to IMPOSTS

  • LEVIES 13.1 As has already been explained in the paragraphs above, the Seller will be carrying out the obligations of the body corporate until it is established and will be bearing the costs associated with this. It is therefore agreed as follows:

  • Assessments There are no pending or proposed special or other assessments for public improvements or otherwise affecting the Property, nor are there any contemplated improvements to the Property that may result in such special or other assessments.

  • Withholdings Notwithstanding any other provision in this Article II, the Receiver, upon the direction of the Director (or designee) of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s Division of Resolutions and Receiverships, may withhold payment for any amounts included in a Monthly Certificate delivered pursuant to Section 2.1, if in its good faith and reasonable judgment there is a reasonable basis under the requirements of this Single Family Shared-Loss Agreement for denying the eligibility of an item for which reimbursement or payment is sought under such Section. In such event, the Receiver shall provide a written notice to the Assuming Institution detailing the grounds for withholding such payment. At such time as the Assuming Institution demonstrates to the satisfaction of the Receiver, in its reasonable judgment, that the grounds for such withholding of payment, or portion of payment, no longer exist or have been cured, then the Receiver shall pay the Assuming Institution the amount withheld which the Receiver determines is eligible for payment, within fifteen (15) Business Days.

  • Charges Holders, Beneficial Owners, persons depositing Shares and persons surrendering ADSs for cancellation and for the purpose of withdrawing Deposited Securities shall be responsible for the following charges:

  • Taxes The Company shall pay, and shall cause each of its Subsidiaries to pay, prior to delinquency, all material taxes, assessments, and governmental levies except such as are contested in good faith and by appropriate proceedings or where the failure to effect such payment is not adverse in any material respect to the Holders of the Notes.

  • Deductions Deductions shall be made from each payroll and shall be forwarded to the Treasurer of the Union not later than the 15th day of the following month, accompanied by a list of names and ranks of Employees from whose salaries the deductions have been made.

  • Surcharges (i) If, during the Term, any existing laws or regulations are changed or any new laws or regulations are enacted that require TLO to make substantial and unanticipated expenditures (whether capitalized or otherwise) with respect to the Storage Facility or with respect to the services provided hereunder, TLO may, subject to the terms of this Section 8(b) impose a surcharge (a “Surcharge”) to cover TRMC’s pro rata share of the cost of complying with these laws or regulations, based upon the percentage of TRMC’s use of the services or facilities impacted by such new laws or regulations.

  • Tariffs If either Party is required by any governmental authority to file a tariff or make another similar filing to implement any provision of this Agreement (other than a tariff filed by a Party that generally relates to one or more services provided under this Agreement but not specifically to the other Party), such Party shall take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that such tariff or other filing imposes obligations upon such Party that are as close as possible to those provided in this Agreement and preserves for such other Party the full benefit of the rights otherwise provided in this Agreement. If, subsequent to the effective date of any such tariff, a Party is no longer required to file tariffs with the Commission or the FCC, either generally or for specific services, the Parties agree to modify this Agreement to reflect herein the relevant and consistent terms and conditions of such tariffs as of the date on which the requirement to file such tariffs was lifted. Nothing in this Section 29.2 shall be construed to grant a Party any right to review any tariff filing of the other Party other than as provided under Applicable Law.

  • Ad Valorem Taxes Prior to delinquency, Tenant shall pay all taxes and assessments levied upon trade fixtures, alterations, additions, improvements, inventories and personal property located and/or installed on or in the Premises by, or on behalf of, Tenant; and if requested by Landlord, Tenant shall promptly deliver to Landlord copies of receipts for payment of all such taxes and assessments. To the extent any such taxes are not separately assessed or billed to Tenant, Tenant shall pay the amount thereof as invoiced by Landlord.

  • Impositions Subject to Article VIII relating to permitted contests, Tenant shall pay, or cause to be paid, all Impositions before any fine, penalty, interest or cost (other than any opportunity cost as a result of a failure to take advantage of any discount for early payment) may be added for non-payment, such payments to be made directly to the taxing authorities where feasible, and shall promptly, upon request, furnish to Landlord copies of official receipts or other reasonably satisfactory proof evidencing such payments. If any such Imposition may, at the option of the taxpayer, lawfully be paid in installments (whether or not interest shall accrue on the unpaid balance of such Imposition), Tenant may exercise the option to pay the same (and any accrued interest on the unpaid balance of such Imposition) in installments and, in such event, shall pay such installments during the Term as the same become due and before any fine, penalty, premium, further interest or cost may be added thereto. Landlord, at its expense, shall, to the extent required or permitted by Applicable Law, prepare and file all tax returns and pay all taxes due in respect of Landlord's net income, gross receipts, sales and use, single business, ad valorem, franchise taxes and taxes on its capital stock, and Tenant, at its expense, shall, to the extent required or permitted by Applicable Laws, prepare and file all other tax returns and reports in respect of any Imposition as may be required by Government Agencies. If any refund shall be due from any taxing authority in respect of any Imposition paid by Tenant, the same shall be paid over to or retained by Tenant. Landlord and Tenant shall, upon request of the other, provide such data as is maintained by the party to whom the request is made with respect to the Leased Property as may be necessary to prepare any required returns and reports. In the event Government Agencies classify any property covered by this Agreement as personal property, Tenant shall file all personal property tax returns in such jurisdictions where it may legally so file. Each party shall, to the extent it possesses the same, provide the other, upon request, with cost and depreciation records necessary for filing returns for any property so classified as personal property. Where Landlord is legally required to file personal property tax returns for property covered by this Agreement and/or gross receipts tax returns for Rent received by Landlord from Tenant, Landlord shall file the same with reasonable cooperation from Tenant. Landlord shall provide Tenant with copies of assessment notices in sufficient time for Tenant to prepare a protest which Landlord shall file, at Tenant's written request. All Impositions assessed against such personal property shall be (irrespective of whether Landlord or Tenant shall file the relevant return) paid by Tenant not later than the last date on which the same may be made without interest or penalty. Landlord shall give prompt Notice to Tenant of all Impositions payable by Tenant hereunder of which Landlord at any time has knowledge; provided, however, that Landlord's failure to give any such Notice shall in no way diminish Tenant's obligation hereunder to pay such Impositions (except that Landlord shall be responsible for any interest or penalties incurred as a result of Landlord's failure promptly to forward the same).