IETF Sample Clauses

IETF. There were no specific contributions under this agenda item.
IETF. Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), RFC 1157, May 1990.
IETF. Ms. Betsy Kidwell, TSG-X Chair, presented the IETF liaison report contained in contribution SC-20030519-006B. There were no questions for clarification.
IETF. Delay/Disruption Tolerant Networking,” IETF, [Online]. Available: [Accessed 19 July 2018].
IETF. IETF produces open technical documentation to improve the design, use, and management of the Internet. In collaboration with the larger network engineering community, IETF produced an Internet draft to specify how ML could be introduced to distributed system pipelines with Network Telemetry and Analytics (NTA) and Network Artificial Intelligence (NAI). NTA uses telemetry and historical data to perform ML-based analytics for detection, prescription, and prediction in networks through closed loop control via SDN [102].NTA and NAI are part of the larger effort to add intelligent management to Internet systems. Both architectures are designed to perform real-time analytics for traffic engineering and monitoring alongside existing protocols, such as BGP. Key performance indicators, such as CPU performance, memory usage, and interface bandwidth, can be used to diagnose network health even in multi-layer and virtualized environments.IETF’s Internet draft also describes intelligent service function chaining (SFC), a key task in 5G networks that allows network services to be automatically composed of several more basic network functions. Together with application analytics and intelligent SFC, network operators could experience enhanced performance and control across locale and connection points.
IETF. PSAMP Workgroup. (2005) charter.html (Verfied in January 2005).
IETF. A Framework for Packet Selection and Reporting. (2005) (Ver- fied in January 2005).