Having Sample Clauses

Having regard to the agreed estimated costs of projects specified in this Agreement, Queensland will not be required to pay a refund to the Commonwealth if the actual cost of the project is less than the agreed estimated cost of the project. Similarly, Queensland bears all risk should the costs of a project exceed the agreed estimated costs. The Parties acknowledge that this arrangement provides the maximum incentive for Queensland to deliver projects cost effectively and efficiently.
Having a relationship that is recognized as unfairly using a gangster, etc. for the purpose of gaining wrongful profits of oneself or a third party or for the purpose of damaging a third party.
Having a pet is a long term commitment and agree to relocate my pet with me when I leave my current place of residence.
Having intended to become bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the parties acknowledge entering into this Agreement as evidenced by their duly authorized signatures set forth below. MEDI-JECT CORPORATION BECTON, XXXXXXXXX AND COMPANY By: /s/ Franklin Pass By: /s/ Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx ---------------------------- ---------------------------- Authorized Signature Authorized Signature ____________________________ ____________________________ Name & Title Typed Name & Title Typed
Having decided to assign its Subsoil Use Right or a part thereof, the Contractor shall give a notice to the Competent Body to that effect, and such notice shall contain a request for the consent of the Competent Body and shall be attached with: (a) a copy of the draft agreement on the transfer or pledge and/or (b) financial statements and other evidences reasonably satisfactory to the Competent Body with respect to matters set forth in Article 25.4.1. The Competent Body shall decide to issue or withhold its consent to the transfer of the subsoil use right based on the Contractor’s request and attached information on the proposed transferee being an individual or legal entity.
Having a desire to create and maintain harmonious labor relations between them, the parties, hereto agree that they will promptly attempt to adjust all complaints, disputes, controversies or other grievances arising between them involving questions of interpretation or application of terms and provisions of this Agree- ment.