a ‘ Sample Clauses

a ‘ request for tendersbased on functional or performance-based specifications (that take into account the outcome of the open market consultation) and describing the practical set-up for the implementation of the subcontract(s);
a ‘ contract notice’ allowing for a time-limit for receipt of tenders of at least 2 months, published in the Official Journal of the European Union and promoted and advertised widely;
a ‘ contract award noticepublished in the Official Journal of the European Union. 31 If the authorising officer decides to set specific rules, they should have due regard for the principle of proportionality, taking into account the value of the contracts and the relative size of the EU contributions in relation to the total cost of the action and the risk. Specific rules must be based on the rules contained in the Financial Regulation. Simply citing the FR without specifying the applicable provisions should be avoided. Specific rules may only be set for the award of contracts of a value higher than EUR 60 000. The authorising officer may set a threshold higher than EUR 60 000 on the basis of a risk assessment. The beneficiary must also ensure that every prior information notice, contract notice or contract award notice published in relation to the subcontracting includes the following disclaimer:
a ‘ certificate on the financial statements’ (drawn up in accordance with Annex 5) for each beneficiary [and for each affiliated entity], if: - it requests an EU contribution of EUR 150 000 or more as reimbursement of actual costs and - the maximum EU contribution indicated, for that beneficiary [or affiliated entity], in the estimated budget (see Annex 2) as reimbursement of actual costs is EUR 200 000 or more[.] [OPTION to be used for public body/international organisation beneficiaries/affiliated entities for which the RAO waives the certificate15: — except for the following beneficiaries [or affiliated entities]: - [short name of beneficiary/affiliated entity]- [short name of beneficiary/affiliated entity].] ] [OPTION 2 for actions with several RPs and interim payments:15.3 Periodic reports — Requests for interim payments The coordinator must submit a periodic report within 60 days following the end of each reporting period. The periodic report must include the following:
a ‘ final financial report’ containing a ‘final summary financial statement’, created automatically by the electronic exchange system, consolidating the financial statements for all reporting periods and including the request for payment of the balance.] 20.5 Information on cumulative expenditure incurred Not applicable 20.6 Currency for financial statements Financial statements must be drafted in euro. 20.7 Language of reports The report(s) (including financial statements) must be submitted in the language of the Agreement. 20.8 Consequences of non-compliance If the report(s) submitted do not comply with this Article, the Agency may suspend the payment deadline (see Article 47) and apply any of the other measures described in Chapter 6. If the beneficiary breaches its obligation to submit the report(s) and if it fails to comply with this obligation within 30 days following a written reminder, the Agency may terminate the Agreement or apply any of the other measures described in Chapter 6. ARTICLE 21 — PAYMENTS AND PAYMENT ARRANGEMENTS 21.1 Payments to be made The following payments will be made to the beneficiary: - one pre-financing payment; - [OPTION for actions with several RPs: one or more interim payments, on the basis of the request(s) for interim payment (see Article 20), and] - one payment of the balance, on the basis of the request for payment of the balance (see Article 20). 21.2 Pre-financing payment — Amount — Amount retained for the Guarantee Fund [OPTION 1 by default: The aim of the pre-financing is to provide the beneficiary with a float. It remains the property of the EU until the payment of the balance. The amount of the pre-financing payment will be EUR [insert amount (insert amount in words)]. The Agency will — except if Article 48 applies — make the pre-financing payment to the beneficiary within 30 days, either from the entry into force of the Agreement (see Article 58) or from 10 days before the starting date of the action (see Article 3), whichever is the latest. An amount of EUR [insert amount (insert amount in words)], corresponding to 5% of the maximum grant amount (see Article 5.1), is retained by the Agency from the pre-financing payment and transferred into the ‘Guarantee Fund’.] [OPTION 2 if the JRC is the beneficiary: The [DG][Agency] will make a pre-financing payment of EUR [insert amount including the 5% to be paid to the Guarantee Fund (insert amount in words)], within 30 days from the submission of a debit note from the JRC ...