General Legislative Sample Clauses

General Legislative. The Operator agrees that, in providing access to Clients to the Services and without limiting any other provisions in this Agreement, the Operator will comply in all respects with the provisions of the Canada Health Act (Canada) and the HCP Act. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing:
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Related to General Legislative

  • Data Protection Legislation the UK Data Protection Legislation and any other European Union legislation relating to personal data and all other legislation and regulatory requirements in force from time to time which apply to a party relating to the use of Personal Data (including, without limitation, the privacy of electronic communications) and the guidance and codes of practice issued by the Information Commissioner or relevant government department in relation to such legislation.

  • Implementation Legislation The Contracting Parties shall enact any legislation necessary to comply with, and give effect to, the terms of the Agreement.

  • Applicable Legislation If and to the extent that any provision of this Agreement limits, qualifies or conflicts with a mandatory requirement of Applicable Legislation, the mandatory requirement will prevail. The Corporation and the Subscription Receipt Agent each will at all times in relation to this Agreement and any action to be taken hereunder observe and comply with and be entitled to the benefits of Applicable Legislation.

  • Anti-Money Laundering Legislation (a) Each Loan Party acknowledges that, pursuant to the Proceeds of Crime Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act (Canada) and other applicable anti-money laundering, anti-terrorist financing, government sanction and “know your client” laws, under the laws of Canada (collectively, including any guidelines or orders thereunder, “AML Legislation”), Agent and Lenders may be required to obtain, verify and record information regarding each Loan Party, its respective directors, authorized signing officers, direct or indirect shareholders or other Persons in control of such Loan Party, and the transactions contemplated hereby. Administrative Borrower shall promptly provide all such information, including supporting documentation and other evidence, as may be reasonably requested by any Lender or Agent, or any prospective assign or participant of a Lender or Agent, necessary in order to comply with any applicable AML Legislation, whether now or hereafter in existence.

  • Privacy Legislation The parties acknowledge that federal and/or provincial legislation that addresses the protection of individual’s personal information (collectively, “Privacy Laws”) applies to obligations and activities under this Agreement. Despite any other provision of this Agreement, neither party will take or direct any action that would contravene, or cause the other to contravene, applicable Privacy Laws. The Corporation will, prior to transferring or causing to be transferred personal information to the Rights Agent, obtain and retain required consents of the relevant individuals to the collection, use and disclosure of their personal information, or will have determined that such consents either have previously been given upon which the parties can rely or are not required under the Privacy Laws. The Rights Agent will use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that its services hereunder comply with Privacy Laws.

  • Compliance with Money Laundering Legislation The Rights Agent shall retain the right not to act and shall not be liable for refusing to act if, due to a lack of information or for any other reason whatsoever, the Rights Agent reasonably determines that such an act might cause it to be in non-compliance with any applicable anti-money laundering or anti-terrorist legislation, regulation or guideline. Further, should the Rights Agent reasonably determine at any time that its acting under this Agreement has resulted in it being in non-compliance with any applicable anti-money laundering or anti-terrorist legislation, regulation or guideline, then it shall have the right to resign on 10 days' written notice to the Corporation, provided: (i) that the Rights Agent's written notice shall describe the circumstances of such non-compliance; and (ii) that if such circumstances are rectified to the Rights Agent's satisfaction within such 10-day period, then such resignation shall not be effective.

  • Future Legislation In the event that any future legislation renders null and void or materially alters any provision of this Agreement, the remaining provisions shall remain in effect for the term of the Agreement, and the Parties hereto shall negotiate a mutually agreeable provision to be substituted for the provision so rendered null and void or materially altered.

  • Legislative Changes If the premium paid by the Employer for any employee benefit stipulated in this Agreement is reduced as a result of any legislative or other action by the Government of British Columbia or the Government of Canada, the amount of the saving shall be used to increase other benefits available to the employees, as may be mutually agreed to between the Parties.

  • Compliance with Legislation You shall at all times comply with all relevant legislation from time to time in force insofar as it is relevant to performance of the services under this agreement. You shall not unlawfully discriminate within the meaning and scope of the provisions of the UK Race Relations Xxx 0000, the UK Sex Discrimination Act 1995 (as revised, amended or supplemented from time to time) or as prohibited by the laws of the place of the performance of any of the services. You shall take all reasonable steps to protect the environment in relation to the performance of the services and shall comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations and DFID practice.

  • MORATORIUM LEGISLATION To the full extent permitted by law all legislation which at any time directly or indirectly: