FAMC does not include Sample Clauses

FAMC does not include. A. Plant costs incurred due to product rework, except the reasonable allowance included under item A.2.
FAMC does not include. A. [*], except the [*] allowance included under item IA.2.

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  • Services Not Exclusive Nothing in this Agreement shall limit or restrict USBFS from providing services to other parties that are similar or identical to some or all of the services provided hereunder.

  • Contract Rights Not Exclusive The rights to payment of Indemnifiable Amounts and advancement of Indemnifiable Expenses provided by this Agreement shall be in addition to, but not exclusive of, any other rights which Indemnitee may have at any time under applicable law, the Company’s Certificate of Incorporation or By-laws, or any other agreement, vote of stockholders or directors (or a committee of directors), or otherwise, both as to action in Indemnitee’s official capacity and as to action in any other capacity as a result of Indemnitee’s serving as a director or officer of the Company.

  • Subadviser’s Services Are Not Exclusive Nothing in this Agreement shall limit or restrict the right of any of Subadviser's partners, officers, or employees who may also be a director, officer, or employee of the Fund to engage in any other business or to devote his or her time and attention in part to the management or other aspects of any business, whether of a similar or a dissimilar nature, or limit or restrict Subadviser's right to engage in any other business or to render services of any kind to any other corporation, firm, individual, or association.

  • SERVICES NOT EXCLUSIVE/USE OF NAME Your services to the Fund pursuant to this Agreement are not to be deemed to be exclusive, and it is understood that you may render investment advice, management and other services to others, including other registered investment companies, provided, however, that such other services and activities do not, during the term of this Agreement, interfere in a material manner, with your ability to meet all of your obligations with respect to rendering services to the Fund. The Company and you acknowledge that all rights to the name “RiverNorth” or any variation thereof belong to you, and that the Company is being granted a limited license to use such words in its Fund name or in any class name. In the event you cease to be the adviser to the Fund, the Company’s right to the use of the name “RiverNorth” shall automatically cease on the ninetieth day following the termination of this Agreement. The right to the name may also be withdrawn by you during the term of this Agreement upon ninety (90) days’ written notice by you to the Company. Nothing contained herein shall impair or diminish in any respect, your right to use the name “RiverNorth” in the name of, or in connection with, any other business enterprises with which you are or may become associated. There is no charge to the Company for the right to use this name.

  • Rights Not Exclusive The rights provided for in this Agreement and the other Loan Documents are cumulative and are not exclusive of any other rights, powers, privileges or remedies provided by law or in equity, or under any other instrument, document or agreement now existing or hereafter arising.

  • Day not a Business Day If any day on or before which any action or notice is required to be taken or given hereunder is not a Business Day, then such action or notice shall be required to be taken or given on or before the requisite time on the next succeeding day that is a Business Day.

  • Passive NFFE A “Passive NFFE” means any NFFE that is not (i) an Active NFFE, or (ii) a withholding foreign partnership or withholding foreign trust pursuant to relevant U.S. Treasury Regulations.

  • Means Not Applicable Note: This Cross-Reference Table shall not, for any purpose, be deemed to be a part of this Indenture. TABLE OF CONTENTS Page ARTICLE ONE DEFINITIONS AND INCORPORATION BY REFERENCE

  • Agreement Not Exclusive The rights and benefits of Indemnitee, and the obligations of Indemnitor, under this Agreement shall be in addition to, and shall not supersede or be in lieu of, the provisions (if any) in the certificate of incorporation or bylaws of Indemnitor relating to the indemnification of Indemnitee by Indemnitor; the provisions of policies of insurance of Indemnitor; the provisions of policies of insurance or indemnification arrangements provided by persons or entities other than Indemnitor; or applicable law. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement, Indemnitor shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless Indemnitee to the full extent permitted from time to time by applicable law. Indemnitor, however, shall not be liable to Indemnitee to make any payment with respect to any claim made against Indemnitee for which payment is actually made to Indemnitee under a valid and collectible insurance policy, except with respect to any excess beyond the amount of the payment under such policy.

  • Dispositions Not Authorized No Grantor is authorized to sell or otherwise dispose of the Collateral except as set forth in Section 4.1(d) and notwithstanding any course of dealing between any Grantor and the Administrative Agent or other conduct of the Administrative Agent, no authorization to sell or otherwise dispose of the Collateral (except as set forth in Section 4.1(d)) shall be binding upon the Administrative Agent or the other Secured Parties unless such authorization is in writing signed by the Administrative Agent with the consent or at the direction of the Required Lenders.