Faculty Meetings Sample Clauses

Faculty Meetings. Principals shall have the authority to schedule necessary faculty meetings; however, such meetings shall be as brief and well planned as possible. Such meetings shall be used for purposes that cannot be accomplished effectively through other means. Faculty meetings shall be scheduled in a manner that impacts teacher planning time to the least degree possible. If more than one faculty meeting is held in a month, the purpose of the meeting shall be announced to the faculty in advance.
Faculty Meetings. The Association's faculty representatives and the Uniserv Director will be provided an adequate amount of time during the school faculty meetings to report on matters involving the representation of unit members by the Association.
Faculty Meetings. 3.4 The Board shall include at least seven (7) Student Early Dismissal Days distributed throughout the school year. The days shall be designated as six (6) Teacher Self- Directed Planning Days and one (1) Staff Development Day in March, a portion of which should be used for state testing training. Students shall be dismissed 150 minutes early to provide teachers 150 minutes of self-directed planning time on six (6) of these days in addition to the planning time described in Sections 6.3 through 6.3-5 of the contract. The additional one-hundred fifty (150) minutes of preparation time for the remaining Student Early Dismissal Days may be designated for staff development. All remaining time shall be used by the employee for self-directed planning activities.
Faculty Meetings. The principal and special education teacher, including the department chair if any, shall adopt a reasonable schedule for department or grade level faculty meetings to ensure the special education teacher is able to maintain an equitable distribution of resources across such departments or grade levels and to minimize any undue burden on the special education teacher. After consultation with and with the consent of the school principal, special education teachers may elect to collaborate with other special education teachers or clinicians during weekly grade-level meetings.
Faculty Meetings. The principal shall specify a day for regular faculty meetings. Except in extenuating circumstances, the faculty meeting should be limited to the designated day. If a change is needed, teachers shall be given two (2) days’ notice except in cases of emergency. Such meetings shall have an agenda, and shall be as brief and well planned as practical. A copy of minutes shall be kept and maintained in a designated, accessible place. Faculty meetings shall be conducted during the teacher duty day except in extenuating circumstances. Sales representatives will not be allowed access to the faculty prior to or during the faculty meeting.
Faculty Meetings. Thirty (30) minutes per five day instructional week may be scheduled for building level faculty meetings or building level committee meetings. Every effort shall be made to keep these meetings to thirty minutes, but if a meeting exceeds that time, it is the responsibility of the certificated employees to stay for the remainder of the meeting when possible. Faculty meetings may be held either in the morning or the afternoon.
Faculty Meetings. Building staffs will collaborate with the building administration to set a yearly schedule (including dates and times) of staff meetings. Unit members will make attendance at these meetings a high priority. It is not the intent of this Section to require unit members to work beyond an eight (8) hour day. Administrators and staffs are encouraged to regularly schedule no more than two (2) staff meetings per month.
Faculty Meetings. Upon request, the Association’s building representatives will be included as part of the agenda for the meeting and will be given time at the conclusion of the meeting to report to members on matters pertaining to the Association.
Faculty Meetings. Faculty meetings outside the regular teaching day shall be scheduled at the discretion of the building administrator. Teachers will be required to meet no longer than two (2) hours per month beyond their regularly scheduled days except in cases of extreme emergency.
Faculty Meetings. The Association shall be given an opportunity after faculty meetings to present, with prior arrangement, reports and announcements.