Expectations Sample Clauses

Expectations. Faculty members participating in the annuitant employment program are expected to perform the full range of faculty duties, on a pro rata basis. They are subject to the professional development plans required under Article 22.
Expectations. Although this Agreement is not legally binding and any party may withdraw from the Agreement at any time, it is the desire of the Parties that it should remain in effect through the expected duration of three years, and be implemented as fully as possible unless one of the conditions below occurs:
Expectations. The SOC Expansion and Sustainability Cooperative Agreements program is one of SAMHSA’s hybrid grant programs. SAMHSA intends that its hybrid grants result in the development of infrastructure and the delivery of services as soon as possible after award. Service delivery should begin by six months after the project award. Applicants are expected to articulate their knowledge and vision for creating, expanding, and sustaining the family-driven and youth-guided SOC approach for addressing the needs of children and youth with serious emotional disturbances and their families. There are two levels of grant applications: SOC expansion and sustainability for states focused on statewide implementation. Applicants must identify in their application at least two local jurisdictions that have not received an implementation expansion grant (see Appendix C) to implement service innovations, and demonstrate how they will systematically expand the approach in additional localities over time. Letters of Commitment from local jurisdictions must be included in Attachment 1. State applicants that submits an application with a local jurisdiction that is a current grantee (see Appendix C), the application will be screened out and will not be reviewed. SOC expansion and sustainability for political subdivisions of states, tribes, tribal organizations, or territories focused on implementation within their jurisdiction. Applicants must demonstrate that they are working with their respective states (including State Medicaid Agencies) to achieve the broader systemic changes needed to expand and sustain SOC. In addition, applicants are required to demonstrate and/or create a linkage with the lead state agency for mental health services for youth, and specify how high-level systemic changes will be achieved that build on the work in their jurisdiction. Include in Attachment 1 letters from the state, tribal, or territory leadership demonstrating their commitment to broader system level changes to support the local level adoption of SOC. In addition all state, local and tribal grantees must: Create reporting and monitoring processes to ensure that resources are invested both at the state/tribal/territorial system level and at the local community level. Demonstrate support for a sequential and continuous approach for the wide scale adoption of the SOC approach consistent with XXXXXX’s Theory of Change (See Appendix D). Demonstrate implementation progress during bi-annual reviews and tha...
Expectations. Quality standards that are unique to the project are set out in the Booking. The work is normally undertaken at our premises. When asked to travel to other premises, travel time and travel expenses will be charged. Our objectives, expressed in general terms, will be: • To support your business; • To understand your key timings. In order for us to achieve the best results for you, we need your active co- operation. Specifically, you should: • Promptly provide the resources you are responsible for; • Provide clear guidelines for the tasks required. We will normally provide all equipment needed to perform the Services. We will set out in the Booking any items are chargeable to you.
Expectations. While this Agreement is in effect, Licensee shall operate its business in a first class and reputable manner, as determined in mHUB's sole discretion. Licensee shall adhere, and shall ensure Licensee's representative and Guests adhere, to all expectations and guest policies related to use of the Shared Co-Working Space and the Amenities that are communicated in writing by mHUB to Licensees, from time to time, as periodically amended (collectively, the "Expectations"). In the event Licensee has not received the current Expectations prior to execution of this License, mHUB shall provide a copy of the same upon request by Licensee.
Expectations. All student medical assistants shall abstain from alcohol and/or drug use within eight hours prior to their practicum and class periods. This includes the use of illegal drugs, the illegal use of prescription drugs, and the abuse or illegal use of alcohol. Attending classes and/or practicum while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs will be cause for dismissal from the program. If a student takes a prescribed medication, he/she must inform his/her instructor. If the medication causes the student to be sleepy or slow in response, he/she may be sent home. An individual on medications that dull the senses is not considered a safe practitioner. THE SAFETY OF THE PATIENTS/CLIENTS IS OUR FIRST PRIORITY. ALL/ANY REPORTS OF SUBSTANCE ABUSE IN ANY SCHOOL-SANCTIONED ACTIVITY WILL BE ACTED UPON IMMEDIATELY. (See “Procedure” below). If a student medical assistant should be convicted of a drug-related felony, he/she will be dismissed from the medical assisting program. Health care facilities will not allow students who have been convicted of a drug-related felony to practice in the clinical area. The Health Careers Department will assist and support any student who wishes to obtain help for drug- related problems.
Expectations. Made despite the Faculty Member's reasonable expectations based on representations in writing made to him or her by authorized University administrators that the Faculty Member would be reappointed, granted tenure or promoted.
Expectations. All parents and children enrolling in the Explorer Club or Little Explorers program will be expected to sign and comply with a behavioral contract. Parents please read and discuss the following expectations with your child/ren: • Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself • Follow directions and be respectful of the person in charge. • Use appropriate language • Respect other people and property It is the child’s responsibility to notify the staff if they need to go to another area. The child needs to remain with a staff member at all times. Constructive Guidance and Discipline Explorer Club and Little Explorers staff work cooperatively with Lakes International Language Academy to provide for consistency in social management. Both programs strive to provide positive social context to help children develop positive social skills in accordance with the Responsive Classroom Model. Explorer Club and Little Explorers staff guide group discussions, establishing “classroom agreements” for behavior that everyone feels good about. This is one of the most important steps in establishing a classroom community. We focus on actions students should take: what to do in order to create a caring, productive learning environment. If the behavior of a child threatens his/her safety, the safety of others or staff, an immediate suspension may be warranted. The Explorer Club director will determine the length of the suspension. It is up to the director to determine whether a credit will be issued for the suspension. After a suspension, no child will be permitted to re-enter the program before holding a conference with the parent, child, Explorer Club coordinator and Explorer Club director. A behavior plan of action will be discussed including consequences should similar behavior be exhibited in the future. Explorer Club and Little Explorers reserve the right to dismiss any child from Explorer Club or Little Explorers if the program cannot meet the needs of the child. If at any time a parent of a child becomes belligerent in a threatening manner towards an Explorer Club or Little Explorers staff member or another child, the parent will be asked to leave the building and the police will be called. The Explorer Club director will be contacted, and at the discretion of the Explorer Club director and the XXXX director, the parent may be prohibited from entering the building. Given the degree of the dispute, the child may be terminated from the Explorer Club or Little Explorers program...
Expectations. Although this Agreement and the attached media-specific Addenda are not legally binding and USEPA or NJDEP may withdraw from the Agreement at any time, it is the desire of USEPA and DEP that the Agreement should remain in effect through the expected duration of 15 years, and be implemented as fully as possible unless one of the conditions below occurs: Failure of USEPA and/or NJDEP to disclose material facts during development of the Agreement and the media-specific Addenda. Failure of the Gold Track Program to provide superior environmental performance consistent with the provisions of this Agreement and the media-specific Addenda. Enactment or promulgation of any environmental, health or safety law or regulation after execution of the Agreement and the media-specific Addenda, which renders the Project legally, technically or economically impracticable. In addition, USEPA and NJDEP do not intend to withdraw from the Agreement if the facilities participating in the Gold Track Program do not act in accordance with this Agreement or its implementation mechanisms, unless the actions of a number of Gold Track participants, to be determined by USEPA and NJDEP constitute a material failure to act consistently with intentions expressed in this Agreement and the media-specific Addenda and its implementing mechanisms. The decision to withdraw will, of course, take the failure’s nature and duration into account.