Excellent Sample Clauses

Excellent. All of the critical indicators necessary to perform in a competent and professional manner which exceeds District standards are in evidence.
Excellent. A determination by majority vote will be made regarding the rating of each of the assessed areas and a record of these results shall be communicated to the candidate. The Committee shall make its recommendations based only on the criteria listed in this article.
Excellent. Strong commitment to this dimension that shows expertise. The teacher applies relevant instructional practices and is able to adapt them to particular learning situations and can explain why they are making those choices. These choices have a positive impact on student learning. Dimension One: Organization and Procedures Which instructional indicators are evident? REMEMBER: Quality instruction does not mean addressing all indicators.
Excellent. Teachers performing at the Excellent level are master teachers and make a contribution to the field, both in and outside their school. Their classrooms operate at a qualitatively different level from those of other teachers. Such classrooms consist of a community of learners, with students highly motivated and engaged and assuming considerable responsibility for their own learning. The Excellent teacher is self-directed, always takes initiative, and is an asset to the students and the school community.
Excellent. An excellent teacher performs above expectations in both promoting student achievement and professional contribution to the school or district. This is a teacher who consistently demonstrates excellence in the domains of Planning and Preparation, Classroom Environment, Instruction, and Professional Responsibilities by engaging in activities believed to be strongly related to positive student learning outcomes.
Excellent. Do you take any medications prescribed by your physician? Yes No If yes, please specify: Are you currently being treated for any heart problems? Yes No If yes, please explain: Do you have a past history of heart problems? Yes No Heart Attack Pacemaker By-Pass Surgery Angioplasty Valve Replacement Stent Placement Have you ever had a stress test? Yes No When: Have you ever had a cardiac catheterization? Yes No When: Are you currently involved in a physical or occupational therapy program? Yes No If yes, please explain: Have you had any surgeries in the past 6 months? Yes No If yes, please explain. Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire Yes No
Excellent. Boats in #2 condition may be boats formerly restored to #1 condition, but with hours of use or possible seasonal outside storage. Boats in #2 condition may also be a well-done amateur restoration, or might have near-perfect wood and interior, but only good chrome and hardware, for example. A seasoned boater might see some flaws, but the casual observer will think this is a perfect boat.
Excellent indicates that a service demonstrates excellence and is recognised as a sector leader.
Excellent. The professional educator is a master teacher and makes a contribution to the field both in and outside of their school. Their classrooms operate at a qualitatively different level from those of other teachers. Certified staff members performing at this level are exemplary and are leaders. Proficient A successful professional educator who clearly understands the concepts underlying the component and implements it well is overall proficient. Teachers at this level thoroughly know their content, know their students, know the curriculum and have a broad repertoire of strategies and activities to use with students. Certified staff members performing at this level have mastered the work of teaching while continuing to develop/refine their professional skills.
Excellent. All entrants 6.7 10.4 Excellent T3b Young entrants from LPN 4.8 11.3 Excellent Non - continuation following the first year, young f/t first degree Young entrants from other neighbourhoods 6.3 9 Excellent