Excellent Sample Clauses

Excellent. A determination by majority vote will be made regarding the rating of each of the assessed areas and a record of these results shall be communicated to the candidate. The Committee shall make its recommendations based only on the criteria listed in this article.
Excellent. Teachers performing at the Excellent level are master teachers and make a contribution to the field, both in and outside their school. Their classrooms operate at a qualitatively different level from those of other teachers. Such classrooms consist of a community of learners, with students highly motivated and engaged and assuming considerable responsibility for their own learning. The Excellent teacher is self-directed, always takes initiative, and is an asset to the students and the school community.
Excellent. Do you take any medications prescribed by your physician? Yes No If yes, please specify: Are you currently being treated for any heart problems? Yes No If yes, please explain: Do you have a past history of heart problems? Yes No Heart Attack Pacemaker By-Pass Surgery Angioplasty Valve Replacement Stent Placement Have you ever had a stress test? Yes No When: Have you ever had a cardiac catheterization? Yes No When: Are you currently involved in a physical or occupational therapy program? Yes No If yes, please explain: Have you had any surgeries in the past 6 months? Yes No If yes, please explain. Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire Yes No
Excellent. 81-100 percent of points available): The Evaluative Criteria demonstrates an approach that is considered to exceed the Project Goals and the RFQ requirements and provide a consistently outstanding level of quality. To be considered Excellent, it must be determined to have significant strengths and/or a number of minor strengths and few or no appreciable weaknesses.
Excellent. The Device is fully functional and You have returned the Device with all original software installation disks, manuals, peripheral devices and all other accessories that originally shipped with the Device. The Device appears new and has no visible wear and tear. If TechForward determines the Device to be in Excellent condition, You will be eligible to receive a bonus payment that increases your Buyback Amount by 15%.
Excellent. Faculty who meet and frequently exceed expectations incumbent upon their rank and as reflected in their annual goals and assignment will receive a letter of evaluation that contains a statement rating the performance as excellent.Example: I rate your performance as excellent in the first criterion. Your performance this year has exceeded expectations. Your innovative efforts and teamwork resulted in high-quality outcomes and you deserve much recognition for your hard work.
Excellent. • An excellent researcher or research team. • A well-chosen problem. • The method is particularly original and effective. • Very urgent.
Excellent. A teacher will receive a final teacher practice rating of Excellent if at least two or more of the domains are rated Excellent, with the remaining domains rated as Proficient.