EmpowerED Sample Clauses

EmpowerED. The parties agree that student performance and the goals of the PSJA Board of Trustees are best achieved and maintained over the long term when the principal and campus-based staff are skilled in performance-based, collaborative decision making and committed to obtaining high levels of knowledge and expertise in their craft. The parties hereto agree that it is their mutual intent that decisions impacting student learning outcomes will, to the greatest extent authorized by law and this agreement, be made on the campus level through appropriate collaborative processes conducted at the campus level. The IMO shall provide leadership, training and support in order to ensure that the campus principal and staff develop expertise in collaborative, performance-based decision making and overseeing the implementation of same, including growth in quality of practice. Continuous growth is benefitted by participatory processes and pride of ownership.

Related to EmpowerED

  • Authorized The Adviser or the Trust has authorized such disclosure;

  • Powers and authority It has the power to enter into and perform, and has taken all necessary action to authorise the entry into and performance of, the Finance Documents to which it is or will be a party and the transactions contemplated by those Finance Documents.

  • Corporate Action All corporate action necessary for the valid execution, delivery and performance by the Borrower and each of its Subsidiaries of this Credit Agreement and the other Loan Documents to which it is or is to become a party shall have been duly and effectively taken, and evidence thereof satisfactory to the Banks shall have been provided to each of the Banks.

  • Power and Authority The Servicer has the corporate power and authority to execute and deliver this Agreement and to carry out its terms; and the execution, delivery and performance of this Agreement have been duly authorized by the Servicer by all necessary corporate action.

  • Legal Power and Authority It has all necessary power and authority to execute, deliver and perform its obligations under this Agreement and to consummate the transactions contemplated hereby. It is an entity duly organized, validly existing and in good standing under the laws its jurisdiction of organization.

  • Corporate Power and Authority Each Credit Party has the corporate or other organizational power and authority to execute, deliver and carry out the terms and provisions of the Credit Documents to which it is a party and has taken all necessary corporate or other organizational action to authorize the execution, delivery and performance of the Credit Documents to which it is a party. Each Credit Party has duly executed and delivered each Credit Document to which it is a party and each such Credit Document constitutes the legal, valid and binding obligation of such Credit Party enforceable in accordance with its terms, except as the enforceability thereof may be limited by bankruptcy, insolvency or similar laws affecting creditors’ rights generally and subject to general principles of equity.

  • Appointment and Authority Each of the Lenders and the L/C Issuer hereby irrevocably appoints Bank of America to act on its behalf as the Administrative Agent hereunder and under the other Loan Documents and authorizes the Administrative Agent to take such actions on its behalf and to exercise such powers as are delegated to the Administrative Agent by the terms hereof or thereof, together with such actions and powers as are reasonably incidental thereto. The provisions of this Article are solely for the benefit of the Administrative Agent, the Lenders and the L/C Issuer, and neither the Borrower nor any other Loan Party shall have rights as a third party beneficiary of any of such provisions.

  • Incorporation and Authority The Company is an exempted company, duly incorporated, validly existing and in good standing under the laws of the Cayman Islands, and possesses all requisite power and authority necessary to carry out the transactions contemplated by this Agreement. This Agreement is a legal, valid and binding agreement of the Company, enforceable against the Company in accordance with its terms, except as such enforceability may be limited by applicable bankruptcy, insolvency, fraudulent conveyance or similar laws affecting the enforcement of creditors’ rights generally and subject to general principles of equity (regardless of whether enforcement is sought in a proceeding at law or in equity).

  • Board Authority The Board and/or the Committee shall have the power to interpret this Agreement and to adopt such rules for the administration, interpretation and application of the Agreement as are consistent therewith and to interpret or revoke any such rules (including, but not limited to, the determination of whether any RSUs have vested). All interpretations and determinations made by the Board and/or the Committee in good faith shall be final and binding upon Participant, the Company and all other interested persons and such determinations of the Board and/or the Committee do not have to be uniform nor do they have to consider whether Plan participants are similarly situated. No member of the Board and/or the Committee shall be personally liable for any action, determination or interpretation made in good faith with respect to this Agreement.

  • Corporate Actions Whenever Bank receives information concerning the Financial Assets which requires discretionary action by the beneficial owner of the Financial Assets (other than a proxy), such as subscription rights, bonus issues, stock repurchase plans and rights offerings, or legal notices or other material intended to be transmitted to securities holders ("Corporate Actions"), Bank shall give Customer notice of such Corporate Actions to the extent that Bank's central corporate actions department has actual knowledge of a Corporate Action in time to notify its customers. When a rights entitlement or a fractional interest resulting from a rights issue, stock dividend, stock split or similar Corporate Action is received which bears an expiration date, Bank shall endeavor to obtain Instructions from Customer or its Authorized Person (as defined in Section 10 hereof), but if Instructions are not received in time for Bank to take timely action, or actual notice of such Corporate Action was received too late to seek Instructions, Bank is authorized to sell such rights entitlement or fractional interest and to credit the Deposit Account with the proceeds or take any other action it deems, in good faith, to be appropriate in which case it shall be held harmless for any such action.