Electronic Application Sample Clauses

Electronic Application. To be used when USMEPCOM uses electronic applications.
Electronic Application. 1. The Agency will give bargaining unit employees access and instructions so they may use Agency computers to complete automated applications under this Article. Access includes a reasonable amount of time during an employee’s working hours to prepare or modify his or her application.
Electronic Application. I authorize the submission of an electronic application for the purchase of mutual fund shares. I understand that my purchases will not be executed until PFSI reviews and approves the application and Primerica Shareholder Services ("PSS") receives my funds and processes my application. I agree that I am responsible for reviewing the confirmations and statements for such account, and I understand that any corrections must be communicated to PSS within 15 days of receipt of the document containing the incorrect information.
Electronic Application. The Parties agree to encourage employees to become familiar with the current electronic application process/technology identified at the link in Section 7 A. (1) above and the associated tools available therein. This will help them set up their profiles, apply for vacancies and to become aware of what they can expect once the application process is initiated.
Electronic Application. Submission At least 75% of employer and employee applications will be submitted by the employer or Agent electronically 10/1/2013 5% 0 3% 5% 10% # Service Level Agreement Subject Title Service Level Agreement (SLA) Scheduled SLA Start Date Liquidated Damages - % of Monthly at Risk Amount % of Monthly at Risk Amount Received If SLA is Met Less than 90% of the Time % of Monthly at Risk Amount Received If SLA is Met Between 90% - 100% of the Time (A) % of Monthly at Risk Amount Received If SLA is Met Over 100% and up to 110% of the Time (B) % of Monthly at Risk Amount Received If SLA is Met Over 110% of the Time (C) 5 Self Service Percent of New Accounts or Renewals that are Employer Self Service at Target (varies with time - targets will be established quarterly / annually) 1/1/2014 5% 0 3% 5% 10%

Related to Electronic Application

  • Electronic Notice An electronic communication (“Electronic Notice”) shall be deemed written notice for purposes of this Section 16 if sent to the electronic mail address specified by the receiving party under separate cover. Electronic Notice shall be deemed received at the time the party sending Electronic Notice receives verification of receipt by the receiving party. Any party receiving Electronic Notice may request and shall be entitled to receive the notice on paper, in a nonelectronic form (“Nonelectronic Notice”) which shall be sent to the requesting party within ten (10) days of receipt of the written request for Nonelectronic Notice.

  • ELECTRONIC SUBMISSIONS Concessionaire must have the capacity to send and receive electronic submissions and communications as a pre-condition and continuing requirement of this Agreement. For purposes of this Agreement, “Electronic Submissions” shall only include the transmission of documents by email. Concessionaire shall comply with the following terms and conditions:

  • Electronic Notices If you have agreed to receive notices electronically, we may send you notices electronically and discontinue mailing paper notices to you until you notify us that you wish to reinstate receiving paper notices.

  • Electronic Access Access by the Customer to certain systems, applications or products of Bank shall be governed by this Agreement and the terms and conditions set forth in Annex A Electronic Access.

  • Consent to Electronic Delivery; Electronic Signature In lieu of receiving documents in paper format, Participant agrees, to the fullest extent permitted by law, to accept electronic delivery of any documents that the Company may be required to deliver (including, but not limited to, prospectuses, prospectus supplements, grant or award notifications and agreements, account statements, annual and quarterly reports, and all other forms of communications) in connection with this and any other award made or offered by the Company. Electronic delivery may be via a Company electronic mail system or by reference to a location on a Company intranet to which Participant has access. Participant hereby consents to any and all procedures the Company has established or may establish for an electronic signature system for delivery and acceptance of any such documents that the Company may be required to deliver, and agrees that his or her electronic signature is the same as, and shall have the same force and effect as, his or her manual signature.

  • Electronic Delivery and Consent to Electronic Participation The Company may, in its sole discretion, decide to deliver any documents related to the Restricted Share Unit grant under and participation in the Plan or future Restricted Share Units that may be granted under the Plan by electronic means or to request Awardee’s consent to participate in the Plan by electronic means. Awardee hereby consents to receive such documents by electronic delivery and to participate in the Plan through an on-line or electronic system established and maintained by the Company or another third party designated by the Company, including the acceptance of restricted share unit grants and the execution of restricted share unit agreements through electronic signature.

  • Electronic Records Each Borrower hereby acknowledges the receipt of a copy of this Agreement and all other Loan Documents. The Administrative Agent and each Lender may, on behalf of the Borrowers, create a microfilm or optical disk or other electronic image of this Agreement and any or all of the Loan Documents. The Administrative Agent and each Lender may store the electronic image of this Agreement and Loan Documents in its electronic form and then destroy the paper original as part of the Administrative Agent’s and each Lender’s normal business practices, with the electronic image deemed to be an original and of the same legal effect, validity and enforceability as the paper originals. The Administrative Agent and each Lender are authorized, when appropriate, to convert any note into a “transferable record” under the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act.

  • Electronic Monitoring All observations shall be conducted openly. Mechanical or electronic devices shall not be used to listen to or record the procedures of any class without the prior knowledge and consent of the teacher.

  • ELECTRONIC WORKFLOW SYSTEM OGS reserves the right to incorporate an electronic workflow system that may include elements of the Authorized User RFQ process. OGS reserves the right to post Authorized User Contract usage of Centralized Contracts. TRAVEL, MEALS AND LODGING - LOT 4 – IMPLEMENTATION ONLY For Lot 4 only, when provided for in the RFQ and resultant Authorized User Agreement, the Authorized Users may reimburse travel expenses. All rules and regulations associated with this travel can be found at xxxx://xxx.xxxxx.xx.xx/agencies/travel/travel.htm. In no case will any travel reimbursement be charged that exceeds these rates. All travel will be paid only as specified within the Authorized User Agreement and must be billed with the associated services on the same Invoice with receipts attached. The Contractor shall receive prior approval from the Authorized User for any travel that occurs during the term of an Authorized User Agreement. Parking fees and/or parking tickets shall not be paid by an Authorized User. Unless otherwise specified in writing by the Authorized User, a vehicle will not be provided by Authorized User to the Contractor for travel. Therefore, the Contractor will be responsible for ensuring that the Contractor has access to an appropriate vehicle (e.g., personal vehicle or rental vehicle) or common carrier with which to carry out any necessary travel. For the Contractor to obtain reimbursement for the use of a rental vehicle, such use must be justified as the most cost- effective mode of transportation under the circumstances (including consideration of the most effective use of time). The Contractor is responsible for keeping adequate records to substantiate any claims for travel reimbursement. All services provided under the resultant Authorized User Agreement must be performed within CONUS. PERFORMANCE AND BID BONDS There are no BONDS for this Contract. However, an Authorized User may require in an RFQ a performance, payment or Bid bond, or negotiable irrevocable letter of credit or other form of security for the faithful performance for the resultant Authorized User Agreement. CONTRACTOR REQUIREMENTS AND PROCEDURES FOR PARTICIPATION BY NEW YORK STATE CERTIFIED MINORITY- AND WOMEN-OWNED BUSINESS ENTERPRISES AND EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES FOR MINORITY GROUP MEMBERS AND WOMEN I. New York State Law Pursuant to New York State Executive Law Article 15-A and Parts 140-145 of Title 5 of the New York Codes, Rules and Regulations (“NYCRR”), the New York State Office of General Services (“OGS”) is required to promote opportunities for the maximum feasible participation of New York State-certified Minority- and Women-owned Business Enterprises (“MWBEs”) and the employment of minority group members and women in the performance of OGS contracts.

  • Counterparts; Electronic Delivery This Agreement and any other agreements, certificates, instruments and documents delivered pursuant to this Agreement may be executed and delivered in one or more counterparts and by fax, email or other electronic transmission, each of which shall be deemed an original and all of which shall be considered one and the same agreement. No Party shall raise the use of a fax machine or email to deliver a signature or the fact that any signature or agreement or instrument was transmitted or communicated through the use of a fax machine or email as a defense to the formation or enforceability of a contract and each Party forever waives any such defense.