DURATION OF CONTRACT. This Contract comes into effect on the Effective Date of Contract and will expire automatically on the date identified in Schedule 3 (Contract Data Sheet) unless it is otherwise terminated in accordance with the provisions of the Contract, or otherwise lawfully terminated.
DURATION OF CONTRACT. 2. If the contract is not signed by the Individual Specialist and returned to UNESCO by [dd/mm/yyyy] at the latest, it will be considered null and void. This date is subject to modification upon agreement of both parties.
DURATION OF CONTRACT. Remuneration will be commensurate with qualification and experience of the successful candidate. The successful candidate shall work part-time under a Personal Service Agreement (PSA) for a fixed period of 12 months with the possibility of renewal. The combined duration of appointments under a PSA shall not exceed six (6) years. This is a locally recruited post and no relocation allowances apply. The successful candidate will be employed under a local contract and will not hold international civil servant status nor is he/she a “staff member” as defined in the United Nations Staff Rules and Regulations. Starting Date: As soon as possible (preferably in March 2018) Application Procedure: Interested applicants should submit their applications by e-mail (to xxxxxx@xxx.xxx.xxx), and must include the following:  A cover letter setting out how the qualifications and experience match the requirements of the position;  A curriculum vitae and a completed and signed UNU Personal History (P.11) form downloadable from the UNU website. Please avoid using similar forms provided by other United Nations organizations;
DURATION OF CONTRACT. The term of the Contract shall begin and end on the dates specified on the Contract Declarations & Execution Page(s), unless extended or terminated earlier in accordance with the termination provisions of this Contract. The Agency may, in its sole discretion, exercise any applicable extension by giving the Contractor written notice of the extension decision at least sixty (60) days prior to the expiration of the initial term or renewal term.
DURATION OF CONTRACT. 1. This contract is concluded for an initial period of 24 months with effect from the date on which it is signed by both parties.
DURATION OF CONTRACT. This Agreement is dependent on the existence of a principal contractual relationship as described in section 1 of this document. The cancellation or other termination of the principal contractual relationship as described in section 1 shall simultaneously invalidate this Agreement. The right to isolated extraordinary notice of cancellation hereby remains intact as do statutory rights of rescission.
DURATION OF CONTRACT. This Agreement shall continue in effect from August 23, 1970 through August 26, 1972, and shall continue in effect from year to year after August 26, 1972, unless either party serves~notlee In 'Writing on or before June 26, 1972, or on or before June 26 of any year thereafter of a desire for termination of or for changes in the Agreement. In the event either party serves such notice in respect to changes in the Agreement, the Employer and the Union shall immediately begin negotia­ tions on the proposed changes, and that pend­ ing the termination of negotiations, neither party shall change conditions existing under the Agreement, it being understood and agreed that either party may in its own discretion, by written notice, unilaterally terminate such negotiations whenever it so desires.
DURATION OF CONTRACT. This Contract becomes effective after the completed Intern Housing Application is received and accepted by the Department of Housing and Residence Life, including submission of the $250 non-refundable housing deposit, and written acceptance of the student into Intern Housing by UNC Charlotte, and is, for the summer 2022 intern housing period beginning on Sunday, May 22, 2022, and, contract depending, ending on Saturday, August 6, 2022, (unless otherwise terminated pursuant to this Contract). The student agrees to pay $100.00 for each day or part of day in residence beyond his/her contracted date as outlined in paragraph S. For the purposes of this Contract, a “signed contract” is created when an electronic application is submitted containing either the student’s or guarantor’s written signature in the correct space. Online Applications are governed by the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (“E-Sign”) (15 U.S.C. section 7001). Under the provisions of E-Sign, students (over the age of 18) may digitally sign their Contract for Intern Housing with the Department of Housing and Residence Life. The digital signature is applied when a student completes the Intern Housing application and selects acceptance of the terms and conditions of the contract.
DURATION OF CONTRACT. This Contract is for a period of one academic year starting Fall term, or the remaining portion thereof, unless terminated by the University at its discretion as provided herein. Termination of occupancy by the Resident prior to the end of the academic year will result in substantial financial consequences. Housing during the Summer term is also available, with a separate Summer term contract application open in at the beginning Spring term.
DURATION OF CONTRACT. The initial contract period shall start on month/day, 2018 and shall terminate one year period – see Article 3 below . All prices, terms and conditions shall remain firm for the initial period of the Contract and for any renewal period. CCPRC, at its discretion, may renew this Contract annually, up to four additional one year options, subject to satisfactory performance and determination that it will be in the best interest of CCPRC.