Driveway Sample Clauses

Driveway. The customer shall provide a driveway capable of handling the Company’s bulk delivery trucks, free of snow and other obstacles, so as to permit the Company’s trucks free access to within one hundred feet of the storage tank at all times. The Customer specifically acknowledges and understands that the Company cannot deliver propane from a public thoroughfare.
Driveway. The driveway on the right side of the building shall be free of obstruction at all times to allow ease of delivery traffic.
Driveway. The Purchaser shall be solely responsible for any settlement of the driveway after the Closing Date. Purchaser acknowledges that it has been advised by Vendor that settlement is likely to occur after Closing. Purchaser agrees that it will at no time modify, extend, enlarge or change the driveway or its dimensions or location. If the Purchase Price specifically includes the paving of the driveway, Vendor shall only have an obligation to pave such driveway to the access point of lot and on the portion of the lot owned by Purchaser, only once and such paving, it is agreed, shall occur within 24 months after Closing, subject to weather conditions. Purchaser specifically agrees that in the event that Vendor does not have any obligation to pave the driveway, the Purchaser will pave the driveway and will not take any other steps or actions to damage, alter, move or interfere with any water box(es) located thereon. Purchaser shall be liable for all damage, loss and expense caused to the water box(es). Purchaser agrees to consult with and obtain the approval of the Vendor, Sub-divider, or Municipal Water Department prior to commencing any work in, on or around the water box(es). On certain lots, service trenches cross the driveway and settlement may occur. Purchasers are also advised that prior to paving, they should ensure that there is no further settlement taking place.
Driveway. 4. Stand-by diesel generator set of reputed makesas per the designed capacity for lighting the lights at the common areas, for operation of lifts and pump and for supply of power in the said UNIT to the extent of quantum mentioned herein during power failure and generator room.
Driveway. Each residence shall have poured concrete driveway conforming with the curb and gutter elevation of the development and be completed with the completion of the house.
Driveway. Each party is granted and shall have an easement over and across those portions of the other party’s parcel for the purpose of access to the driveway. The parties shall not block any portion of the driveway and shall keep the driveway free from debris and snow at all times and the cost of maintenance, repair, or replacement shall be split equally among the parties.
Driveway. The Lessee agrees to pay the sum of Two Thousand Dollars ($2,000.00) towards the construction of a driveway on Lessor's adjoining property. Such sum shall be paid together with the first month's rent. Any easements, permits and any other formalities required in connection with the construction of such driveway shall be the Lessor's sole responsibility. The Lessee shall not be obligated to furnish labor or materials, nor shall Lessee's contractors, builders or agents be obligated to participate in the construction of such driveway.
Driveway. 26.01 Parking – The hotel shall pay one dollar and seventy-five cents ($1.75) per car gratuity for long term valet parking. This shall be calculated by taking the monthly long term parking revenues from the P&L and dividing by the Valet rate to determine the number of cars. The distribution of the gratuity will be based on hours worked for both Valet & Door in the month.
Driveway. If the Owner of the EDP Parcel develops the EDP Parcel prior to HEB’s construction of a driveway within the FM Access Easement Area that connects the FM 731 Access Point and the common boundary of the EDP Parcel and the HEB Parcel within the FM Access Easement Area (the “Driveway”), the Owner of the EDP Parcel may construct the Driveway (for purposes hereof, such Owner shall be referred to as the “Constructing Owner”), at its sole cost and expense, in accordance with the Plans and Specifications (as defined below) approved by HEB, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed. Once such Constructing Owner commences construction of the Driveway, it shall continuously and diligently pursue the construction of the Driveway to completion and shall complete construction of the driveway within one hundred twenty (120) days of the commencement of construction. Such Constructing Owner shall provide HEB with at least sixty (60) days prior written notice (the “Construction Notice”) of its intention to construct the Driveway and shall include with the Construction Notice detailed plans and specifications (the “Plans and Specifications”) for the construction of the Driveway. If HEB has any objections to the Plans and Specifications, HEB shall notify such Constructing Owner in writing of its specific objections. In such event, such Constructing Owner will cause the Plans and Specifications to be revised to address HEB’s objections and resubmit the Plans and Specifications to HEB for its review. The provisions set forth above shall continue until the Plans and Specifications have been approved by HEB, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed. HEB hereby grants a temporary construction easement to such Constructing Owner over and across the FM Access Easement Area for the limited purpose of constructing the Driveway. This temporary construction easement shall automatically expire and terminate upon the completion of the Driveway.