DRIVER Sample Clauses

DRIVER. The Driver engaged by the Agency shall have a valid Driving License and shall have driving experience of not less than 5 (five) years with respect to the same class of Vehicle to drive the Vehicle on road safely and carefully. The notarized copy of the driving license, the residential address proof, the signature proof, identification xxxx and blood group for each Driver shall be given to the Company by the Agency before such Driver(s) is(are) assigned to the Vehicle. The Agency agrees and undertakes to be responsible to ensure that such Driver provided for the Vehicle shall be physically fit for reporting to duty (and shall not be suffering from any form of communicable infectious diseases including any form of communicable infectious respiratory and skin diseases). The Driver shall have polite behavior & shall be on duty with neat and clean dress. The Driver shall be sober (not under the influence of any form of intoxication), of a sane mind, aware of his responsibilities and shall not have any kind of bad habits. He shall be available and answer the mobile phone at all times. In case of any misbehavior or misconduct of the Driver, the Company may forthwith levy a charge of Rs. 500 (Rupees Five Hundred only) and additionally the Company may (at its option) terminate this Work Order. The Agency agrees and undertakes to be responsible to ensure all of the above and to ensure safety of the passengers, third parties, the Driver and the Vehicle at all times.
DRIVER. 1.1 You agree, acknowledge and warrant that:
DRIVER. Any person who operates a commercial motor vehicle. For the purposes of 12 pre-employment testing, the term driver includes a person applying to drive a 13 commercial vehicle. “Driver” includes but is not limited to full-time, regularly 14 employed drivers, any casual, intermittent, or occasional drivers such as, parent 15 substitutes, other volunteers (non-parent), and employees whose primary work duties 16 are other than school bus driver. 17
DRIVER. The plane of symmetry of the dummy shall lie in the vertical plane passing through the steering wheel centre and parallel to the longitudinal median plane of the vehicle. If the seating position is determined by the shape of the bench, such seat shall be regarded as a separate seat.
DRIVER. You agree and warrant that you and any Authorised Driver hold a current drivers’ licence (not a learners or provisional licence). You are responsible for the acts and omissions of every Authorised Driver or any other person you or an Authorised Driver allows to drive the vehicle. If you or an Authorised Driver allows a non-authorised driver to drive the vehicle, you and they will be responsible for all and any damage caused to the vehicle whilst the non-authorised driver has control of the vehicle regardless of the cause of the damage. You must inform us of the full names, addresses and contact details of all Authorised Drivers in writing, including email.
DRIVER. The Driver is under the supervision of the Manager or his designate and the Messenger while working on a crew. The Driver, amongst other duties, is responsible for safely operating the vehicle, monitoring radio transmissions, completing all appropriate paperwork and housekeeping of the vehicle.
DRIVER. A designated employee who operates a Company Motor Vehicle during working hours for the Company, for any day on which an employee drives such vehicle, said employee shall be paid an additional fifteen cents (15¢) per hour over and above the employee's regular rate.