Draw Sample Clauses

Draw. Employee may, at some time during his/her employment, receive a payroll advance against future commissions. This payroll advance is called a “Draw”. Employee understands and agrees that this Draw is an advance against future commissions earned, a loan, which Employee is responsible to pay back to Employer by way of earned commissions or other means. At the time of the Employee’s termination from Employer (voluntary or involuntary), should Employee’s commissions earned fail to cover his/her Draw Balance, Employee understands and agrees that he/she shall be responsible to repay to Employer, upon demand by Employer, any portion of the Draw which was not satisfied by earned commissions. Furthermore, any remaining Draw Balance will be deducted from the Employee’s final paycheck (regardless of the type of pay included in the paycheck. For example: base salary, vacation payout, commissions, bonus, etc.).
Draw. 1. If an employee has satisfied the requirements listed in B. above, he will be eligible to apply for up to sixty (60) work days maximum coverage per fiscal year and/or incident at one hundred percent (100%) of normal base pay, which will start on the first regular work day after B-2(b) and (c) and C-3 are satisfied.
Draw. Either by computer or manual (depending on the FILA decision or FILA approved software). The draw for positions in the competition table must be done the day before the first competition of the weight category concerned, during the weigh-in, under the control of the referees designated for this task by the Refereeing Department. Two delegates at the most per National Federation can be present at the draw. The material necessary for the draw will be provided by the host National Federation. The result of the draw will be distributed by the host National Federation to each delegation as soon as it is complete. The draw procedure is the responsibility of the Refereeing Department, assisted by the technical delegates.
Draw. 1. If an employee has satisfied the requirements listed in B. above, he/she will be eligible to apply for up to thirty (30) days maximum coverage per fiscal year at one hundred percent (100%) of an employee’s normal pay, to begin on the 11th day of absence.
Draw. If the Improvements are not constructed or completed within the periods of time specified herein, the Town may draw on the associated Improvement Guarantee to complete the Improvements. If the Improvement Guarantee is to expire within 14 days and Developer has not yet provided a satisfactory replacement, or completed the Improvements, the Town may draw on the Improvement Guarantee and either hold such funds as security for performance of this Agreement or spend such funds to finish the Improvements or correct problems with the Improvements as the Town deems appropriate. If the Town has drawn on the Improvement Guarantee, and a satisfactory replacement guarantee is provided or the Improvements have been completed, then the Town will release any funds received as a result of its draw within a reasonable period of time, or within 10 days of a request by Developer.
Draw. We must document what the Salesperson may expect regarding future commissions. If he or she will not be “Paid A Draw On Future Commissions” then mark the checkbox labeled “Shall Not.” If he or she will be paid a Draw, then mark the second box labeled “Shall Be Paid.” The dollar amount paid from this Draw will need to be recorded on the first blank line in this choice and you must indicate the frequency of such payments by marking the checkbox labeled “Week” or “Month.” Finally, make sure to list the final calendar date such a payment can be made on the last blank line of this selection. In the seventh article (titled “VII. Termination”), we will solidify this agreement as a month-to-month arrangement however, we each party will reserve the right to cancel this arrangement at any time so long as the terminating party issues a notice of this intent to terminate a certain number of days before the termination. Enter the number of days’ notice the terminating party must give the remaining party on the blank line in this section. The eighth article, “VIII. Commissions” will seek a solid number to report on what the Salesperson will be paid so make sure your references are up-to-date. Locate the blank line just before the percent symbol then enter the commission percentage that will be used to calculate the Salesperson’s pay. 4 -Satisfy The Additional Information Requested By This Template In many business relationships, the law may require that a written notice be sent from one party to another when certain scenarios occur. In “XI. Notice,” we will have an opportunity to report each of these entity’s contact information. Locate the blank lines labeled “Mailing Address,” “E-Mail,” and “Fax Number” under the heading “Salesperson” in this article. Use this area to report where the Salesperson receives his or her mail along with what e-mail address and fax. number should be used when the Salesperson must be contacted electronically on an immediate basis. The hiring Agency will have its own area for this task. Find the heading “Agency” in this article, then use the lines labeled “Mailing Address,” “E-Mail,” and “Fax Number” to record this entity’s official mailing and current electronic contact information. This agreement will operate under and be held accountable to the court system of the state where these parties intend to operate in the manners defined above. Report the name of the state that rules over this agreement on the blank line in “XVI. Governing Law.” T...
Draw. The Salesperson: (check one) ☐ - Shall not be paid a Draw on future commissions. ☐ - Shall be paid a Draw on future commissions in the amount of $ every ☐ weekmonth. This Draw shall be paid-back by the Salesperson under an arrangement made by the Agency. This Draw shall last for/until .
Draw. For the draw of the teams, an FISU America classification will be established based on the following criteria:
Draw. During the first six (6) months of this Agreement, the Employee shall be entitled to receive a weekly draw of $3,500 (less any applicable withholdings and payroll taxes), payable upon the Company’s regular payroll dates (but no less frequently than weekly). In addition to the weekly draw provided for above, during the first three (3) months of this Agreement, the Employee shall be entitled to receive a monthly draw of $7,000 (less any applicable withholdings and payroll taxes). At the end of each month, any payments paid under this Section 3.b. (whether paid during the immediately preceding month or any other preceding month) shall be deducted from any Commissions due to Employee pursuant to Section 3.a. above.
Draw. The Competition will be conducted in accordance with a schedule of matches drawn up by the Management Committee prior to the start of the playing season and varied as necessary from time to time. Where possible, all matches in all competitions are to be played in an ascending orderi.e. lowest to highest. Where this is not possible, NO player who has started in a higher grade is permitted to participate i.e. start / reserve for a lower grade. The only exception being in junior age-grade rugby where a player may play within the same age-grade, or in different eligible age-grades. In the event of matches in the same round being played on different days e.g. rescheduled matches due to wet weather, the selection of players must be the same as if all matches in the same round were being played on the same day.