Docks Sample Clauses

Docks. Tenant hereby acknowledges that if the premises they have reserved includes a community or private dock, the undersigned agrees and acknowledges that the dock can be a dangerous area, that the dock can be slippery when wet, and that injury may occur to anyone who is not careful. Tenant hereby acknowledges their responsibility for their own and their guests swimming capabilities. Tenant is responsble for providing appropriate number and sized life jackets to accommodate their group. Xxxxxx agrees that children Thirteen (13) years and under shall always be supervised by an adult when in the dock area and must always wear an appropriately sized life jacket. Tenant hereby acknowledges their responsibility for securing the dock whenever the dock area is unattended. With full knowledge of the above facts and warnings, the undersigned Tenant accepts and assumes all risks involved to Tenant and all of Tenant's Guests in or related to the use of the community or private dock areas.
Docks. Lessor shall construct loading docks as depicted on Exhibit "A" consisting of the following configuration:
Docks. Provide a rate to furnish all material, labor, and equipment to demolish and dispose of designated wood docks. It is estimated that this service shall be required for 100 square feet annually.
Docks. The Docks shall be accessible, pursuant to Section 5.3(a)(ii) below, from xxxx to dusk each day during Boating Season, subject to Force Majeure and other hazardous, weather-related events, for pre-scheduled programs supervised by Licensee and for HPW Permit Holders. Licensee may employ a Dock Access System, subject to Parks prior written approval for use by HPW Permit Holders and Row NY to unlock the Dock Gate and access the Docks outside of Row NY’s program hours. Responsibility for the Docks is as follows:
Docks. Docks, piers, breakwaters and wharfs are covered for Fire Coverage only to a maximum limit as specified on the “Declaration Page(s)”.
Docks. Licensee shall not alter the Slip or the Dock Facilities in any manner whatsoever without prior written permission of Licensor. Licensee must keep docks clean and free from all debris, oil and trash. No cooking pits or grills of any kind shall be permitted on the docks. Fish cleaning will only be at the designated fish cleaning station or on the Vessel. Fishing from the dock is prohibited.
Docks. ❖ Covered dock slips and wave runner shore ports are available for RV tenants on a first come first served basis for yearly rental. ❖ The courtesy docks at Coconuts are only for patrons of the restaurant. Use of the courtesy docks at Coconuts by RV Resort tenants and their guests is strictly prohibited. I have received, read, understand and agree to abide by the rules set forth Coconuts RV Park.
Docks. To the extent reasonably possible, docks shall be built perpendicular to the shoreline and as near as possible to the center of a lot’s frontage along the 359’ summer pool elevation. Docks shall not be constructed so as to unreasonably restrict or prohibit the construction of a dock by the Purchaser of an adjoining lot. Community association docks are encouraged as they reduce the impact upon Lake Xxxxxxx resulting from the construction and operation of moorage facilities. Certain lots designated with an “L” classification may be required to share community association docks in order to have moorage facilities. In such case, the costs of construction and operation of such community association dock shall be shared equitably among the members of the community association dock. Specifically, but not by way of limitation:
Docks. All docks and public areas must remain uncluttered and maintained in an orderly fashion. Owners are not permitted to construct any additional items to the docks. Only white fiberglass marine dock boxes are permitted in slip areas. Customers are allowed basic cleaning and minor repairs at their slip. However, no work such as sanding, painting or repairing boats are allowed at the dock.
Docks. Docks shall be constructed of environmentally friendly] materials. The Owner agrees that used railway ties, polystyrene Styrofoam or toxic preservatives shall not be used in the construction of a dock or shoreline structure and that if drums or other containers are used, that the former contents are environmentally friendly (i.e. exclude petroleum, paint and/or acid). Docks which may harm or destroy fish habitat are prohibited. The Owner agrees that any crib designed to support a dock which exceeds 15 m2 [161.5 sq.ft.] shall require prior approval of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. The Owner agrees that no dock shall be constructed which contravenes other regulations which may create a hazard to navigation nor which contravenes the requirements of the Zoning By-Law.