DISMEMBERMENT. This insurance provides coverage when an Accidental Bodily Injury results in a Dismemberment within 90 days from the date of Accident that occurs during the Coverage Period. What are the benefits? The Insurer will pay the benefit set out in the below table: Amount of BenefitsRenter Amount of BenefitsRental Passenger loss of both hands, both feet or both eyes $150,000 $15,000 loss of one hand and one foot $150,000 $15,000 loss of one hand and one eye or one foot and one eye $150,000 $15,000 loss of speech or hearing $150,000 $15,000 loss of one arm or one leg $112,500 $11,250 loss of one hand, one foot or entire sight of one eye $100,000 $10,000 loss of thumb and index finger of one hand $37,500 $3,750 loss of use of both hands or both arms $150,000 $15,000 loss of use of one arm or one leg $112,500 $11,250 Quadriplegia $150,000 $15,000 Paraplegia $150,000 $15,000 Hemiplegia $150,000 $15,000 If more than one of the above losses result from the Accident, only one amount, the largest, will be paid. Other benefits and expenses Medical expenses This insurance provides coverage for any reasonable, medically related expense resulting from an Accidental Bodily Injury, within 30 days from the date of the Accident. The medical expense must be: incurred by You within 365 days from the Accident; and not covered by any other insurance. What are the benefits? The Insurer will reimburse You for the following medical expenses: services of a licensed graduate nurse (R.N.); confinement at a Medical Facility; treatment performed by a Home Health Care Service professional; diagnostic testing ordered by a Physician; transportation by a professional ambulance service; hospital service; rental of a wheelchair; treatment by a licensed physiotherapist (up to $500.00); treatment by a licensed Physician or surgeon; drugs and medicines purchased by a prescription; repairs or replacement of eye glasses (up to $100.00); and orthopaedic appliances and braces (up to $500.00); to a maximum of $5,000 for all medical expenses arising out of any one Accident. Dental expenses This insurance provides coverage for damage to teeth, bridges or dentures resulting from an Accidental Bodily Injury, within 30 days from the date of the Accident. The dental expense must be: incurred by You within 365 days from the Accident; and not covered by any other insurance. What are the benefits? The Insurer will reimburse You for the following dental expenses: treatment; x-rays; and repairs or replacement of tee...
DISMEMBERMENT. Coverage consists of in term life insurance, plus in Optional term life insurance is available at employee cost as follows: cost Spouse Dependent Child RETIREE LIFE INSURANCE If upon retirement, an employee has ten or more continuous years of service, he is eligible to receive a Insurance Certificate.
DISMEMBERMENT. During the term of this Agreement and subject to the provisions and restrictions in the Supplemental Optional Accidental Death and Dismemberment SPD, each employee who has completed his probationary period as defined in Article V, Section 1, of the Basic Agreement can elect to purchase during each open enrollment Supplemental Optional Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage of $25,000 or $50,000. Such Basic Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Supplemental Optional Accidental Death and Dismemberment, and Permanent Total Disability Insurance 85 coverage will automatically cease on the date employment is terminated, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, or upon retirement under the Company's pension program.
DISMEMBERMENT. The information outlined in the following Group Insurance Benefits, the benefits and provisions of your group insurance plan. It does not constitute the policies and is not a contract of insurance, nor does it create or confer any contractual or other rights. Every effort has made to ensure that the information is accurate. However, if there is any question of interpretation all rights with respect to an insured person will governed solely by the Group Policies issued by Citadel General Assur- ance Co. to Inc. More detailed information may be obtained by contacting the Resources Department of A copy plan information be obtained upon written request to your employer, who may a reasonable charge for this service. The described hereafter became effective April ELIGIBILITY full-time union employees who are of Union Local and who reside in Canada, are eligible to participate this plan. If you have dependent:; residing in Canada, you insure as well. Your spouse* eligible and your unmarried children (including adopted, xxxxxx and step-children) who are less than years of age. Unmarried chil- dren who are full-time students and dependent upon you for support will be insured up to age means a person who either:
DISMEMBERMENT. The principal sum would be payable for loss of life or for loss of sight of both eyes or the loss of both hands and feet. One-half (½) of this sum shall be payable for the loss of one foot, one hand, or the sight of one eye.
DISMEMBERMENT. B5.01 The Government of Nunavut agrees to provide, as an employee benefit, a group insurance policy, which provides its employees with an indemnity for accidental death and dismemberment.
DISMEMBERMENT. The Company will provide coverage insuring each employee for once annual earnings as defined in above. Death . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Loss of both hands or both feet . . . . . . . . . . . . . Loss of both eyes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Loss of one hand and one foot . . , , Loss of one hand and one eye . . . ..*. * Loss of one foot and one eye , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Loss of one hand or one foot . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
DISMEMBERMENT. The Company agrees to provide life insurance to a maximum of paying all premiums in excess of sixty cents Accidental Death Dismemberment is an essential part of the Group Insurance policy and the Company agrees to pay one hundred percent of the premium cost. WEEKLY INDEMNITY Effective the first of the month following signing of this, a Plan will be purchased providing payment of equivalent to disability benefits provided by the Unemployment Insurance Commission, for non-occupational bodily injury, disease or pregnancy. The Company will pay all costs including the employee's share of the expense. The indemnity payment will be payable after the first day off following an accident and after four days off due to illness Employees who are laid off and who were not already receiving this benefit at the time of lay-off, shall not be entitled to receive this benefit. If an employee is laid off, his Medical and Dental benefits will be discontinued as of the first day of the fourth month.
DISMEMBERMENT. 22.01 (a) All current employees and all newly hired employees shall, as a condition of employment, participate in the basic group life insurance coverage in the amount of two times (2x) such employee’s annual salary, adjusted January 1st of each year based upon the employee’s rate of pay on the previous December 31st, rounded upward to the next highest thousand, plus accidental death and dismemberment coverage as set out below and, should the employee desire, such optional insurance as may be provided by the carrier. The carrier shall be acceptable to both Parties and the terms of the policy with the carrier shall apply.


  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment The Employer agrees to provide all active full-time employees with Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefit coverage equal to one (1) times their annual earnings in case of accidental death. Coverage is also provided for other losses such as speech and hearing, use of arms and legs, etc.

  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance 12.05(a) The City shall provide for all employees by contract through an insurer selected by the City, Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance which provides for two (2) times the employee’s annual salary rounded to the next higher $1,000, if not a multiple thereof, if the employee’s death is as a result of an accident. The City shall pay one hundred per cent (100%) of the premiums.

  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverage An employee may purchase accidental death and dismemberment coverage that provides principal sum benefits in amounts ranging from five thousand dollars ($5,000) to one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000). Payment is made only for accidental bodily injury or death and may vary, depending upon the extent of dismemberment. An employee may also purchase from five thousand dollars ($5,000) to twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) in coverage for his/her spouse, but not in excess of the amount carried by the employee.

  • Basic Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverage The Employer agrees to provide and pay for the following term life coverage and accidental death and dismemberment coverage for all employees eligible for an Employer Contribution, as described in Section 3. Any premium paid by the State in excess of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) coverage is subject to a tax liability in accord with Internal Revenue Service regulations. An employee may decline coverage in excess of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) by filing a waiver in accord with Minnesota Management & Budget procedures. The basic life insurance policy will include an accelerated benefits agreement providing for payment of benefits prior to death if the insured has a terminal condition.

  • Dental The Hospital agrees to contribute seventy-five percent (75%) of the billed premiums towards coverage of eligible employees in the active employ of the hospital under the Liberty Health Dental Plan #9 (or its equivalent) based on the current ODA fee schedule provided the balance of the monthly premiums are paid by the participating employees through payroll deduction. Employees will be enrolled in the existing Plan in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Plan. The Plan shall provide for recall oral examination to be covered once every 9 months. Effective April 1, 2001, orthodontic coverage will be included for participating employees on a 50/50 co-insurance basis, with a lifetime maximum of $1,000 per insured person.

  • Long-term Disability Coverage New employees may enroll in long-term disability insurance by their initial effective date of coverage. Employees who become eligible for insurance may enroll in long-term disability insurance within thirty (30) days of their initial effective date as defined in this Article, Section 5C. An employee who is insurance eligible and moves from a temporary position to a permanent position will be allowed to enroll in long-term disability coverage within thirty (30) days of the event without providing evidence of insurability. The terms are the same as for employees who wish to add/increase during the annual open enrollment. During open enrollment only, an employee may purchase long-term disability coverage that provides benefits of from three hundred dollars ($300) to seven thousand dollars ($7,000) per month, based on the employee's salary, commencing on the 181st calendar day of total disability, and not subject to evidence of insurability but with a limited term pre-existing condition exclusion. Employees should be aware that other wage replacement benefits, as described in the certificate of coverage (i.e., Social Security Disability, Minnesota State Retirement Disability, etc.), may result in a reduction of the monthly benefit levels purchased. In any event, the minimum is the greater of three hundred dollars ($300) or fifteen (15) percent of the amount purchased. The minimum benefit will not be reduced by any other wage replacement benefit. In the event that the employee becomes totally disabled before age seventy (70), the premiums on this benefit shall be waived.

  • Long Term Disability Insurance 311. The MTA, at its own cost, shall provide to employees a Long Term Disability (LTD) benefit that provides, after a one hundred and eighty (180) day elimination period, sixty percent salary (60%) (subject to integration) up to age sixty-five (65). Employees who are receiving or who are eligible to receive LTD shall be eligible to participate in the City’s Catastrophic Illness Program as set forth in the ordinance governing such program.

  • Long Term Disability Insurance Plan The Employer shall provide a mutually acceptable long-term disability insurance plan, a copy of which shall appear in Appendix “A” – Long-Term Disability Insurance Plan. The plan shall provide post-probationary regular employees with salary continuation as per Appendix “A” until age sixty-five (65) in the event of a disability. The cost of the plan shall be borne by the Employer.

  • Disability Coverage In the event a State employee goes on an extended medical disability, or is receiving Workers’ Compensation benefits, the Employer-policyholder shall continue at no cost to the employee the coverage of the group life insurance for such employee for the period of such extended leave, but not beyond two (2) years.