DIR Sample Clauses

DIR. 1. DIR will allow the State of Oklahoma and its governmental affiliates to procure those information technology and telecommunication goods and services available through existing and future Vendor Cooperative Contracts, in accordance with specifications from the procuring entity. All DIR Vendor Cooperative Contracts will be made available to OMES-IS via the DIR Internet web site. If a formal vendor protest occurs with respect to any such Cooperative Contract, DIR will comply with the vendor protest procedures under Texas Administrative Code Title 1, Part 10, Chapter 201, §201.1. DIR shall notify the Chief Information Officer of Oklahoma if a formal protest is filed and the disposition of such formal protest related to any Vendor Cooperative Contract covered under this Contract.
DIR. “DIR” means the Department of Industrial Relations.

Related to DIR

  • General Management In the discharge of its general duty to manage the successful performance of the Services, Vendor shall:

  • Classroom Management The certificated classroom teacher demonstrates a competent level of knowledge 48 and skill in organizing the physical and human elements in the educational setting. 49

  • Business Development Provide advice and assistance in business growth and development of Party B. 业务发展。对乙方的业务发展提供建议和协助。

  • Commercial Opportunities 1. The airlines of each Party shall have the right to establish offices in the territory of the other Party for the promotion and sale of air transportation.

  • JOB FAMILY: APPLICATIONS DEVELOPMENT‌ Job Title: Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Engineer Job#: 1230 General Characteristics Responsible for developing and deploying integrated solutions aimed at modernizing, consolidating and coordinating the independently designed applications within and across the enterprises. Determines how existing applications, legacy systems, databases, Web interfaces and/or hardware logic, which may be currently operating on multiple platforms, work together to meet the new and emerging enterprise requirements. Develops methods to efficiently reuse existing components. Works with users to gather business requirements, performs database analysis, codes and tests middleware routines to ensure successful and seamless communication among the various IT systems and applications components. Participates in component and data architecture design, software product evaluation and buy vs. build recommendations. Possesses skills and knowledge of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) methodologies and processes such as object-oriented programming, distributed, cross-platform program communication using message brokers with Common Object Request Broker Architecture, enterprise-wide content and data distribution using common databases and data standards implemented with the Extensible Markup Language (XML), middleware applications and message queuing approaches.

  • Skills Development The Company acknowledges the changing pace of technology in the electrical contracting industry and the need for employees to understand those changes and have the necessary skill requirements to keep the Company at the forefront of the industry. The Parties to this Agreement recognise that in order to increase the efficiency, productivity and competitiveness of the Company, a commitment to training and skill development is required. Accordingly, the parties commit themselves to:

  • General Manager (a) The Board may from time to time appoint one or more persons, whether or not he is a member of the Board of Directors, as the CEO of the Company, either for a fixed period of time or without limiting the time that he or they will stay in office, and the Board may from time to time (subject to any provision in any contract between him or them and the Company) release him or them from their office and appoint another or others in his or their place.

  • Merchandising 15.01. Artist hereby grants G2 the exclusive right to manufacture, sell, license, distribute and exploit, through the Universe and by mail-order and through retail sources of, without limitation, all merchandise or every kind featuring the Artist (name/logo/likeness), during the term of this Agreement.

  • Program Management 1.1.01 Implement and operate an Immunization Program as a Responsible Entity

  • Strategic Planning Facilitate the effective alignment of IT requirements/ Information Resource Management (IRM) plans with strategic business plans and program initiatives. Management Improvements: Development and implementation of improved systems and business practices to optimize productivity and service delivery operations (e.g., analysis, and implementation of improvements in the flow of IT work and program processes and tool utilization, including business system analysis, identification of requirements for streamlining, re-engineering, or re-structuring internal systems/business processes for improvement, determination of IT solution alternatives, benchmarking).