Dimension Sample Clauses

Dimension. Dimension hereby covenants that Dimension shall not, alone or in collaboration with a Third Party, (a) during the Research Term conduct clinical development of, and (b) during the term of this Agreement Commercialize, […***…], other than the Compounds/Vectors, GT Products and Licensed GT Products in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement. *** Confidential Treatment Requested ***
Dimension. Family and context affective-emotional. Family and affective-emotional (present) context: home, partner, family, children… Specific Inherent Needs.
Dimension. Decision-making regarding migration (autonomous/family/other); Migration history.
Dimension. It allows valid combinations of dimensions. • Formula. It supports complex expressions based on XPath, which can be applied to instance documents to validate your information.
Dimension. The strand diameter is measured before and after Cr-coating by means of a calibrated dual-axis laser micrometer. The ovality of the strands is defined as the difference between the diameters measured for the two axes.
Dimension. 2 ILDs were provided with professional development activities. Their focus was directly related to working with principals in instructional leadership, and other central office staff led through, not over or around, the ILDs. This included removing other duties and tasks from the ILD’s job responsibilities and striving to ensure that the entire district system, not just the ILDs, held site leaders accountable for improving student achievement (Xxxxx et al., 2010).
Dimension. (1) with Pins Date : 2008/12/3 Rev 0
Dimension. Recent advances in seismic surveying have made it possible to study reservoir developments in a new dimension – time. By shooting seismic every other year on Gullfaks, and cre- ating models which allow the experts to see and interpret the reservoir over many years, new pockets of remaining oil are constantly being discovered and added to the value of available reserves. It was spare capacity for production and injection on Gullfaks which indirectly prompted efforts to see whether the recovery factor could be improved. If the licensees had sold that capacity, they would not have had the same opportunities to handle a possible increase in their own production. “Through discussion in the licence, we resolved to make a commitment here,” says Xxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxx’s head of resource management on Gullfaks. “We’re naturally grateful for that today.” Neither she nor senior adviser Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx in Petoro would exclude the possibility that the field’s producing life could be extended even further through various improved recovery measures.
Dimension. Finally, assuming that all computational-intensive kernels are executed on GPU, it is beneficial to reshape all relevant arrays in this fashion, since the potential overheads of the CPU- executed code are in this case negligible. We conclude by observing that this technique (i) transparently solves any uncoalesced accesses introduced by other compiler op- timizations such as tiling, and (ii) yields speed-ups as high as 28×.
Dimension. 3 Other staff at the district office, including departments like facilities, fiscal services, and human resources, shifted their work to support teaching and learning. These paradigm shifts included “taking case management and project management approaches in their work” (Xxxxx et al., 2010, p. vii), focusing on questions like, Who are the individual principals in the schools I am responsible for? What are these school principals and their staff trying to do to improve teaching and learning? What kinds of resources do they need and how can I help them secure them? (Xxxxx et al., 2010, p. viii) Dimension 4