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Different. Classes" (B or F3) identified by particular photometric provisions;
Different. 3. NOT MARRIED
Different. This contract cannot be changed, or refused, except for the written signature by the party against whom the enforcement of such an amendment, change or refusal seeks. THIS CONTRACT MUST BE INTERPRETED AND INTERPRETED IN ACCORDANCE WITH COLORADO STATE LAWS. This contract can be executed in one or more contractors, each of which is considered original, but all of them, if taken together, should be the same tool. Efficiency. This contract and the releases and collateral contracts made herein will come into force after each of the following conditions is met: (a) The borrower, the Administrative Agent and the Lenders were to expose and deliver it to the partner (including by fax); (b) The Administrative Agent and creditors were required to receive payment of the amounts mentioned in section 1 of this section and (c) all conditions for the effectiveness of the WFB L/C Fund, which, at the Bank's discretion, were met. In WITNESS WHEREOF, sign-ups have signed this contract by day and year for the first time above written. Termination and Release of the Agreement Example References REFERENCES Aaker, David A. 1989. Asset management: the key to sustainable competitive advantage. California Office-ment Review 31 (Winter): 91-106. Amit, Raphael and Paul Shomaker. Strategic assets and organizational leases. Strategic Management Journal 14 (January): 33-46. Kenneth R. Andrews 1971. The concept of corporate strategy. New York: Dow Jones-Irwin. Ansoff, Resources 2 Efficiency, 15 Efficiency, 4, 12. See also Efficiency vs. Efficiency Effort vs. Duration, 309 Einstein, Albert, 138, 175 Elasticity, 57 Elegant Solution (May), 299 Emotional Purchase, 41 Employee Hiring quality, 202 End-benefi t effect, 75, 251 Engagement Letter, 298 Entrepreneur, defi ned, 15 Equality, 83 Ethical Behavior, 106 Ethical Standards, 105 Ethics, Certain, 109 Ethics, Fairness and Cost pricing, 101-110 Ethos, 197 Dynamics of Expectations, 38-40 Expectations, Dynamic Vs. Static Resources 6 Value as Price Driver, 62-63 Buyers Value, 249 Capture Value, 35 Value Conscious Customer, 51 Value Control, 263-264 Value Council, 164, 165, 167, 168, 233, 237, 245-255 Creation and Cost Capture, 22 Pricing and, 165 Curve Value, 68, 70 Value Definition, 165 Value Equation Value Focus vs Cost (s), 126 Price Value, 9 o, 101-106 defi ned, 233 errors, 235 ethics, fairness, and, 101-110 fair price utopia gone wrong, 103 hours Example Of the Termination Agreement Example of the termination agreement See also a sample of th...

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Groups For purposes of benefits plans, the total group covered by the plans, where advantageous, may include all persons in the employ of the Institute including excluded staff and those within any bargaining unit.
Trunk Types 2.2.1 In interconnecting their networks pursuant to this Attachment, the Parties will use, as appropriate, the following separate and distinct trunk groups:
Classes and Types of Loans Loans hereunder are distinguished by “Class” and by “Type”. The “Class” of a Loan refers to whether such Loan is a Money Market Loan or a Syndicated Loan, each of which constitutes a Class. The “Type” of a Loan refers to whether such Loan is a Base Rate Loan, a Eurodollar Loan, a Set Rate Loan or a LIBOR Market Loan, each of which constitutes a Type. Loans may be identified by both Class and Type.
Various Types of Loans Each Revolving Loan shall be either Base Rate Loans or LIBOR Loans (each a “type” of Loan), as Borrowers shall specify in the related notice of borrowing or conversion pursuant to Section 2.3.2 or 2.3.3. LIBOR Loans having the same Interest Period which expire on the same day are sometimes called a “Group” or collectively “Groups.” Base Rate Loans and LIBOR Loans may be outstanding at the same time, provided that not more than four different Groups of LIBOR Loans shall be outstanding at any one time.
Various 10.1. Notices in relation to this Agreement must be given in writing.
Local Switching 4.1 BellSouth shall provide non-discriminatory access to local circuit switching capability and local tandem switching capability on an unbundled basis, except as set forth in the Sections below to Momentum for the provision of a telecommunications service. BellSouth shall provide non-discriminatory access to packet switching capability on an unbundled basis to Momentum for the provision of a telecommunications service only in the limited circumstance described below in Section 4.5.
Components The Transaction will be divided into individual Components, each with the terms set forth in this Confirmation, and, in particular, with the Number of Warrants and Expiration Date set forth in this Confirmation. The payments and deliveries to be made upon settlement of the Transaction will be determined separately for each Component as if each Component were a separate Transaction under the Agreement. Warrant Style: European. Warrant Type: Call. Seller: Counterparty. Buyer: Dealer.
Frequency In addition to the Federal banking regulations that restrict the number of transfers and withdrawals, there may be limits on the number of transactions you can make using these Services. These limits are for security reasons and are subject to change.
Other Types of Traffic 8.1 Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement or any Tariff: (a) the Parties’ rights and obligations with respect to any intercarrier compensation that may be due in connection with their exchange of Internet Traffic shall be governed by the terms of the FCC Internet Order and other applicable FCC orders and FCC Regulations; and, (b) a Party shall not be obligated to pay any intercarrier compensation for Internet Traffic that is in excess of the intercarrier compensation for Internet Traffic that such Party is required to pay under the FCC Internet Order and other applicable FCC orders and FCC Regulations.
FIXED RATES If a fixed rate is in this Agreement, it is based on an estimate of the costs for the period covered by the rate. When the actual costs for this period are determined, an adjustment will be made to a rate of a future year(s) to compensate for the difference between the costs used to establish the fixed rate and actual costs.