Develop Sample Clauses

Develop. “Develop” shall mean shall mean to discover, research or develop a product, including the use of any licensed right for the purpose of conducting any such discovery, research or development. When used as a noun, “Development” shall mean any and all activities involved in Developing. Develop and Development shall include, without limitation, conducting non-clinical and clinical research and development activities such as toxicology, pharmacology and other discovery efforts, test method development and stability testing, process development, formulation development, delivery system development, quality assurance and quality control development, statistical analysis, clinical studies (including pre- and post-approval studies), regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance and all activities directed to obtaining any Regulatory Approval.
Develop promote and maintain with End Users, the goodwill and reputation of Teliphone and its products and services.
Develop. `TO-BE' PROCESS IMPROVEMENTS This task performs the following: CREATE IMPROVED PROCESS o Applies a simple processing mapping tool and modified process mapping techniques, to create the `To-Be' process from the documented `As-Is' process. Special attention is paid to the identified bottlenecks and process issues, which are targets for process improvement. o Based on significant interaction, ClientSoft consultants work with the End-User and IT representatives to create process improvements. It is imperative that the End-User representatives understand the flow of the Gainsco system and be able to answer questions as to process flow, screen content, data element usage and navigation. Significant input will be required from the End-User and IT representatives to ensure that bottleneck elimination and process improvement opportunities are fully realized.
Develop. The Develop stage takes the group of processes (records) from the Refine Stage and continues the process for building and unit testing the solution which will include integrations, running mini‐conversion activities, and functional testing of data conversion efforts (or dry runs for the production). The subscribed Civic Application Solution includes pre‐defined business process automation/validation. For example, common business rules are included such as sending an email to an applicant when a record is submitted and preventing record issuance when a balance is due. There is no tailoring of the automations as part of the Civic Application solutions. If custom solutions are defined in the tailoring workshops, these components are built by the Health District, and unit tested during the Develop stage. Another series of Conference Room Checkpoints will be conducted upon completing development for each grouping.
Develop. The obligation to continuously develop and maintain Elastycloud.
Develop. The supervisor and employee identify actions the employee can take to enhance his or her development at Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School.