Develop Sample Clauses

Develop. The objective of this phase is to convert the deliverables of the Design Phase into the new system components and test each programmed unit code independent of the other programs as specified in Section 9.7 of this SOW.
Develop. “Develop” means an action taken pursuant to the Entitlements to effectuate the Project.
Develop a “fact sheetfor distribution to all secondary school counselors, youth opportunity centers, social action agencies and state employment offices.
Develop. The CIP is developed in this phase, which lays the foundation for an immediate and smooth transition into execution. It typically involves a broad range of family planning stakeholders at various levels and across various sectors. The outcome of the development phase is a country-owned, government-approved CIP, which is officially launched and communicated to all relevant stakeholders. The kick-off meeting for CIP development marks the beginning of the development phase, while the formal launch of the CIP document marks the end of the development phase and onset of the execution phase.
Develop. This is intended to require system planning in conjunction with Stakeholders, assessment of need, and the establishment of a Network strategy to meet the needs of community, through the delivery of evidence- based practices, or pilot initiatives approved by the Department. This expectation includes annual review of applicable plans, assessments and strategies.
Develop. “Develop” or “Developing” shall mean to discover, research, have researched, develop, have developed or use for development purposes, including conducting non-clinical and clinical research and development activities such as toxicology, pharmacology and other discovery efforts, test method development and stability testing, process development, formulation development, delivery system development, quality assurance and quality control development, statistical analysis, clinical studies (including pre- and post-approval studies), regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance and Regulatory Approval and Clinical Trial regulatory activities (including regulatory activities directed to obtaining pricing and reimbursement approvals). When used as a noun, “Development” shall mean any and all activities involved in Developing. Development shall not include Manufacturing or Commercialization and to “Develop” does not include to Commercialize or to Manufacture.
Develop. An outcome specification for mobility in terms of local needs • An approach to meeting the specification through identified assets / services What is clear is that we need a more equitable treatment of rural and urban places with similar amounts of investment made to level up our communities and their economies, facilitated by strong and collaborative leadership from public, private and third partnerships, essential for delivering bespoke solutions. We believe that the time is right for a new conversation about mobility and our rural communities to bring about lasting change. Might you be a part of that change? think differently. Let’s create change.
Develop promote and maintain with End Users, the goodwill and reputation of Teliphone and its products and services.
Develop. `TO-BE' PROCESS IMPROVEMENTS This task performs the following: CREATE IMPROVED PROCESS o Applies a simple processing mapping tool and modified process mapping techniques, to create the `To-Be' process from the documented `As-Is' process. Special attention is paid to the identified bottlenecks and process issues, which are targets for process improvement. o Based on significant interaction, ClientSoft consultants work with the End-User and IT representatives to create process improvements. It is imperative that the End-User representatives understand the flow of the Gainsco system and be able to answer questions as to process flow, screen content, data element usage and navigation. Significant input will be required from the End-User and IT representatives to ensure that bottleneck elimination and process improvement opportunities are fully realized.
Develop. CREATIVE STRATEGY To document an understanding of the specific creative and brand assets and give visual and experiential direction for the current development. - Client Visioning Session - To determine visual and brand assets that maintain the corporate message and brand personality.