Depository Institutions Sample Clauses

Depository Institutions. (a) Mill Creek Bank Inc. is "well-capitalized" (as that term is defined at 12 C.F.R. 225.2(r)(2)(i) and 325.103(b)(1))
Depository Institutions. Attached hereto as Schedule 8 is a true and correct list of all depository institutions where the Borrower and each Grantor currently maintains bank accounts.
Depository Institutions. 54 TABLE OF CONTENTS (continued) Page 3.18 Litigation...........................................................................54
Depository Institutions. The bank and deposit accounts of Collectible Champions, Inc. and/or Racing Champions, Inc. are kept at the following financial institution(s):
Depository Institutions. Voting securities of a depository institution or any company which controls a depository institution. Limited to 5% of admitted assets without prior consent from OIC. 48.13.030(2) Public Obligations: Bonds or other evidences of debt, not in default as to principal or interest, that are obligations issued, assumed or guaranteed by the U.S. or by any U.S. state or by any U.S. territory or possession, or by the District of Columbia or by any county, city, town, village, municipality or district therein or by any political subdivision thereof or by any civil division or public instrumentality of one or more of the foregoing. Funds may be invested in public obligations payable (1) from taxes levied or required to be levied upon all taxable property or all taxable income within the jurisdiction of such governmental unit or, (2) from adequate special revenues, but not including any obligation payable solely out of special assessments on properties benefited by local improvements unless adequate security is evidenced. 48.13.040
Depository Institutions. Voting securities of a depository institution or any company which controls a depository institution. Limited to 5% of admitted assets without prior consent from OIC. 48.13.030(2)

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  • Depository Bank With respect to any Deposit Accounts, (i) maintain the Deposit Accounts at the banks (a “Depository Bank”) described on Annex B-1 or such additional depository banks as described in the notices given pursuant to clause (iv) of this Section 6(q) as have complied with item (iv) hereof, (ii) upon request of the Secured Party, deliver to each depository bank a letter in the form of Annex C hereto with respect to Secured Party’s Rights in such Deposit Account (or on such other reasonable form as may be provided by the Depository Bank) and use commercially reasonable efforts to obtain the execution of such letter by each Depository Bank that the pledge of such Deposit Account has been recorded in the books and records of such bank and that Secured Party shall have dominion and control over such Deposit Account; (iii) upon request of the Secured Party, deliver to Secured Party all certificates or instruments, if any, now or hereafter representing or evidencing the Deposit Accounts, accompanied by duly executed instruments of transfer or assignment in blank, all in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to Secured Party; and (iv) notify Secured Party upon establishing any additional Deposit Accounts and, at the request of Secured Party, use commercially reasonable efforts to obtain from such depository bank an executed letter substantially in the form of Annex C (or on such other reasonable form as may be provided by the Depository Bank) and deliver the same to Secured Party. Secured Party agrees not to exercise control over such Deposit Account unless an Event of Default shall have occurred and be continuing.

  • Principal Depository Borrower shall maintain its principal depository and operating accounts with Bank.

  • Depository Banks The Borrowers and their Subsidiaries will maintain the Administrative Agent as its principal depository bank, including for the maintenance of operating, administrative, cash management, collection activity, and other deposit accounts for the conduct of its business.

  • Depository Accounts Except to the extent that Manager has not complied with its obligations under Sections 2.4 and 5.2, Owner and Manager agree that Manager shall have no liability for loss of funds of Owner contained in the bank accounts for the Property maintained by Owner or Manager pursuant to this Agreement due to insolvency of the bank or financial institution in which its accounts are kept, whether or not the amounts in such accounts exceed the maximum amount of federal or other deposit insurance applicable with respect to the financial institution in question.

  • Depository Depository shall mean The Depository Trust Company ("DTC"), a clearing agency registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission under Section 17A of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 ("Exchange Act"), its successor or successors and its nominee or nominees. The term "Depository" shall further mean and include any other person authorized to act as a depository under the 1940 Act, its successor or successors and its nominee or nominees, specifically identified in a certified copy of a resolution of the Board.

  • Clearing Account If the Servicer finds it necessary to use a clearing account, the following guidelines must be followed:

  • Custodian and Depository The Trustees may in their discretion from time to time enter into one or more contracts whereby the other party or parties undertakes to act as depository for and to maintain custody of the property of the Trust or any Series or Class and accounting records in connection therewith.

  • Cash Management Account (a) There shall be established and maintained a segregated Eligible Account (the “Cash Management Account”) to be held by Servicer in trust for the benefit of Lender, which Cash Management Account shall be under the sole dominion and control of Lender. The Cash Management Account shall be entitled “Column Financial, Inc., its successors and/or assigns – Hard Rock Second Mezzanine Cash Management Account” or such other title as shall be reasonably acceptable to Lender and the bank holding the Cash Management Account. Each Borrower hereby grants to Lender a first priority security interest in the Cash Management Account and all deposits at any time contained therein and the proceeds thereof, and will take all actions requested by Lender that are necessary to maintain in favor of Lender a perfected first priority security interest in the Cash Management Account, including, without limitation, executing and filing UCC-1 Financing Statements and continuations thereof. Lender and Servicer shall have the sole right to make withdrawals from the Cash Management Account for application pursuant to the terms of this Agreement and the other Loan Documents and all reasonable costs and expenses for establishing and maintaining the Cash Management Account shall be paid by Borrowers.

  • Foreign Subcustodians and Securities Depositories Unless instructed otherwise by the Fund, the Custodian may deposit and/or maintain non-U.S. Investments of the Fund in any non-U.S. Securities Depository provided such Securities Depository meets the requirements of an "eligible securities depository" under Rule 17f-7 promulgated under the 1940 Act, or any successor rule or regulation ("Rule 17f-7") or which by order of the Securities and Exchange Commission is exempted therefrom. Prior to the time that securities are placed with such depository, but subject to the provisions of Section 8.2.4 below, the Custodian shall have prepared an assessment of the custody risks associated with maintaining assets with the Securities Depository and shall have established a system to monitor such risks on a continuing basis in accordance with Subsection 8.2.3 of this Section and Rule 17f-7. Additionally, the Custodian may, at any time and from time to time, appoint (a) any bank, trust company or other entity meeting the requirements of an "eligible foreign custodian" under Rule 17f-5 or which by order of the Securities and Exchange Commission is exempted therefrom, or (b) any bank as defined in Section 2(a)(5) of the 1940 Act meeting the requirements of a custodian under Section 17(f) of the 1940 Act and the rules and regulations thereunder, to act on behalf of the Fund as a Subcustodian for purposes of holding Investments of the Fund outside the United States. Such appointment of foreign Subcustodians shall be subject to approval of the Fund or the Foreign Custody Manager in accordance with Subsections 8.2.1 and 8.2.2 hereof, and use of non-U.S. Securities Depositories shall be subject to the terms of Subsections 8.2.3 and 8.2.4 hereof. An Instruction to open an account in a given country shall comprise authorization of the Custodian to hold assets in such country in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. The Custodian shall not be required to make independent inquiry as to the authorization of the Fund to invest in such country.

  • Establishment of Custodial Accounts; Deposits in Custodial Accounts The Seller shall segregate and hold all funds collected and received pursuant to each Mortgage Loan separate and apart from any of its own funds and general assets and shall establish and maintain one or more Custodial Accounts, in the form of time deposit or demand accounts. The creation of any Custodial Account shall be evidenced by a Custodial Account Letter Agreement in the form of Exhibit 7. The Seller shall deposit in the Custodial Account on a daily basis, and retain therein the following payments and collections received by it subsequent to the Cut-off Date, or received by it prior to the Cut-off Date but allocable to a period subsequent thereto, other than in respect of principal and interest on the Mortgage Loans due on or before the Cut-off Date: