CWC Sample Clauses

CWC. XXX xxxl provide access to the seminars and the related audiences conducted after the Effective Date by CWC and third party audience.
CWC. XXX xxxees to provide DrAlt with the following services at DrAlt's reasonable request:
CWC. XXX xxxl provide access to the medical centers and the related practitioners that are under existing and future consulting contracts for the DrAlt eBusiness web site.

Related to CWC

  • Modern Slavery You hereby affirm your compliance with the Modern Slavery Xxx 0000 and associated guidance. You confirm (a) that you have read, are familiar with and shall not perform an act or omission which is in contravention with, the letter or spirit of the Act; and (b) you carry out regular, meaningful and comprehensive due diligence procedures and have internal policies in place to address any suspected human rights abuse in your business and Group where applicable.

  • EMC On the Closing Date, EMC will receive from the Seller a payment of $5,000.

  • Originating Goods Except as otherwise provided in this Chapter, a good shall originate in the territory of a Party where:

  • Vendor upon request and without further consideration, shall perform any acts that may be deemed reasonably necessary or desirable by Customer to evidence more fully the transfer of ownership and/or registration of all Intellectual Property Rights in all Work Product to Customer to the fullest extent possible, including but not limited to the execution, acknowledgement and delivery of such further documents in a form determined by Customer. In the event Customer shall be unable to obtain Vendor’s signature due to the dissolution of Vendor or Vendor’s unreasonable failure to respond to Customer’s repeated requests for such signature on any document reasonably necessary for any purpose set forth in the foregoing sentence, Vendor hereby irrevocably designates and appoints Customer and its duly authorized officers and agents as Vendor’s agent and Vendor’s attorney-in-fact to act for and in Vendor’s behalf and stead to execute and file any such document and to do all other lawfully permitted acts to further any such purpose with the same force and effect as if executed and delivered by Vendor, provided however that no such grant of right to Customer is applicable if Vendor fails to execute any document due to a good faith dispute by Vendor with respect to such document. It is understood that such power is coupled with an interest and is therefore irrevocable. Customer shall have the full and sole power to prosecute such applications and to take all other action concerning the Work Product, and Vendor shall cooperate, at Customer’s sole expense, in the preparation and prosecution of all such applications and in any legal actions and proceedings concerning the Work Product.

  • The Merchant Registered company name (according to registration CoC): Trade name: hereafter: your Company* CoC-Number: VAT-Number: Are you exempted from VAT? Fill in your RSIN number: *The Terms and Conditions may use the term “the Acceptant” instead of “your company”. This is the same thing. Office address Street name & number (no PO): Postal code: City: Phone number: Website: Contact person: Mr. Mrs. Legal representative Initials: Surname: Mr. Mrs. General E-mail address: Invoicing E-mail address: Correspondence address Same as office address PO Box or Street name & number: Postal code: City: Phone number: Contact person Same as office address Initials: Surname: Mr. Mrs. E-mail address: Same as General E-mail Same as Invoice E-mail Other Online Transaction Overviews Do you wish to have an online account to access your processed and paid transactions? Yes No Name of primary user*: E-mail address of primary user:

  • Developer Developer shall construct and complete, in a good and workmanlike manner, the Work for the Guaranteed Maximum Price including any adjustment(s) to the Guaranteed Maximum Price pursuant to provisions herein regarding changes to the Guaranteed Maximum Price. Except as otherwise noted, Developer shall provide and pay for all labor, materials, equipment, permits (excluding DSA), fees, licenses, facilities, transportation, taxes, bonds and insurance, and services necessary for the proper execution and completion of the Work, except as indicated herein.

  • Přetrvávající platnost Tento odstavec 1.3 “Zdravotní záznamy a Studijní data a údaje” zůstane závazný i v případě zániku platnosti či vypršení platnosti této Smlouvy.

  • Přetrvající platnost This Section 3 “

  • Management Company LGT Capital Partners (FL) Ltd., Xxxxxxxxxxx 00, 0000 Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxxxxx, acts as management company of the UCITS within the meaning of the UCITS Act. The Management Company's offices are located at Xxxxxxxxxxx 00, 0000 Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxxxxx, and it was incorporated, for an indefinite period of time, on 1 September 1998 as a public limited company (Aktiengesellschaft) under the laws of Liechtenstein, with a registered office and head office in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. Pursuant to chapter III of the UCITS Act, the Management Company has been admitted by the FMA to act in this capacity and entered into the official list of Liechtenstein management companies. The share capital of the Management Company is CHF 1 million and is fully paid up. The Management Company manages the UCITS for the account, and in the exclusive interest, of its Unitholders in accordance with the provisions of the UCITS Documentation. The Management Company complies and shall continue to comply with the applicable provisions of the UCITS Act and the UCITS Ordinance. The Management Company has, to the largest possible extent, any and all rights to perform, in its own name but for the account of the UCITS, any and all administrative and management measures and actions. In particular, the Management Company is entitled to buy, sell, subscribe or exchange securities and other assets and to exercise any and all rights associated, either directly or indirectly, with the assets of the Sub- Funds of the UCITS.

  • Television Equipment Recycling Program If this Contract is for the purchase or lease of covered television equipment, then Contractor certifies that it is compliance with Subchapter Z, Chapter 361 of the Texas Health and Safety Code related to the Television Equipment Recycling Program.