Cutting Sample Clauses

Cutting. Any cutting and related tasks, such as marking, grading and digitizing, shall be performed under the conditions specified in the Supplemental Agreement covering employees represented by Local 10.
Cutting. Licensee shall not cut any timber, pulpwood or trees of any kind on the Property without the prior written consent of APCo. Further, Licensee shall not cause, permit or allow any others to cut any timber, pulpwood or trees of any kind on the Property without the prior written consent of APCo. Licensee shall provide APCo prompt notice upon Licensee becoming aware of any timber, pulpwood or trees of any kind on the Property being cut without APCo’s prior written consent.
Cutting. The coaching staff is hired for their knowledge and expertise in each particular sport. It is the discretion of each sport’s coach to decide who will be members of the squad. It may be necessary from time to time to cut athletes trying out for a team. Every ath- lete trying out for a team will be given at least 2 (two) day tryout period to demonstrate their skills/abilities.
Cutting. (1) Producers may send their own Catch to be cut at a Regional facility if they can document that they receive only their own seafood back, and this Regional facility will permit, in writing, inspections as required under Part V - “Verification.”
Cutting. Selective cutting of trees and vegetation for fire protection, trail and access road maintenance and tick control.
Cutting. Prior to cutting, all members shall be properly marked showing the requisite cut length/width, connection provisions e.g. location and dimensions of holes, welds, cleats etc. marking for cutting shall be done judiciously so as to avoid wastages or unnecessary joints as far as practicable. Marking shall be done by placing the members on horizontal supports/pads in order to ensure accuracy. Marking accuracy shall be limited to + l mm. Cutting may be affected by shearing, cropping or sawing. Gas cutting by mechanically controlled torch shall be permitted for mild steel. Hand flame cutting may be permitted subject to the approval. Except where the material is subsequently joined by welding, no loads shall be transmitted into metal through a gas cut surface. Shearing, cropping and gas cutting shall be clean, square, free from any distortion and burrs, and the edges shall be ground afterwards, to make the same straight and uniform at no extra cost to the Owner.
Cutting. 1. Selco Saw 4. Wadkin Table Saw
Cutting. The capacity to manage six Allies in four regions to carry out parallel activities that seek the same purpose: to improve the living conditions of the producers and their communities through the strengthening of the cacao production chain. • Promote and manage TCE with the new mayors and governors who will be elected in October 2019, seeking to combine efforts and join agreements to benefit the vulnerable population of the Agreement. • Provide the required security measures, real-time information, strengthen the security plan, and join efforts with GDAs, among other, to reduce the risk in the area of Lower Cauca. • Work with allies on matters of vulnerability, discrimination, and the limited participation of women in training sessions or the entrepreneurship processes so that that woman can contribute to the development of their family and the community. • With the acquired knowledge of the regions, identify strategic meeting points, to reduce the great distances that some producers travel to participate in TCE activities. • Coordinated agenda to plan activities among allies, to achieve effectiveness in the interventions of the producers, family members, cacao producers’ associations, etc.