Custodial and Account Control Agreement Sample Clauses

Custodial and Account Control Agreement. The Custodial and Account Control Agreement shall have been duly executed and delivered by the Borrower, the Collateral Agent and the Custodian and all other control arrangements required at the time by Section 5.08(c)(ii) with respect to the Obligors’ other deposit accounts and securities accounts shall have been entered into.
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Custodial and Account Control Agreement. Permit or consent to any amendment, modification or waiver of the Custodial and Account Control Agreement (i) without the prior written consent of the Agent and (ii) if such amendment, modification or waiver could adversely effect any Lender, without the prior written consent of the Required Lenders.

Related to Custodial and Account Control Agreement

  • Account Control Agreement The provisions of Sections 8.02 and 8.05 are subject to the terms of the Account Control Agreement.

  • Deposit Account Control Agreement control agreement satisfactory to Agent executed by an institution maintaining a Deposit Account for an Obligor, to perfect Agent’s Lien on such account.

  • Account Control Agreements Account Control Agreements for all of Borrower’s deposit accounts and accounts holding securities duly executed by all of the parties thereto, in the forms provided by or reasonably acceptable to Lender.

  • Deposit Account Control Agreements the Deposit Account control agreements to be executed by each institution maintaining a Deposit Account for an Obligor, in favor of Agent, for the benefit of Secured Parties, as security for the Obligations.

  • Control Agreement A control agreement (the “Custodian Control Agreement”), duly executed and delivered by the Borrower, the Administrative Agent and State Street Bank and Trust Company.

  • Control Agreements (i) Except to the extent otherwise excused by Section 7(k)(iv), each Grantor shall obtain an authenticated Control Agreement (which may include a Controlled Account Agreement), from each bank maintaining a Deposit Account or Securities Account for such Grantor;

  • Lockbox Agreement The Borrower shall not, without first complying with the requirements of Section 9.1, amend, supplement, or otherwise modify the Lockbox Agreement. During a Highest Oversight Period, the Borrower shall, if so directed in writing by the Administrator of the RUS, (a) deposit, pursuant to such Lockbox Agreement, all cash proceeds of the Trust Estate, including, without limitation, checks, money and the like (other than cash proceeds deposited or required to be deposited with the Trustee pursuant to the Indenture), which cash proceeds shall include, without limitation, all payments by members of the Borrower on account of the Wholesale Power Contracts, in separate deposit or other accounts, segregated from all other monies, revenues and investments of the Borrower, and (b) take all such other actions as the RUS shall request to continue perfection of the lien of the Indenture in such proceeds for the benefit of all Holders of the Outstanding Secured Obligations.

  • Change of Control Agreement Except as expressly amended herein, all of the terms and provisions of the Change of Control Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

  • Establishment of a Lockbox Account, Dominion Account All proceeds of Collateral shall be deposited by Borrower into either (i) a lockbox account, dominion account or such other “blocked account” (“Blocked Accounts”) established at a bank or banks (each such bank, a “Blocked Account Bank”) pursuant to an arrangement with such Blocked Account Bank as may be selected by Borrower and be acceptable to Agent or (ii) depository accounts (“Depository Accounts”) established at Agent for the deposit of such proceeds. Borrower, Agent and each Blocked Account Bank shall enter into a deposit account control agreement in form and substance satisfactory to Agent directing such Blocked Account Bank, upon notice from Agent, to transfer such funds so deposited to Agent, either to any account maintained by Agent at said Blocked Account Bank or by wire transfer to appropriate account(s) of Agent. All funds deposited in such Blocked Accounts shall immediately become the property of Agent and Borrower shall obtain the agreement by such Blocked Account Bank to waive any offset rights against the funds so deposited. Neither Agent nor any Lender assumes any responsibility for such blocked account arrangement, including any claim of accord and satisfaction or release with respect to deposits accepted by any Blocked Account Bank thereunder. All deposit accounts and investment accounts of Borrower are set forth on Schedule 4.15(g). Notwithstanding anything to the contrary set forth in this Section 4.15(g), Borrower shall be permitted to deposit checks or other payments received at Borrower’s locations in the Ordinary Course of Business in deposit accounts which may not be subject to a blocked account or similar agreements; provided that, at no time shall Borrower have more than $50,000 in the aggregate in all such accounts which are not Blocked Accounts or Depository Accounts.

  • Establishment of Custodial Account; Deposits in Custodial Account The Seller shall segregate and hold all funds collected and received pursuant to each Mortgage Loan separate and apart from any of its own funds and general assets and shall establish and maintain one or more Custodial Accounts (collectively, the “Custodial Account”), titled “PrimeLending, in trust for Redwood Residential Acquisition Corporation as Purchaser of Mortgage Loans and various Mortgagors.” Such Custodial Account shall be an Eligible Account established with a commercial bank, a savings bank or a savings and loan association (which may be a depository affiliate of the Seller) which meets the guidelines set forth by the FHFA, Fxxxxx Mxx or Fxxxxxx Mac as an eligible depository institution for custodial accounts. The Custodial Account shall not be transferred to any other depository institution without the Purchaser’s approval, which shall not unreasonably be withheld. In any case, the Custodial Account shall be insured by the FDIC in a manner which shall provide maximum available insurance thereunder and which may be drawn on by the Seller. The Seller shall deposit in the Custodial Account on a daily basis, and retain therein the following payments and collections received or made by it subsequent to the related Cut-off Date (other than in respect of principal and interest on the Mortgage Loans due on or before the related Cut-off Date):

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