Council Sample Clauses

Council. The entity acting as agent for the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), AFL-CIO, for purposes of representing the employees in the consolidated unit and the APF professional unit represented by the Council 240, and, along with the Employer, a party to this Agreement.
Council. 1. Members of Governments shall meet no less than annually.
Council. 1. The Council shall be the principal organ of the ITER Organization and shall be composed of Representatives of the Members. Each Member shall appoint up to four Represen- tatives to the Council.
Council. Wherever appearing in these conditions and where the context so admits the expression Council shall be deemed to include any officer of the Council acting with the authority of the Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Council expressly or implied.
Council. The Council of the Corporation of the Township of Ear Falls will:
Council. All required employee consultation procedures shall have been pursued to the extent that they can no longer lead to a substantial change or delay in the transactions contemplated hereby;
Council. “Council” means the Santa Xxxxx & San Xxxxxx Counties Building & Construction Trades Council.
Council. The Council shall consist of Directors. Each Member shall appoint one Director who shall represent such Member on the Council. The Council shall designate one of the Directors as Chairman. The Chairman shall hold office for a term of one year. The Chairman and the Secretary General shall not be nationals of the same Member. The Council shall be the supreme organ of the Centre and exercise, in addition to the powers and functions specified in other provisions of this Agreement, the powers and functions to: decide on the plan of operation and work programme concerning the operation of the Centre; approve the annual work programme and the budget of revenues and expenditures of the Centre within the framework of the plan of operation and work programme; approve the annual report on the operation of the Centre; appoint the Secretary General; assign special functions to the Chairman; determine the powers and functions to be entrusted to the Executive Board; approve the terms and conditions for appointment of the Secretary General; approve the acceptance of assistance referred to in Article X, paragraph 3; consider and adopt amendments to this Agreement in accordance with the provision, of Article XXI, paragraph I and 2; decide on the disposal of the property and assets of the Centre in case of the dissolution of the Centre, and on any other matters connected with the dissolution; adopt its own rules of procedures; and decide on and/or approve other important matters concerning the Centre. The Council shall hold an annual meeting and such other meetings as may be decided by the Council. The Council shall also hold a meeting whenever called by the Secretary General with the approval of the Chairman of the Council or at the request of a majority of the Directors. All the decisions of the Council shall be made by consensus.
Council. The CITY Council of the CITY of Santa Cruz, California, which is the governing body of the SANTA XXXX ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT created by the SANTA XXXX CITY Charter.
Council. 11.1 Special Conferences for important matters will be arranged between the local President or his/her designee and the Director of Operations at the request of either party. There shall be at least two (2) representatives from each, the Union and the Board, in attendance at the meeting. Arrangements for such Special Conferences shall be made in advance and an agenda provided in writing, prepared by the party requesting the Conference listing the items to be discussed at the special meeting and shall be presented at the time the conference is requested. Matters taken up in Special Conferences shall be convened within twenty (20) days after the request is submitted. This meeting may be attended by a representative of MEA. When the Conference involves a policy grievance, a written reply will be issued within ten (10) days.