CONTRACTOR and Sample Clauses

CONTRACTOR and its subcontractors shall not knowingly have a relationship with: a) An individual or entity that is debarred, suspended, or otherwise excluded from participating in procurement activities under the Federal Acquisition Regulation or from participating in non-procurement activities under regulations issued under Executive Order No. 12549 or under guidelines implementing Executive Order No. 12549; or b) An individual or entity who is an affiliate, as defined in the Federal Acquisition Regulation at 48 CFR 2.101, of a person described in paragraph (a)(1) of this section; or c) An individual or entity that is excluded from participation in any Federal Health Care Program under section 1128 or 1128A of the Act. Relationships are defined as: 1) A director, officer, or partner of the Contractor; b) a subcontractor, as governed by 42 CFR 438.230; c) a person with beneficial ownership of five percent or more of the Contractor’s equity; or d) a network provider or person with an employment, consulting, or other arrangement with the Contractor for the provision of items and services that are significant and material to the Contractor’s obligations under this Agreement . [42 CFR 438.610]
CONTRACTOR and its Affiliates shall not be liable for any export tax on Petroleum exported from Ghana, and no duty or other charge shall be levied on such exports. Vessels or other means of transport used in the export of Contractor’s Petroleum from Ghana shall not be liable for any tax, duty, or other charge by reason of their use for that purpose.
CONTRACTOR and its Affiliates shall maintain adequate internal controls and procedures to assure compliance with Anti-Bribery Laws including but not limited to procedures to ensure that all transactions are accurately recorded and reported in its books and records to reflect truly the activities to which they pertain such as the purpose of each transaction and to whom it was made or from whom it was received.
CONTRACTOR and or Contractor Parties shall check in with the school office each day immediately upon arriving at the school site;
CONTRACTOR and. DFCM each represent that the execution of this Contractor's Agreement and the performance thereunder is within their respective duly authorized powers.
CONTRACTOR and. Contractor Parties shall submit to and incur the cost of fingerprint supported federal and state criminal history background checks as may be required by the State, the State of Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, or as provided for in any State document that governs procedures for background checks. The Contractor and Contractor Parties shall cooperate fully as necessary or reasonably requested with the State and its agents in connection with such background checks.

Related to CONTRACTOR and

  • Contractor If COUNTY elects to renegotiate this Agreement due to reduced or terminated 20 funding, CONTRACTOR shall not be obligated to accept the renegotiated terms.

  • Contractors and subcontractors shall establish and maintain a written sexual harassment policy and shall inform their employees of the policy. The policy must contain a notice that sexual harassment will not be tolerated and employees who practice it will be disciplined.