Contracting Out Work Sample Clauses

Contracting Out Work. Section 1. Contracting out of work that is normally, customarily and currently performed by the bargaining unit, shall be subject to the following:
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Contracting Out Work. (a) The District, in compliance with Education Code 88003 shall employ persons for positions that are not academic positions and classify all such employees and positions. All positions as required by Education Code 88004 that are not defined by the regulations of the Board of Governors as an academic position and not specifically exempted from the classified service according to the provisions of Section 88003 or 88076 shall be classified as required by those sections and shall be part of the classified service. Such positions shall include all work required to be performed by the District on a regular and continuing basis except where certification is required.
Contracting Out Work. 3.01 The Employer will not contract out work for the purpose of laying off employees, reducing hours of employees, or maintaining reduced hours of work for employees.
Contracting Out Work. 16.1.1 The District, during the life of this Agreement, agrees to comply with Education Code Section 88003.1 and subsequent amendments with respect to established standards for the use of personal services contracts. The enhanced standards, effective January 1, 2003, restrict contracting to only those services meeting the conditions set forth in law.
Contracting Out Work. 21.1.1 Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to limit the Company in the employment of such contract labor as may become necessary for the proper construction, installations, and maintaining of the communications facilities owned, serviced and/or operated by the Company for the rendition of proper and adequate communication service to the public. However, the Company shall not enter into any contractual arrangement for the construction, installation and maintenance of plant facilities as may result in the layoff or parttiming of those employees customarily performing work of the same nature as that to be provided under the contractual arrangement.
Contracting Out Work. The City agrees to meet and confer with the Association prior to contracting out any work normally performed by bargaining unit employees if such contracting out would displace a regular employee of the bargaining unit. The City further agrees that work performed by employees of the bargaining unit will not be performed by non-bargaining unit employees if such work would displace a regular employee of the bargaining unit.
Contracting Out Work. CONTRACTING OUT: During the life of this Agreement, the District agrees that it will not contract out work which has been customarily and routinely performed or is performable within the job description of employees covered by this Agreement unless contracting is specifically required by the Education Code.
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Contracting Out Work. SECTION l. The Company will not contract out any work which its employees are capable of performing by virtue of their work in their respective occupational classifications, except in cases of emergency, necessity, peaks of work, or special projects creating a temporary need for substantial additional manpower and/or equipment, or in those instances when the use of contractors will increase efficiency, ensure reliability of service, or reduce costs; and in no event will the Company contract out any work which its employees are then performing if the contracting out of such work would directly result in the layoff of the employees performing such work.
Contracting Out Work. 3.01 The Company will not contract out work customarily performed by bargaining unit employees on the Company's premises unless:
Contracting Out Work. The Employer and the County agree for the duration of this contract not to contract or employ, any agency or person(s), or allow any agency or person(s) to volunteer for the performance of any duties and/or responsibilities customarily and currently being performed by employees of the bargaining unit(s); subject to the provisions of Article 1.03. This Article shall not apply to, nor prohibit the Employer or the County from entering into a Mutual Aid Agreement with, or from providing contractual law enforcement protec- tion or services to, any political subdivision within Erie County, Ohio, or from making an agreement with another political subdivision to house prisoners in the event the jail population exceeds the legal capacity of the jail.
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