Contract Proposals Sample Clauses

Contract Proposals. For the period beginning upon the Effective Date of this Agreement CIIPA shall advise Provider of its receipt of contract proposals received from Payors (“Contract Proposal”). Such Contract Proposals shall describe the material terms of each Payor agreement as they relate to Provider, including but not limited to the compensation, as well as other important terms and relevant information.
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Contract Proposals. 4a. The parties may file initial proposals to the opposing party anytime between the execution of this MOU and up to 45 days following that date. During the negotiation process, counter proposals may be submitted as necessary to facilitate the negotiations. Each of the parties will provide the other with seven(7) copies of their proposals. 4b. Once an article is agreed to by both parties, it will not be re-opened, and both Parties agree that every effort will be made to avoid advancing new proposals once formal negotiations begin, unless there is mutual consent, or said proposals are in response to change in law.
Contract Proposals. The Contract Proposals related to the Acquired ------------------ Assets.
Contract Proposals. ‌The Employer recognizes the FOP negotiation team as the exclusive contract negotiator. The Employer agrees to negotiate contract proposals with the members of the FOP negotiation team only. The FOP recognizes the City as the representative of the people of the City of Bellingham and agrees to negotiate only with the City through the negotiating agent or agents officially designated by the Mayor to act on its behalf. The FOP will notify the Human Resources Director and the Police Chief in writing of their designated representatives. UNION SECURITY‌