Consortium Member Sample Clauses

Consortium Member member of the Consortium.
Consortium Member or “Member Organization”) means (1) any federal laboratory having 200 or more full-time equivalent scientific, engineering and related technical positions; (2) such other federal laboratories as may choose to join the Consortium; and (3) the parent federal agencies of these activities as represented by a senior official of each such agency.
Consortium Member. Each entity in the Bidding Consortium shall be referred to as a Consortium Member.

Related to Consortium Member

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  • Manager 5.1. Rules relating to the rights, duties and responsibilities of the Managers shall be governed by the Act. Such provisions are hereinafter incorporated into this Agreement by reference. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Manager shall have the powers set forth in Paragraph 5.3 below.

  • Sponsor Any Person which (i) is directly or indirectly instrumental in organizing, wholly or in part, the Corporation, (ii) will control, manage or participate in the management of the Corporation, and any Affiliate of any such Person, (iii) takes the initiative, directly or indirectly, in founding or organizing the Corporation, either alone or in conjunction with one or more other Persons, (iv) receives a material participation in the Corporation in connection with the founding or organizing of the business of the Corporation, in consideration of services or property, or both services and property, (v) has a substantial number of relationships and contacts with the Corporation, (vi) possesses significant rights to control Properties, (vii) receives fees for providing services to the Corporation which are paid on a basis that is not customary in the industry, or (viii) provides goods or services to the Corporation on a basis which was not negotiated at arm’s-length with the Corporation. “Sponsor” does not include any Person whose only relationship with the Corporation is that of an independent property manager and whose only compensation is as such, or wholly independent third parties such as attorneys, accountants and underwriters whose only compensation is for professional services.

  • Investment Manager The Trustees may, at any time and from time to time, contract for exclusive or nonexclusive advisory, management and, if applicable, administrative services for the Trust or for any Portfolio with any Person; and any such contract may contain such other terms as the Trustees may determine, including without limitation, authority for the Investment Manager to determine from time to time without prior consultation with the Trustees what investments shall be purchased, held, sold or exchanged and what portion, if any, of the assets of the Trust shall be held uninvested and to make changes in the Trust’s investments, and such other responsibilities as may specifically be delegated to such Person. The Trustees may authorize the Investment Manager to employ, from time to time, one or more sub-advisers to perform such of the acts and services of the Investment Manager, and upon such terms and conditions, as may be agreed among the Trustees, the Investment Manager and sub-adviser. Any reference in this Declaration of Trust to the Investment Manager shall be deemed to include such sub-advisers, unless the context otherwise requires.