Connections Sample Clauses

Connections. HTC”s responsibility for service ends at the demarcation point. “Demarcation” means the point of meeting where the “hand-off” occurs between HTC’s system and Customer’s system. Facilities used by HTC in providing Services may be connected with terminal equipment or communications systems provided by Customer. In such a case, facilities and terminal equipment or communications systems provided by Customer or its customers shall be subject to mutually agreeable technical interface specifications.
Connections. Unless specified otherwise, minimum connection requirements will be of the mechanical type made with a crimp type connector. A one hole copper ground lug will be used for equipment connections. An oxidizing preventative compound will be applied to all mechanical connections, and paint will be removed as necessary to insure positive bonding of all grounded equipment. All external, buried connections will be of the exothermically welded type. These include, but are not limited to, halo drops to ground rod, buried ground ring to ground rod, halo drops to ground ring, service entrance ground to ground rod.
Connections. Synetic will provide the high speed telecommunications connections and supporting equipment required to maintain connectivity between the Synetic System and the Payer System for the Clinical Transaction Services. Synetic and Payer will share equally the costs of such connections and supporting equipment.
Connections. Additionally assist Customers with interline itineraries to obtain substitute transportation, when needed because of a Cape Air schedule change, on the same connecting carrier or on another connecting carrier with whom that carrier has an agreement for such transportation. Additional costs may or may not apply depending upon the carrier with whom the Customer has arranged for interline transportation or the vendor from whom the Customer has purchased tickets for travel on the other carrier.
Connections. Connecting Equipment, Hardware and/or Software without prior approval of Swisslog is prohibited. If Equipment, Hardware or Software with connections interface with the normal functioning of the Equipment in a manner that increases Swisslog cost of maintaining the Equipment or creates a safety hazard, Customer agrees to remove such connections promptly upon notice from Swisslog.
Connections. 3.6.1 With the exception of shared transport, the UNEs made available to Empire pursuant to this Article VII may be directly connected to Empire facilities or to a third-party’s facilities at any point designated by Empire to the extent technically feasible. Direct access to loops, port and local switching, and dedicated transport, that terminate in a Verizon Wire Center or other Verizon premises, must be accomplished via a collocation arrangement in that Wire Center or premise. In circumstances where collocation cannot be accomplished in the Wire Center or premise for reasons deemed sufficient by the FCC (in its orders in Docket CC-98- 47 and rules promulgated thereunder) or the Commission to excuse Verizon’s physical collocation requirements, the Parties agree to negotiate for possible alternative arrangements. Removal of existing cable pairs required for Empire to connect service is the responsibility of Empire.
Connections. All the points of connection, including the demarcation points described in Section 2 shall be referred to as "Connections," and the Connections between the NEES Com Portion and other parts of the FiveCom System, excluding the demarcation points listed in Section 2 above, are specified in Exhibit 4.3(a). Upon mutual agreement of the Parties to add new Connections, the Parties shall reflect any new Connections in an amendment to Exhibit 4.3(a).
Connections. HQS shall maintain the connection of its servers with the Internet through a reputable Internet connection provider to permit appropriate, reliable and redundant Internet access. HQS shall not be responsible for the function, performance or condition of any equipment, software, data or communication line outside of the HQS servers, except as may be a consequence of not having said access provided through a reputable Internet service provider. AMEDISYS shall, at AMEDISYS sole expense, set up a relationship between AMEDISYS and a reputable Internet connection provider in order to permit appropriate Internet access to the Service for the Equipment. HQS shall not be responsible for maintaining or paying for that relationship or for maintaining any connection between AMEDISYS and the Internet.