Compensation Earned Sample Clauses

Compensation Earned. All the compensation provided under this Agreement will be deemed fully earned as of the date of the Agreement, and not subject to return in whole or in part or subject to reduction or further limitation. The Company waives any and all rights of set off against the compensation provided for herein, including any securities underlying any Warrants.
Compensation Earned. If this Agreement terminates for any reason, the Company will pay to the Manager any fees earned prior to the effective date of such termination which remains unpaid and any expenses for which an expense account has been submitted, approved and which remains unpaid.

Related to Compensation Earned

  • Annual Bonus Compensation For each full fiscal year completed during the Term, the Executive shall be eligible to participate in an annual bonus plan provided by the Company. The Executive’s annual target bonus opportunity shall be thirty-five percent (35%) of the Base Salary, subject to adjustment upward, but not downward, from time to time by the Board in its sole discretion (the “Target Bonus”) with the actual amount of the bonus, if any, to be determined by the Board or the Compensation Committee of the Board, in accordance with applicable performance criteria reasonably established by the Board or the CEO. In order to earn an annual bonus under this Section 4(b) for any fiscal year, the Executive must be employed by the Company on the last date of the applicable fiscal year. Any annual bonus payable hereunder will be paid at the same time as such bonuses are paid to similarly situated Company executives, but in no event later than two and one-half months following the end of the fiscal year for which the bonus is earned.

  • Recovery of Bonus and Incentive Compensation Any bonus and incentive compensation paid to you during a CPP Covered Period is subject to recovery or “clawback” by the Company if the payments were based on materially inaccurate financial statements or any other materially inaccurate performance metric criteria.

  • Cash and Incentive Compensation For clarification, it is understood by all parties that other than as specified herein, the Company is not obligated to award any future grants of stock options or other form of equity compensation to Executive during Executive's employment with the Company.

  • Extra Compensation Teachers who are assigned to serve as a substitute teacher during their normal planning period shall be paid at the rate of $21 per clock hour ($0.35 per minute). Teachers that attend an IEP during their normal planning period shall be paid at the rate of $0.35 per minute to a maximum of 40 minutes per workday. Teachers who are assigned or who agree to teach a homebound or hospital-bound Santa Fe Trail student shall be paid at the rate of $21 per clock hour of instruction time. Such teachers shall also be eligible for mileage per Article 22 of this agreement. Lunchroom Supervision – Teachers who volunteer to serve for lunchroom supervision will be compensated at $21 per hour, prorated for actual time worked.

  • Bonus Compensation For each fiscal year of the Company (“FY”) completed during the term hereof, subject to the condition set forth in the final sentence of this provision, the Executive shall have the opportunity to earn an annual bonus (“Annual Bonus”) under the executive incentive plan then applicable to the Company’s executives, as in effect from time to time, with the actual amount of each Annual Bonus being determined by the Board or its designated committee based on the achievement of target objectives established by the Board or its designated committee after consultation with the CEO. Any Annual Bonus due to the Executive hereunder will be paid not later than March 15th following the close of the fiscal year in which the bonus was earned. Except as otherwise provided in Section 4 hereof, the Executive must be employed on the date annual bonuses are paid under the Company’s executive incentive plan in order to be eligible to earn an Annual Bonus for the preceding fiscal year.

  • Bonus and Incentive Compensation Executive shall be entitled to equitable participation in incentive compensation and bonuses in any plan or arrangement of the Bank or the Company in which Executive is eligible to participate. Nothing paid to Executive under any such plan or arrangement will be deemed to be in lieu of other compensation to which Executive is entitled under this Agreement.

  • Termination Compensation Termination Compensation equal to two (2) times the Executive's Base Period Income shall be paid to the Executive in a single sum payment in cash on the thirtieth (30th) business day after the later of (a) the Control Change Date and (b) the date of the Executive's employment termination; provided that if at the time of the Executive's termination of employment the Executive is a Specified Employee, then payment of the Termination Compensation to the Executive shall be made on the first day of the seventh (7th) month following the Executive's employment termination.

  • Final Compensation In the event of termination of the Executive’s employment with the Company, howsoever occurring, the Company shall pay the Executive (i) the Base Salary for the final payroll period of his employment, through the date his employment terminates, including any accrued but unused vacation time, and (ii) reimbursement, in accordance with Section 2(e) hereof, for business expenses incurred by the Executive but not yet paid to the Executive as of the date his employment terminates, provided that the Executive submits all expenses and supporting documentation required within thirty (30) days of the date his employment terminates, and provided further that such expenses are reimbursable under Company policies then in effect (all of the foregoing, “Final Compensation”). Except as otherwise provided in Section 5(a)(ii), Final Compensation will be paid to the Executive within thirty (30) days following the date of termination or such earlier time as may be required by law. In addition, in case of termination of employment for any reason other than by action of the Company for Cause or by action of the Executive without Good Reason, Final Compensation shall include the amount of any earned bonus from the previous calendar year that has not been paid, which will be paid to the Executive within thirty (30) days following the date of termination. Vesting of outstanding equity awards or other long-term incentives in connection with the Executive’s termination of employment shall be governed by the terms of the applicable incentive plan and award agreements.

  • Compensation & Payment 8.4.1. Should the claim be found proven; settlement is executed only in the form of compensation payment added to the Client trade account.

  • Basic Compensation An employee, at the employee's option, may report to court when subpoenaed or remain on call. If the employee elects to appear in court, the division supervisor must be notified, at the latest, one administrative day prior to the scheduled court appearance. If the employee wishes to remain on call, the employee must be able to appear in court not more than one hour after being notified that the employee's appearance is required in court. To appear in court more than an hour after having been notified will void the employee's right to on-call compensation. An employee need not remain at home, but must be available for telephonic notification at a location where the supervisor knows the employee can be reached.