Commence Sample Clauses

Commence. If, a Termination of Service before Normal Retirement Age having previously occurred, the Director dies after benefit payments commence under Article 2.2 of this Agreement but before receiving all such payments, the Company shall pay the remaining benefits to the Directors beneficiary(ies) at the same time and in the same amounts they would have been paid to the Director had the Director survived,

Related to Commence

  • Commencement This Act comes into operation on the day on which it receives the Royal Assent 1.

  • Service Commencement Date The Participating Consumers’ first meter read dates for the month of November 2017.

  • Commencement Date The Subcontractor shall be permitted to begin the Services on ______________________, 20____ (“Commencement Date”).

  • Rent Commencement Date The Rent Commencement Date, unless otherwise specified in the Supplement, shall be the date payment is due IBM under the applicable referenced agreement. Lessee shall be notified of the Rent Commencement Date and the serial numbers of the Equipment.

  • COMMENCEMENT/EXPIRATION DATE This instrument is executed as of the date of last signature and is effective for five years from that date, at which time it will expire unless extended.

  • PRE-COMMENCEMENT PHASE Part 1 - Pre-commencement Phase Services Part 2 - Construction Documents and Site Plan SECTION 3 – CONSTRUCTION PHASE Part 1 - Construction Phase Services Part 2 - Changes to the Work Part 3 - Time. Part 4 - Correcting the Work, Inspections, Covering and Uncovering Work Part 5 - Subcontractors, Trade Contractors, and Suppliers

  • Commencement and Expiration This Agreement shall commence as of the date first above written and, unless sooner terminated pursuant to Paragraph 5.2 or by operation of law or otherwise, shall expire at the end of the Offering Period.

  • Commencement of Negotiations Within ten (10) days of satisfaction of the public notice requirement, and not later than thirty (30) days following submission of the proposal, negotiations shall commence at a mutually acceptable time and place for the purpose of negotiating an Agreement.

  • Term Commencement Date The term of this Agreement shall commence on , 2020 (the “Commencement Date”) and, unless earlier terminated in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, shall end on June 30, 2055 (the “Term”).

  • Lease Commencement Date The earlier of (i) the date Tenant commences business operations in the Premises, or (ii) the date the Premises are Ready for Occupancy (as defined in the Tenant Work Letter attached hereto as Exhibit B), which Lease Commencement Date is anticipated to be May 1, 2016.