Collective Sample Clauses

Collective employees shall be eligible to be paid overtime rates in accordance with the overtime provisions of the Collective Agreement. employees shall only be paid for the peri- ods for which they work. employees may not work if seniority employees are on layoff. Except for the period to fill-in for vacations, holidays and short term Union leaves when acting as replacement workers with the agreement of the union. employees will be limited in number to that of the seniority employees absent from work unless mutually agreed to between the Company and the Union. employees shall be the first employees to be sent home if a work shortage occurs. employees shall be subject to the same conditions of employment as probationary em- ployees, save and except the seniority provi- sions, grievance procedures, social security and wage provisions of this Agreement. employees shall receive an hourly rate of seventy (70%)percent of the base rate as of October per hour. employees shall not receive COLA or Shift Premium. employees shall not be eligible to submit a grievance under the terms of this Agreement. A employee shall not work more than twelve hundred (1200) hours per calendar year except when used as replacement for Union short term leaves. A employee will not work overtime until all seniority employees and probationary have been asked to work. employees may only work to a maximum of twenty-four (24) hours per week with the exception of periods worked as vacation, holi- day, and replacement and Union short term leaves. If a employee is required to replace an employee other than a Press Operator, they may only be used with mutual consent of the Company and the Union. The use of employees shall be limited to six (6) months for any individual employee on or Seniority has preference prior to any being assigned within the department which he is assigned at the start of the shift. The prefer- ence of assignment is at the beginning of the shift only. When a group of employees are moved to other work during the course of the day, due to line shutdown, seniority employees will be allowed to select their work assignment in the new department over employees being moved to the new available work. If are already at work in the new department, senior- ity employees who have been moved into the department (in the circumstances of this will be allowed, once in the shift, to COLLECTIVE bump a from their assignment but only on the return from first break or on the return from lunch. it becomes ...
Collective. NOUNS 🏶 Collective nouns may be plural if its members function as individuals.
Collective. NOUNS 🏶 Collective nouns name a class or a group and are usually singular. 10
Collective. Any employee elected or appointed to a full time position in the Local or the National Union, shall be granted a leave absence without pay for a period up to one year and shall retain and accumulate seniority. Such leave of absence will be automatically renewed each year until the position has expired. During such leave of absence, the Union may elect to maintain the employee's benefit program including pension through the Company by paying the cost to the Company. The Company will, upon written notice of least one week, grant a leave of absence without pay to employees to attend to Union business outside the plant. Such notice will indicate whether the leave is for Union business or education. The Union will provide a monthly schedule of requested leaves of absence for Union business or education, indicating the employee's name and anticipated dates of leave. No more than a total of hours leave of absence will be granted under this Article in each calendar month to employees who are not members of the Plant Committee. The Company is willing to discuss with the Union leaves of absence in excess of hours per calendar month. For employees on leave under Article or the Company will continue to pay the employee's wages and once per month bill for reimbursement of these wages. Upon written notice to the Employee Relations Manager, the Company will grant leaves of absence to employees elected to a full time public office of the Municipal, Provincial, or Federal Government for the term of the office to fulfil the duties of their The Company will not continue or pay for any benefits during this period. When employees recover from sickness or disability, they will be returned to their original classification, job, and shift where it is sensible and practical to do so. The Company and the Union will establish a Return to Work Committee, consisting of three Company representatives and three Union representatives. The Committee will establish guidelines for returning disabled employees to work and review and monitor the effectiveness of the process.
Collective. The answer of the Human Resources Manager or their designee shall be given in writing within three working days following the meeting, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. If during the meeting there is a situation where further investigation is required by either party, the rime limit for the written answer shall be extended by five working days. Any subsequent extensions shall be by mutual agreement only. If no resolution of the grievance is reached and the grievance involves the interpretation or of this Agreement, the Union may appeal the grievance to arbitration. Should the Union allege that the Company has violated the Agreement in a manner that affects employees either as a group or individuals, the Union may submit a grievance at Step The right to process policy grievances will not be abused to circumvent the regular grievance procedure. If a satisfactory resolution of the grievance is not reached within days, the Union may appeal the grievance to arbitration. When an employee requires a Union Representativeto with the processing of a grievance, the employee shall notify their Supervisor who will send for such representative promptly. The Supervisor of the Union Representative will arrange for a replacementwhere necessary so that the parties involved may meet to discuss or process the grievance as soon as reasonably possible. Committeepersons, of course, as well as other employees, have other duties to perform. Grievances may be presented or adjusted during working hours without loss of pay. No Plant Committee member may leave their job to handle a grievance for more than a reasonable length of time. time taken shall be used for investigating and processing grievances. No Committee member shall leave their job to handle a grievance until they have first obtained permission their Supervisor and an employee has been assigned to relieve them when necessary. Such permission shall not be unreasonably withheld, and the Union Representative shall notify their Supervisor upon returning to their Department. If the Union does not agree with the answer from the Company at the third step in a matter pertaining to discipline in which reference was made to prior discipline in assessing the penalty, the Company will, upon request, supply to the Plant Chairperson a copy of the discipline referred to. The copy of the discipline will be made available to the Union to assess the matter and for this purpose only. Reprimands will be made available at grievance me...
Collective. An employee who is promoted to a higher rated classification within the bargaining will be placed on the grid of the higher rated classificationso that she receive no less an increase in salary than the equivalent of one step in the salary range of her previous classification (provided that it does not exceed the salary range of the classification to which she has been promoted) and she shall retain her Service Review Date for purpose of Wage Progression. An employee who is transferred or demoted to a lower rated classification will be placed on the position in the grid (if any) which most closely recognizes the experience level recognized on the other grid or the on the grid which is closest to be not less than the current salary, is the greater. It is agreed that the employee's rate not exceed the maximum rate of her new grid. Written requests for leaves of absence without pay for legitimate personal reasons may be granted at the discretionof Hospital. Such requestswill be considered on an Individual basis and will not be unreasonablywithheld. Such requestsare to be made as far in advance of the leave as possible, but no less than two (2) weeks In advance of the leave except in cases of emergency. The Hospital will give a written reply within seven (7) working days. If an employee is required to serve as a juror in a court of law or is required to attend as a witness in a court proceedingin which the Crown is a party or is required by subpoena to attend a court of or coroner's inquest in connection with a case arising from the employee's duties at the Hospital, the employee shall not lose regular pay because of such attendance, provided the employee:
Collective. If that discussion does not resolve the matter, an employee may proceed as follows: STEP STEP STEP Upon the request of the employee for a further meeting regarding the grievance, the employee’s immediate Supervisor will meet with the employee and a Zone Committeeperson during the shift, if practical. The Supervisor will answer the grievance within one working day of the meeting, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. If the grievance is not resolved in Step the Committeeperson may, within one working day from the answer, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays, request the Supervisor to arrange a meeting with the Committeeperson, Plant Chairperson, and Factory Manager, or their designees, to discuss the grievance. That meeting will be held within two working days of the request, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. The Company will answer the Step grievance within two working days of the meeting, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays. If the grievance is not resolved in Step the grievance may be submitted to the Human Resources Manager in writing, signed by the employee, if possible, on a form provided by the Company, within three working days, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays, of the answer at Step If the employee so desires, the employee shall have the assistance of the committeeperson to reduce the grievance to writing. A meeting between the Human Resources Manager or their designee and the Negotiating Committee will be held within five working days, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays, from the receipt of the written grievance to discuss the grievance. If the Negotiating Committee so desires, they may have a representative of the National Union assist them at this meeting. Upon reasonable advance request from the Union, the may be present during the third step grievance meeting for the purpose of clarifying the grievance in question.
Collective. The Centre shall each new employee that a Agreement is effect. The Centre provide employee a copy of Agreement, The of agreements required and be mutually agreed. The Agreement will be printed by a print shop and so designated, The of printing the Agreement xxxx be shared on a basis by Centre and the I. Hours of Work)