Closures Sample Clauses

Closures. City reserves the right to temporarily close the airport or any of the facilities thereon for maintenance, improvement or for the safety of the public.
Closures. The City may, at any time, temporarily or permanently, close or consent to or request the closing of any roadway or any other way at, in, or near the Clubhouse or SouthRidge Golf Course, presently or hereafter used as such, so long as a reasonable and safe means of ingress and egress remains available to Concessionaire.
Closures. 3.2 Should a closure be mandated by a board of education (e.g. for repairs and maintenance), the centre will advise families of any changes and options for alternate care as soon as possible.
Closures. Landlord has the right, but not the obligation, in its sole and absolute discretion to temporarily close the Building or access to portions thereof, including any Common Area and the Premises, if there is any act or threat of any act of terrorism, war, violence, vandalism, civil unrest, riot or other event that may pose a threat to the public safety or damage to the Building, including any advisory warning or notice from the Office of Homeland Security or any other federal, state or local governmental or enforcement agency (herein referred to as an event of “Civil Unrest”). Tenant agrees to comply with any notice from Landlord or any governmental agency to close the Building or portions thereof and to immediately cause all of its employees, agents, contractors and invitees to vacate the Building. Landlord will not be responsible for any loss or damage to Tenant’s business as a result, and Tenant will not be entitled to any abatement in rent or other relief of its obligations under this Lease for any period of time when Tenant may not have access to the Premises or Building due to any Civil Unrest.
Closures. Providers/Systems that hold direct contracts with EEC agree to: • Be open and provide services in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined in their contracts with EEC. Providers that do not hold direct contracts with EEC agree to: • Provide care year round except for closure periods/days approved by the CCRR. Providers/Systems agree to: • Annually submit to the CCRR for approval a Closure Form. Closures must be in accordance with EEC’s policies and, if applicable, the terms of any direct contract with EEC and the terms of the Family Child Care Collective Bargaining Agreement.
Closures. While there is no requirement for providers to be open for 38 weeks of the year, planned closures such as staff training, holidays (including bank holidays) or any other non emergency reasons which limit access to the free entitlement to fewer than 190 days (or less than 570 hours) a year may not be included in the providers free entitlement claim. Emergencies and unforeseen circumstances closures such as broken heating, disruption due to snow, sickness bug outbreak etc. may be included in the providers free entitlement claim. Providers are not required to compensate parents for closures due to emergencies or unforeseen circumstances unless stated otherwise in their agreement with parents. Part Weeks From September 2018 providers will be able to claim funding in part weeks. Note that part weeks must be claimed in decimal format where 1 day = 0.2, 2 days = 0.4, 3 days = 0.6 and 4 days = 0.8. As an example, to claim 11 weeks and 3 days a provider would input 11.6 weeks in the provider portal.
Closures. The taking of any species for which a Nation has an allocation is permitted, provided that:
Closures. Tabulate the results of all loop mis-closure computations performed. Include the baselines used, base line length, maximum closure in each component, and average closure error in each component. Tabulate closure component error in terms of Cartesian coordinates and in terms of the local terrestrial system. Tabulate comparisons of repeat base lines observed indicating base line length, and maximum and average closure for each base line component. Closures will be stated in feet and parts per million including any scale factor applied. Four Required GNSS Final Coordinate Values in Tabular Format With Column Headers: GEOGRAPHIC POSITIONS (Latitude, Longitude and Ellipsoidal Heights in Meters) NJSPC METRIC (State Plane Coordinates in Meters) NJSPC U.S. SURVEY FEET (State Plane Coordinates in U.S. Survey Feet) LOCAL (Project/Ground/Modified) (Ground Coordinates in U.S. Survey Feet)