Click Sample Clauses

Click. “Continue” to verify your exercise order. (To clear the screen and start over, select “Refresh.”)
Click. 2. Select the connections and click OK. Note: Available only when Navicat (e.g. Navicat Premium) is installed in the current machine. If the connection exists, the newly created connection will be named as e.g. "connection_name Copy #".
Click. [Connect] button, system will start searching and connecting automatically, once the system prompt connect success, you can start to use WorldPenScan X.
Click. A click ("CLICK") to a Results Page occurs when an end user ------ requests information and clicks on a link or button from the Jump Pages directed to the Results Pages.
Click. When the customer presses the button, the system will automatically close all the customer's orders " Close by "and" Multiple orders. Close By " will Not available for your account type floating spread ".
Click. ‘Add Budget.’ Enter budget name (“Original” or “Supplement No. ”), select ‘Start a summary budget,’ and click ‘Create Budget.’
Click softkey on the right, a Scan Devices dialog box appears. A progress bar shows the progress of scanning multimeters. It will take a few seconds. When the scan is finished, select the desired multimeter in the device list. Click the "Connect" button.
Click. [ Save ]. As a result, Creatio will use the information of the [ Services ] detail when selecting customer service provisions and calculating the response and resolution time for cases. Set service providers for UC If you add an “Underpinning contract” in the [ Service agreements ] section by selecting “UC” on the [ Type ] field, additional fields for entering information on the subcontractor service provider become available in a separate [ Service provider ] group on the [ Contract provisions ] tab of the service agreement page: Populate the Service provider → Account field by specifying the company that provides services under the corresponding service agreement. If you populate the [ Contact ] field, the [ Account ] field will be automatically populated with the account specified on the page of the selected agreement.
Click. The screen shown below is displayed. Set “Allow script-initiated windows without size or position constraints” to Enable. Click . The screen shown below is displayed.
Click. If you are an authorized user for more than one student, they will all appear on your screen. You may make a payment to all of their records at once or one at a time. Double click the student’s name that you would like to pay. The authorized user can now view the account and make payments. How to Make a See Activity View Student Payment and more slides for details