Choices Sample Clauses

Choices. I enter into these Agreements by my own free will, and acknowledge that I have choices relating to participating or not participating in the Events. I acknowledge that if I do not want to accept the terms offered in these Agreements, I can choose to forgo participating in the Events, and choose to participate in other mountain bike race events, or forgo completely participating in such events.
Choices. (i) An employee permanently laid off in this manner must select one of the options set out in 12.07, 12.08, 12.09 (i.e. bumping, job vacancy/retraining or severance pay) within ninety (90) calendar days of her receipt of notice of her Permanent Layoff.
Choices. Those faculty who have ten (10) years of service as defined above by July 1, 1995, will have a choice at the time of retirement to choose the early retirement and severance provisions of their member district 1993-1995 contract from which they transferred to the state on July 1, 1995, or the enhanced severance pay as provided in Section 4. above. In no event, however, will a faculty member be allowed to receive Employer provided health insurance beyond age sixty-five (65). The Employer contribution shall continue at the Employer dollar contribution in effect on the date of retirement.
Choices. On the Designated Sale Date 3COM shall have the right and the obligation to either:
Choices. The Certificate Holder may tell Aetna to apply any portion of the Adjusted Current Value (minus any premium tax, if applicable,) to any Annuity option (see 4.07). The first Annuity payment may not be earlier than one calendar year after the initial Purchase Payment nor later than the later of:
Choices. Wedding package chosen: Option 1: $1,000 Option 2: $750 Option 3: $150 (must be 10 guests or less and no setup by BKCP) Additional services chosen: Rehearsal $100 Rehearsal Dinner $200 TOTAL PACKAGE PRICE: TOTAL DEPOSIT ENCLOSED: (1/2 total price required) 13. SIGNATURES Party receiving services: CLIENT(S) By: Date: By: Date: BALD KNOB CROSS OF PEACE, INC. By: Date: CLIENT CONTACT INFO: Primary Contact Name: Address: City: State: Zip: Phone: Email:
Choices. The CONTRACTOR shall include CHOICES members and dual eligible CHOICES members when risk stratifying its entire population.
Choices. The Connectivity choices and quantity, types and models of Goods shall be solely determined by the Provider based on the analysis of Subscriber’s needs and may be changed with Subscriber’s written consent, as required from time to time.
Choices. An employee in receipt of notice of layoff pursuant to and may: accept the layoff, or opt to receive a separation allowance as in Article 9.12; or opt to retire, if eligible under the terms of the Hospitals of Ontario Pension Plan as outlined in Article 17.04; or displace another employee who has lesser bargaining unit seniority pursuant to the bumping procedure set forth in Article (e). An employee so displaced be deemed to have been laid off and shall be entitled to notice in accordance with Article and An employee who chooses to exercise the right to displace another employee with lesser seniority shall advise the Health Centre of his or her intention to do so and the position claimed within seven (7) calendar days after receiving the notice of layoff. Redeploy to a vacant position pursuant to the redeployment procedure set forth in Article Time Frames The following process in respect to time frames and entitlements will be used. However, nothing contained herein reduces eliminates any rights contained in the current Collective Agreement. Where possible, layoffs will be batched together; and If there are more notices of layoff than there are redeployment vacancies identified, then early retirement offers be made to a maximum of the difference in those two numbers. For example, if there are notices of layoff and redeployment vacancies, then Early Retirement will only be offered to employees. During the first seven (7) calendar days of the employer commencing the process of reducing staffing levels, they will, in accordance with Article (a) offer early retirements to such eligible employees. These employees offered will have calendar days to advise the Human Resources Department, in writing and delivered by hand, of their decision; and, During the next seven (7) calendar days, the layoff notices will be issued, subject to being rescinded based on the results of above; and, Following the time frames established in and above, the process will begin. It is agreed that employees who have selected the redeployment process, in order of seniority can be redeployed to any vacancy if the employee is minimally qualified to perform the job. Therefore redeployment to a higher rated position is possible. It is further agreed that the joint committee as provided in Article ensure that all rights provided by Article will be applied.
Choices. On the Designated Payment Date Cypress shall have the right and the obligation to either: