Cancellation of Share Certificates Sample Clauses

Cancellation of Share Certificates. Between the date of this Agreement and Closing, the Seller shall cause the Company to cancel and to correctly re-issue the share certificates listed in Schedule 6.18. Any costs and expenses related to the cancellation and re-issuing shall be paid by the Seller.
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Related to Cancellation of Share Certificates

  • Cancellation of Shares If the Corporation shall make available, at the time and place and in the amount and form provided in this Agreement, the consideration for the Purchased Shares to be repurchased in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, then from and after such time, the person from whom such shares are to be repurchased shall no longer have any rights as a holder of such shares (other than the right to receive payment of such consideration in accordance with this Agreement). Such shares shall be deemed purchased in accordance with the applicable provisions hereof, and the Corporation shall be deemed the owner and holder of such shares, whether or not the certificates therefor have been delivered as required by this Agreement.

  • Issuance of Share Certificates Subject to the last sentence of this Section 8, upon receipt by the Company prior to expiration of the Option of a duly completed Notice of Exercise of Option accompanied by payment for the Shares being purchased pursuant to such Notice (and, with respect to any Option exercised pursuant to Section 9 hereof by someone other than the Optionee, accompanied in addition by proof satisfactory to the Committee of the right of such person to exercise the Option), the Company shall deliver to the Optionee, within thirty (30) days of such receipt, a certificate for the number of Shares so purchased. The Optionee shall not have any of the rights of a stockholder with respect to the Shares which are subject to the Option unless and until a certificate representing such Shares is issued to the Optionee. The Company shall not be required to issue any certificates for Shares upon the exercise of the Option prior to (i) obtaining any Consents which the Committee shall, in its sole discretion, determine to be necessary or advisable, or (ii) the determination by the Committee, in its sole discretion, that no Consents need be obtained.

  • Delivery of Share Certificates Within a reasonable time after the exercise of the Option the Company shall cause to be delivered to the Optionee, his or her legal representative or his or her beneficiary, a certificate for the Shares purchased pursuant to the exercise of the Option.

  • Delivery of Share Certificate The Purchaser requests that a certificate representing the Shares be registered to Purchaser and delivered to: .

  • Share Certificates In lieu of issuing certificates for shares, the Trustees or the transfer agent either may issue receipts therefor or may keep accounts upon the books of the Trust for the record holders of such shares, who shall in either case, for all purposes hereunder, be deemed to be the holders of certificates for such shares as if they had accepted such certificates and shall be held to have expressly assented and agreed to the terms hereof. The Trustees at any time may authorize the issuance of share certificates. In that event, each shareholder shall be entitled to a certificate stating the number of shares owned by him or her, in such form as shall be prescribed from time to time by the Trustees. Such certificate shall be signed by the President or Vice President and by the Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer. Such signatures may be facsimile if the certificate is signed by a transfer agent, or by a registrar, other than a Trustee, officer or employee of the Trust. In case any officer who has signed or whose facsimile signature has been placed on such certificate shall cease to be such officer before such certificate is issued, it may be issued by the Trust with the same effect as if he or she were such officer at the time of its issue.

  • Surrender and Cancellation of Shares (a) In the event the over-allotment option (the “Over-Allotment Option”) granted to the representative(s) of the underwriters of the Company’s IPO is not exercised in full, the Buyer acknowledges and agrees that it shall surrender for cancellation any and all rights to such number of Shares (up to an aggregate of 937,500 Shares and pro rata based upon the percentage of the Over-Allotment Option exercised) such that immediately following such surrender, the Buyer (and all other initial shareholders prior to the IPO, if any) will own an aggregate number of Shares (not including ordinary shares issuable upon exercise of any warrants or any ordinary shares purchased by the Buyer in the Company’s IPO or in the aftermarket) equal to 20% of the issued and outstanding ordinary shares of the Company immediately following the IPO.

  • Legended Share Certificates Exchangeco will cause each certificate representing Exchangeable Shares to bear an appropriate legend notifying the Beneficiaries of their right to instruct the Trustee with respect to the exercise of the Voting Rights in respect of the Exchangeable Shares of the Beneficiaries.

  • Legend on Share Certificates Each certificate representing any Shares issued after the date hereof shall be endorsed by the Company with a legend reading substantially as follows: “THE SHARES EVIDENCED HEREBY ARE SUBJECT TO A AMENDED AND RESTATED VOTING AGREEMENT, AS MAY BE AMENDED FROM TIME TO TIME, (A COPY OF WHICH MAY BE OBTAINED UPON WRITTEN REQUEST FROM THE COMPANY), AND BY ACCEPTING ANY INTEREST IN SUCH SHARES THE PERSON ACCEPTING SUCH INTEREST SHALL BE DEEMED TO AGREE TO AND SHALL BECOME BOUND BY ALL THE PROVISIONS OF THAT VOTING AGREEMENT, INCLUDING CERTAIN RESTRICTIONS ON TRANSFER AND OWNERSHIP SET FORTH THEREIN.” The Company, by its execution of this Agreement, agrees that it will cause the certificates evidencing the Shares issued after the date hereof to bear the legend required by this Section 7.12, and it shall supply, free of charge, a copy of this Agreement to any holder of a certificate evidencing Shares upon written request from such holder to the Company at its principal office. The parties to this Agreement do hereby agree that the failure to cause the certificates evidencing the Shares to bear the legend required by this Section 7.12 and/or the failure of the Company to supply, free of charge, a copy of this Agreement as provided hereunder shall not affect the validity or enforcement of this Agreement.

  • Cancellation of Treasury Shares Each share of Company Common Stock held in the Company treasury and each share of Company Common Stock, if any, owned by any wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company immediately prior to the Effective Time shall be canceled and extinguished without any conversion thereof.

  • Cancellation of Surrendered Warrants All Warrant Certificates surrendered pursuant to Article 3 shall be cancelled by the Warrant Agent and upon such circumstances all such Uncertificated Warrants shall be deemed cancelled and so noted on the register by the Warrant Agent. Upon request by the Corporation, the Warrant Agent shall furnish to the Corporation a cancellation certificate identifying the Warrant Certificates so cancelled, the number of Warrants evidenced thereby, the number of Common Shares, if any, issued pursuant to such Warrants and the details of any Warrant Certificates issued in substitution or exchange for such Warrant Certificates cancelled.

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